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Remote Account Executive Jobs

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Remote Account Executive Jobs

Your desire to work remotely as an account executive is very possible, furthermore, you can also get a high-paying remote account executive jobs. If you have questions lingering in your heart about your way around it, be rest assured that in this article you will be open to how to position yourself appropriately in terms of educational qualification, location, skills, requirements, and so on.

So, basically account Executives are also referred to as salespersons, they serve the needs of existing customers and close sales deals in order to create new customers. This means they manage and maintain relationships with existing customers and search for new clients. They are highly involved in significant business decisions in most companies, depending on the industry. They work in marketing, advertising, and sales Industries, they are really good at customer services, business strategies, and market research. They usually have a revenue target and get commissions when they succeed in selling the products and services of their company.

This career path is ideal for individuals who have so much energy and enjoy working with others and providing solutions to problems. However irrespective of your personality type, you can still get a job as a remote account executive, all you need to know are the expected responsibilities and skills from an account executive.

What are the responsibilities of remote account executive jobs?

Account executives must know how to create a balance between their clients’ wants and needs with the proficiency of their business. Promising and failing can create so much frustration between both parties and this will affect the business a great deal. Responsibilities may vary depending on the peculiarity of the company, however, these are some required by most companies:

  • Careful attention to clients’ needs, the industry as a whole, and even competitors.
  • Working closely with sales to introduce and negotiate pitches for fresh customers.
  • Having a thorough discussion about projects, opportunities, goals and much more with clients.
  • Creating and sticking to timelines for projects
  • Reviewing each campaign and giving feedback on the success or failure of campaigns and making use of the information to improve subsequent campaigns.
  • Adequate follow-up strategy with prospective customers
  • Creating solutions for clients problem
  • Nurturing and preserving clients relationship
  • Adequate management of sales team
  • Training new employees
  • Anticipation of crises and challenges and creating mitigation plans.
  • Personal research on product development and opportunities for clients
  • Presenting timely reviews, either quarterly or yearly on performance to the management, and even the clients.
  • Setting up meetings between clients and advertising personnel.

Concerning skills, in recent years there has been changes in the sales profession. New emerging sales tools, changes in  buyers preferences has brought so much competition to this industry. That’s why some fundamental skills cannot be missing from an account executive.

9 must have soft skills for remote account executive jobs

An account executive must cultivate these skills to remain relevant and attract high paying industries. Skills such as:

  1. Good Communication strategies/Timely communication
  2. Project management
  3. Negotiation
  4. Organization
  5. Cold calls
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Sales experience
  8. Leadership
  9. Hard-work

Understanding these responsibilities and these skills will increase your chance of getting a high-paying remote account executive jobs. Employers want to know they can trust you, because the role of an account executive is a sensitive one, as you are working with the key customers of a company. Many remote account executives work for companies that offer services or deliver products to other companies. While working remotely as an account executive, there are times you may need to leave your home to have field visits, attend on-ground meetings and deliver training because of the peculiarity of the job.

Educational requirements of remote account executive jobs

Many companies require that an account executive should possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Having a higher degree like an MBA is an added advantage. Degrees in fields like business management, marketing, accounting and finance, communication are often preferred.

Aside from a degree, you can also take courses like Leadership, Numeracy, selling, Relationship building, strategy, and lots more.

However, some companies pay more experience to years of experience rather than a master degree holder with few years of experience, these companies focus more on adequate skills and experience from years of training rather than a master’s degree.

So when filling in your resume to apply for a remote account executive jobs, make sure you include every experience you have had, even those that seemingly look insignificant.

Also, some business owners prefer those who are willing to work with them for a long period of time helping them develop a long-term relationship with their clients as this has a role to play on the sustainability of the company. So when you apply, do not give them the impression that you are only taking the job for a short period of time.

You may be given a simple role as an account analyst or coordinator initially, however with dedication you will get the position of an account executive

Salary of remote account executive jobs

The salaries of remote account executives depend on the years of experience, the location, level of experience, and the company. A recent analysis done shows that the salaries range from $21000 to $179000 per year, a median salary of about $87,500 yearly.

Approximately averagely they earn about $20 per hour. The common salary in the united states is about $67000 yearly.

There has been said to be a significant increase as entry-level remote account executives earn about $34000 yearly. However, it still varies and it’s highly dependent on a lot of factors.

It’s important to note that these salaries are different from some commissions for completing some projects and hitting targets, depending on the contract and terms and conditions of the job.

Job titles of remote account executive jobs

Apart from Account executives, several job titles you can search for include:

  • Corporate Sales Account Executive,
  • Financial Advisor
  • Group and Events Sales Coordinator
  • Sales manager
  • Sales representatives, sales associate
  • Sales rep.
  • Sales consultant.

6 Companies hiring for remote account executive job

Some companies hiring for this position include:

  1. Dells technologies
  2. United health group
  3. Amazon
  4. Google
  5. Salesforce
  6. Gartner

Working as a remote account executive is a comfortable career option, and if you are willing to put in the hard work and intentionality towards your career development, it will be a sure ride of growth and career success.


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