Top 8 Student remote jobs for international students as a side hustle

by Babatunde

Are you an international student looking for student remote jobs in the USA? This article is a response to your curiosity and deep-seated questions which baffles most international students. You must have heard that you can get remote jobs for international students and get paid, while you study. It’s not an assumption. It is a fact and many students are out there supporting their studies with student work.

It can be hard to find a good-paying and decent job as a student so sometimes you find yourself bordered with questions like:

Finding a get a legitimate job as a student?

Is it realistic to work without disrupting your academic schedule?

How much can you earn monthly?

Where can you get these remote jobs?

As you read further, you’ll find all the answers that you need.

And if perhaps you’re not a student and you have a job, nothing should stand in your way of getting a side – hustle. For many reasons, it is great to have a side hustle. For one: You can get laid off anytime, Your needs can incredibly increase, with your paycheck not able to meet up these needs.

Also, keep in mind that Boredom can set in with your current Job routine. And what’s more? Life can be unpredictable. We don’t always have to wait for the surprises that life presents to us. You can create the life that you want.

Why do you need Remote jobs for international students?

Remote jobs for international students

Remote jobs for international students

“Multiple sources of income is the real goldmine.” In other words, it is Financial security.

Remote jobs have played a huge role in providing job opportunities. Thus, providing financial stability. Remote jobs are a booming industry that cut across all sectors across the globe. Considerably, no one is left out of these massive opportunities – students and Grads.

We have put together an interesting list of remote jobs that you can conveniently combine with your studies or 9-4 job.

Remote Data Entry Jobs.

Information is essentially vital. It must be sourced for, shared, and most importantly, carefully preserved. Remote data entry jobs provide services that entail transferring information and data into a database.

What are the roles of a data entry worker?

Suppose this sounds like what you’d like to do. Then, you must know the responsibilities that come with a remote data entry job.

They are :

  • Transferring data into a database.
  • Ensuring that data are adequately verified.
  • Designing spreadsheets correctly.
  • Ensuring that data are regularly updated.
  • Obtaining data from the database when necessary.
  • Typing in information/data is provided.

You don’t have to have superman skills to be an ideal candidate for your next interview. However, your employee will consider you for a remote entry job if you are computer savvy, have a broad knowledge of Ms. Office Word, Excel, and others, have an impeccable command of oral and written English, excellent knowledge of computer hardware, and other devices.

And, not to forget a fast typing skill. ZipRecruiter clearly states that a remote data entry clerk earns about $38,197 in a year.


Remote Video Editing Jobs.

It is an undying fact that remote video editors can work in any industry. The truth is most companies leverage videos to create a viral internet sensation.

They have come to an understanding that their audience craves more for visuals. The versatility is exceptional- they work as presentations, advertisements, news stories, highlights, and more.

And, that begs the question:

Who is a remote video editor?

They are tasked with reviewing footage and arranging clips into a cohesive unit. To achieve this, they work with an outline or sometimes script.

Find below the duties of a remote video editor.

  • Organizing raw footage into a cohesive video.
  • Enhancing faulty footage.
  • Modifying lighting and coloring.
  • Adding sound effects to footage to enhance the quality.
  • Adding graphics to footage for better quality.
  • Working with an outline or script.
  • Collaborating with other team members for production.

If you have studied a course related to film production, video production, mass communications, or multimedia arts, your knowledge comes in handy on the job.

Nevertheless, you do not need formal education, and you can hone your skills by taking online classes.It’s exciting that you’ll never run out of jobs as a remote video editor, and according to Glassdoor, it’s possible to $59,178 earn yearly.

Remote Marketing Jobs.

The marketing or sales department is the driving force of any organization. No organization can thrive without a vibrant and resourceful marketing team.

It’s essential that to yield profit or grow as an organization; someone needs to put their services/products out there.

Peopled need to be aware and informed about how beneficial your products/ services are to them. The person to take this news to the target audience is a remote marketer.

Depending on the organization settings, they can equally be referred to as  Advertising Manager, Sales Manager, Advisor, or Business Development Manager.

A remote marketer is tasked with the following duties:

  • Doing thorough market research to identify the target audience. Their needs, interests, and ideas in designing the ideal marketing campaigns.
  • Reviewing previous successful campaigns for ideas- what should be modified, what should go, and what didn’t work.
  • Designing functional editorial and content creation calendars for several platforms.
  • Accessing and monitoring the success and progress of a campaign.
  • Building an ideal brand style that conveys the company or client’s voice or mission.
  • Collaborating with other team members, including product design, sales, product development, and marketing team members to plan promotional marketing campaigns.
  • Assisting team leaders in creating the budget for each project.

As a remote digital marketer, you must have excellent interpersonal skills because you’d be working with several people to achieve your goals. A website like should inform you about the industry best practices.

In-depth knowledge of content management systems, data analysis are equally required.

Creativity, flexibility, adaptability, ability to work under pressure, and time management will make your job easier and productive.

From the information we found, you can earn $85,771 as a remote marketer yearly.


Remote Graphics Design Jobs.

As a remote graphic designer, you’d be expected to design visual concepts for advertisements, magazines, or brochures, with the sole aim of inspiring clients.

It’s important you know the other titles of a remote graphic designer; this will guide you in your job search. They are often called Art Directors, Creative Directors, Illustrators, or Commercial Artists.

The key responsibilities of Graphic Designer:

  • Designing visual designs with software like InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and others.
  • Showcasing draft designs to customers for reviews.
  • Meeting up with clients to discuss feedback on designs.
  • Collaborating with other creatives in the industry like social media experts and copywriters.
  • Obtaining design briefs to have in-depth of the requirements.

Keep in mind that as a remote graphic designer, creativity is your selling point. You must be unapologetically creative.

Keeping in touch with trends in the industry is quite important. You must be able to brainstorm for ideas and transform them into jaw-breaking images.  As compared to some remote jobs, with narrow options, you can indeed spread your wings as a remote graphic designer.

You can work anywhere you desire, make a living with your own choices.

A bachelor’s degree in Fine art, Design or closely related fields can make you a top priority by your employers. And if you’re a student but have a flair for fine arts, and designs, then you are good to go. It is expected that you should know design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Dreamweaver.

The ability to pay attention to details meticulously is important.

And, you must be able to work effectively and efficiently as a team player because you will always have to work with other collaborators to achieve the organization’s goals.

To know how much you’ll earn on this job, According to glassdoor it was revealed that a remote graphic designer could earn as much $50,540 as in a year.

Remote WordPress Jobs.

All or most businesses have an identity badge or tag. An active website is the online identity badge of a company. When people need information about the services of a company, all they need is to check the company’s website.

As a remote WordPress developer, you’d create and implement websites using the WordPress web creation tool.

On the course of the job, you’d work with designers, content creators, marketers, brand strategists, and your clients.

A remote WordPress developer is expected to carry out the following tasks ;

  • Designing website according to the client’s template, needs, and requirements.
  • Analyzing website performances.
  • Designing and implementing advanced features and functionalities for WordPress.
  • Ensuring that plugins and themes are well customized.
  • Identifying bugs and making the necessary corrections.

You must acquire basic technology knowledge Of HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, REST APIS.

Exceptional understanding of Cod versioning tools, Git, SVN, and others.

It’s required that you should have some work experience in debugging tools like Firebug and Chrome inspector.

A remote WordPress developer earns close to $74,524 in a year, as stated in ZipRecruiter.

Remote UI/UX Designer.

User experience(UX) designers and User interface(UI) designers create end-to-end user experiences.

They ensure that all pages and steps a user experiences in their interaction with the finished product conforms strictly with the overall vision created by UX designers.

The responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer include:

  • Creating unique graphic designs like images, tables, and sketches.
  • Using feedback and business requirements to create user-centered designs.
  • Interpreting client’s requirements into style guides, design patterns, attractive user interfaces, and design patterns.
  • Working together with engineering, management, and product teams.
  • Developing user flows, mockups, prototypes, and wireframes.
  • Ensuring that your designs are based on the overall design roadmap.
  • Presenting and presenting your designs articulately.
  • Creating UI elements – navigational components, informational components, and input controls.
  • Prompt identification and response to UX problems.
  • Enhancing user experience with customer feedbacks, usage metrics, and usability findings.
  • Keeping yourself updated with the latest industry trends and updates.

If you have prior experience as a UI/UX designer, this is a good remote job that you can consider doing as a side hustle.You must have an in-depth knowledge of prototyping tools(InVision, Sketch, e.t.c).

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, is mandatory. Skills In HTML 5, JavaScript skills, and CSS3 are of huge advantage.

Essentially, you have to be an exceptional team player, versatile in collaborating with copywriters, developers, and others.

And, don’t forget always to pay attention to details.

Apply for a remote UX/UI designer and start earning as much as $101,171 in a year, as indicated Here.


Entry-Level/Student Remote Jobs worth looking.

Typically, an entry-level remote job is a position that allows people to gain access to the workforce without experience.

These job opportunities are available for students or new graduates, or those seeking a new direction in their career path.

Below are some entry-level remote jobs that you may perfectly fit into.

  • Survey Jobs.

As a beginner with little or no experience, online survey jobs can be a good opportunity to earn additional more without any stress or difficulty.

  • Freelance Writing.

If writing is your thing, you can find your skills and get richer by signing up for job boards on various platforms. It’s flexible and convenient. If you are good at explaining a topic easily and understandably, you should consider an online tutoring job.

Some companies recruit experienced tutors as well as new beginners.

If you have can spot errors in a write-up and love correcting grammatical errors. You don’t need prior experience to start earning money as a proofreader. You can start now.

The list is endless. You can get a marketing, sales, data entry, healthcare, virtual assistant jobs role, and more.

ZipRecruiter clearly outlines some of these roles and their monthly and yearly salary.

Other Remote Jobs For College Students.

As applicable to entry-level remote jobs, there are tons of remote jobs that a college student can conveniently do hassle-free.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media Manager.

Most companies look out for young individuals to help them grow their social media audience. You don’t need to do much as a social media manager. You have to be creative, well-versed with trends and happenings in that specific industry, have impeccable oral and written English language skills, and have the know-how to navigate your way through major social media platforms.

  • Virtual Assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you are expected to provide remote administrative assistant. You will be tasked with writing, handling phone calls, responding to emails, and editing.

Your job description will depend on the industry you work in.

  • Project Manager.

Remote project managers help in executing and implementing a project from inception to completion.

Find Here and  There the average salaries of these jobs and others you can explore as a student.

Earn extra cash and gain experience while working from the corner of your room. Check and input the job title, state, country, and zip code in the designated boxes. Click on the search box on to explore a world of countless remote job opportunities that job pings search engines will present to you.

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