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Although they did not come in the same day with the guys, the BBNaija Season 6 ladies also came in with the spice and fire.

One cannot precisely pin a specific character to the ladies as they are all diverse. Therefore, promising us an exciting season that will leave everyone locked to their screens.

If you still doubt, meet the BBNaija Season 6 ladies:


IG: @theangeljbsmith

Angel Agnes Smith walks into the BBNaija house as the first lady of the season. She is from Akwa Ibom State and will go by Angel in the house.

There are many sides to this belle, and her age is one of her intriguing factors. This 21-year-old is one of the youngest housemates of the season.

Her tattoos are prevalent, and she reveals that she has 11 of them. In further interaction, Angel says that she can be bossy but also promises that she has a fun and exciting side.

As a writer, content creator, and aspiring producer, we cannot wait to see what action and content Angel bring to the table while in the house.


IG: @peaceogor

The next beauty to grace the BBNaija house is Peace. Born Peace Ogor, she comes in with a calm demeanor, but we can tell that she can also be feisty.

Peace says that she is bringing her peaceful side to the show but is already ready to give it hot to anyone who proves to be a trouble maker. She is a fashion designer and was also a TV presenter.

It is rather shocking that she is single but not searching. Will she stay true to her words?

We have our eyes on Peace and can’t wait to see how it goes.

Jackie B

IG: @thejackiebent

Jackie B is a single mother with a ten-year-old son from Adamawa state. She gets her name coined from her full name, Jackie Bent.

She gave off contagious hyper-active energy from the stage, and we hope that this continues throughout the show. Jackie B reveals that she loves to flirt a little, and she will not hesitate to jump into any ship that she fancies.

Stating that she is coming for all the money, we expect to see a top contender in all the challenges that will take place in the house.

She also reveals that she fell pregnant the first time she had sex, hence, her son.


IG: @its_tegadominic

Tega Dominic came in with a lot that had our mouths open as we are wondered, ‘Who is this babe?’

People on social media say that she gives off the same vibes as Lucy on last season. Coincidentally, they are both from Cross River state.

Tega says that she has a man, but he nor anyone around her knew that she was showing for the show. She also says that she is on an assignment. What could this assignment be?

Going further, she says that she doesn’t like to wear clothes and that she loves touching people’s bodies. So, you can be sure that we are in for an exciting ride with Tega.


IG: @thearinolao

Arinola Olowoporoku is the next female housemate to enter Big Brother’s house for this season. She describes herself as someone with a bubbly personality and an ashewo face.

As a fashion designer, we were not shocked by what she wore, and we expect to see more fashionable pieces within the course of the show.

Looking at Arin, her piercings are prominent. She reveals that she has 24 piercings but had closed 7 of them. Thus, she currently has 17 piercings.

With these, you can be sure that Arin is easily identifiable and stands out in a crowd.

Asides from being a fashion designer, she is also an art curator. In addition, Arin reveals that she is an emotional person.


IG: @mariachikebenjamin

Born Maria Chike Agueze, she is the next female housemate to enter the house. At first glance, almost anyone could tell that she is a half-caste.

Maria is currently a resident in Dubai and reveals that she is a relator. Before being a realtor, she was an air hostess with Emirates.

She says that depending on how things go; she may relocate back to Nigeria. However, she had her secondary education in Nigeria, precisely, FGGC Owerri.

If you’re wondering about her relationship status, Maria is single. Although she can be fun and bubbly, she doesn’t like dirty people and being broke.


IG: @liquorose

If you are in tune with the entertainment scene, Liquorose will not be a strange person. She is a dancer and a part of the GGB dance crew.

Last season, there were rumors that she was going to be on the show. However, research shows that she was a part of those quarantined but was not picked to join.

When asked what she was bringing to the show, she says her thick thighs. Indeed, she got undeniable thick thighs.

Liquorose reveals that there are several sides to her. There is Rose, Liquorose, and Roseline. We can’t wait to see all sides.

We can all agree that Saturday night parties will be ‘turnt’ with Liquorose.


IG: @beatriceofficial_

Even before she said it, we could already tell that Beatrice Agba Nwaji is a cool, calm, and collected person. Now, we hope that she will be able to survive the heat of the house. Many people say that a calm person cannot last long in the BBNaija house. Do you agree with this?

It may come off as surprising that she is calm, as it goes against the typical PH stereotype. Beatrice owns a fashion line and plans to win to use the prize money to grow her business. She also hopes to open a modeling agency in the future.

As a kind of extra note, Beatrice adds that she came on the show because she wants to be important.


IG: @curvyprinces_

It is safe to say that Princess is one of the oldest female housemates in the house as she is 30 years old. From the stage, she stated that she is a taxi driver.

This came as unexpected as we have never seen a female taxi driver in any previous seasons. With full name Princess Francis, she adds that she is ready for drama and would bring a lot of spice to the show.

Princess further states that she can be dramatic. Therefore, we can say that things will be interesting with Princess in the house.

We are more than ready to cruise on the ride with Princess.


IG: @officialsaskay

Coming in as one of the youngest housemates in this season is 21-year-old Saskay. Her real name is Tsakute Jonah, and she is from Adamawa state.

Saskay revealed that she has a boyfriend, so we should not expect her to get into any romantic ship with anyone in the house. But, would she stay true to this?

Joining Arin, she also describes herself as an emotional person and states that she dislikes loud people. Disliking loud people and staying in a house with 21 others? We are curious to see how her journey will turn out.

Saskay is an artist and model who also loves cooking and dancing. We love a woman who has different sides.


IG: @singhniniofficial

The 11th female housemate to get into the house is Anita Singh, but she will be going by Nini. As a curious person who loves to try out new things, she decided to come on the Big Brother platform as she believed that it would better her life.

Likewise, most of the female housemates, Nini has a fashion line and is also a model. She reveals that she can be hyper, but she is not a troublemaker. However, she did not hesitate to say that she will give it back to anyone who tries to be a trouble maker. Moreover, she states that she will give it back to the person in double folds.




We love how most of the female housemates are fiery, promising us an entertaining show this season.

Congratulations to them, as we know that it is not easy to become Big Brother Naija Contestants.

Now, we watch and see how it turns out.

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