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remote analytics jobs

What’s the possibility of getting remote analytics jobs without having to scramble the entire web? Especially one that will make you financially buoyant- can they both go hand in hand?. So basically it’s either you are a full fledge data analyst or you are at the starting point of this career- and you desire to work remotely.

The evolving world has several fast-growing career opportunities and data is one of the few significant professions topping the chart. Data analysts are currently in high demand-Simultaneously, the demand for remote jobs in the career path is also rising. Several predictions point to the fact that in a few years’ time, you will find remote workers in more than 70 percent of all teams. The peculiarity of this type of profession makes it well-suited to remote environments.

If you are looking for a high-paying remote analytics job, you will need to consider a lot of things. Things like educational qualifications, your level of experience and expertise, your environment, and much more. Most importantly you need to understand the responsibilities of data analysts such as adopting the goal/visions of the organizations, mining, examination, data cleansing, interpretation of data and several others. Skills like degree and domain expertise, knowledge of programming, statistics and machine learning algorithms, knowledge of data analysis tools, knowledge of data visualization tools are very crucial also.

Best ways to get remote analytics jobs

Three key factors that can improve your chances when looking for a high paying remote analyst jobs, factors like:

  • The right location
  • An Attractive portfolio
  • Knowing how to pitch and position yourself as a remote worker.


Some people believe you do not necessarily need a degree to be a remote data analyst, however, you need the right skills, both the hard and the soft skills. But after much research, it’s safe to say that having a degree like mathematics, computer science, statistics e.t.c may give an edge especially if the degree is backed up with a master’s or Ph.D. in business analytics or Data Science to get more remote analytics jobs.

Data analytics Certifications and courses have become really popular because of the increasing demand for data skills. You can get courses that allow learning important programming languages like SQL, Python, and R. These courses also help with a hands-on experience like, Data visualization, Data collection, Data analysis, statistical analysis, and so on. To get a high-paying remote data analytics job, you should consider getting certified as having a master’s or doctorate degree increases your expertise making your work more attractive to high-paying teams. Several companies are looking for professional analytics that can manage their data effectively.

Aside from acquiring skills through certifications and courses, the essence and importance of getting a polished portfolio cannot be overemphasized,  it is very crucial to have a highly professional data analytic portfolio especially if you want a high-paying job. You have to be able to convince employers that you are competent enough to work as a remote data analyst- they’ll like to be assured that you can make good use of your time without any supervision and you can communicate effectively. On your professional portfolio, you have to think back and include all your previous experiences; including times you have collaborated with people who aren’t in the same location as you, jobs that required your absolute commitment to deadlines and you delivered. Also,  while looking for remote analytics jobs, think of challenges associated with working remotely and how you plan to overcome them.

If your portfolio is not well-pitched that is, it doesn’t adequately describe how passionate and committed you are, and also showcases your skills and areas of expertise, then your certifications or master’s degree wouldn’t carry much value as it should.

What is the Salary for remote analytics jobs

The amount you earn working remote analytics jobs as a remote data analyst depends on several factors like your location, your level of expertise, the team you choose to work for, and so on. Averagely it is expected that a data analyst earns at least $75000 per year. The average pay of some remote analytics jobs may be less, however, that’s the expectation.

There have been several speculations that remote workers shouldn’t earn as much as their in-house counterparts because salaries should be based on location. This will definitely affect those living in cheaper areas as such an approach is often used by several employers’ when hiring remote workers. However, this is bound to change because of the increasing prevalence of remote workers- also arguments are being made that remote workers should be paid based on the value they bring to organizations and not their location.

So to get a high-paying remote analytics job you can use your location to your advantage if you are in a highly developed area- however, also pay attention to your expertise and your portfolio. If your area puts you at a disadvantage and you have all the skills and expertise, you can consider getting a better location or putting up a good negotiation because there ls no reason why in-house analysts should earn more than you if your work hours are the same and you are adding the same value to the organization.

A recent analysis by Glassdoor states the minimum salaries of data analysts in several countries:

  • United states – a minimum of $43000 to about $93000
  • India- a minimum average salary of 500k every year
  • Australia- a minimum average of $83000
  • United Kingdom- a minimum average of €30k

Common Job Titles for remote analytics jobs

When searching for a remote analytics job, there are a couple of possible job titles that should be included in your search. Some of the job titles for data analysts includes:

  • Data Analyst

  • Data scientist

  • Business Analysts

  • Data specialist

  • Data engineer

  • Big Data software Developer.

  • Consultant Analysts.

It’s best to determine which of these titles matches your competence and aspirations.

Companies hiring for remote analytic jobs

Some jobs boards are dedicated to remote analysts jobs, however, it’s still very wise to surf through several general job sites. Some websites peculiar to remote data analyst jobs include:

Aside from websites, here are some companies always hiring for remote analytics jobs:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Capital one
  • Google
  • Paypal
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • Bloomberg

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How to get high paying remote analytics jobs

by Babatunde

remote analytics jobs

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