Mother Nature ascend a queenly throne

What if you had the ability to create your own world from the ground up? What rules would you create? What type of environment would you cultivate? As educators and artists, this is what rap duo Mother Nature attempt to do with their work — especially with their latest EP, Nature’s World. Their goal is to create a world built on community empowerment and equity, and cultivate respect and appreciation for the planet’s natural resources.

Composed of rappers Klevah and TRUTH, Mother Nature has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Chicago with their consistent musical output and educational workshop series, The Miseducation of HipHop. The pair first met in the 2010s while attending the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, where they did grassroots community work and made music together. With encouragement from a mentor, they came up with hip-hop-centered workshops that teach young people how to express themselves wholeheartedly and become the best people they can be.

Hip-hop and education “just intersect,” says Klevah. “It’s just like who we are as being true to ourselves, our own paths, and being true to what cultivated Mother Nature to begin with.

“Anybody can go back to our first project and know what we’re about and where our politics stand and whatnot. But doing the music is just part of the mission, and then doing the education aspect — the knowledge — that is part of the mission too. They exist with each other. ”

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