Whether you’re a newbie to the game or an old pro, there are a few things that you need to know. Boost is a great way to take down opponents before they have time to react. And the Grab button pulls your opponent toward you and deals damage. There are also some ways to avoid enemy attacks. On PlayStation and Xbox, the grab button is the L button, while on PC it’s Left Shift. Luckily, keyboard shortcuts are similar across platforms, so grabbing someone else can be done with a few tips.


One of the most important parts of playing the Knockout Rocket League game is blocking. This is just as important as attacking, because it can prevent you from being eliminated. Depending on your vehicle’s speed, you can use Dodge Bash or Attack to increase the force of an attack. During the match, you can also use Blocking to reflect an opponent’s attack.

When doing Blocking, you need to be precise and on-point. The right timing and arrangement of your block can send your opponent soaring across the arena. It is also important to move quickly in the game arena. This way, you’ll be able to hit your opponent harder and get the most points. If you can’t block, your opponent may be able to hit you back with a powerful hit.

You can also try to dodge in this game mode by holding the “dodge” button as you dodge. By doing this, you’ll be able to grab your opponent and launch them across the arena. If you’re able to dodge, you can do it up to four times. You can also use a new feature called “double jump” in this game mode. By double jumping, you’ll be able to get more vertical force.

Blocking in Knockout Rocket League requires that you use the right timing. If you don’t time your Blocking correctly, you’ll leave yourself open to an Attack, which can be devastating. Alternatively, you can use the Dodge button to throw your opponent across the Arena. You must be quick, however, and use the right timing to make the most of your Blocks.

Blocking in Knockout Rocket League is a vital skill that can make or break your team’s chances of winning. By using proper blocking technique, you can prevent your opponent from scoring and regaining control of the game. Blocking is the best way to prevent your opponents from scoring goals in the Knockout Rocket League game mode.


Attacking is one of the main strategies in Knockout Rocket League. In the game, you can attack by jumping or bumping into your opponent. This can be effective if you place your attack correctly and quickly. If you’re able to land an attack with the right timing and arrangement, you can knock your opponent across the arena and into the opposite side.

There are three lifelines in the game, so be sure to protect them. If you’re knocked out of your safe zone, you have ten seconds to return to it. If you lose one of your lives, you’re out of the competition. But if you’re not killed immediately, you can save a life by using other methods such as the rocket launcher.

In Knockout Rocket League, attacking is the most important part of the game, but you should also know how to defend yourself from the attacks of your opponents. Backflips are a great way to activate your shield. Blocking is also important, as it will prevent you from being eliminated.

Another way to attack in Knockout Rocket League is to use your boost. This will allow you to move faster and jump higher. You can also grab your opponent’s car using your ZL button. When you’re speeding up, you’ll be able to strike your opponent before they can react.

Back grabbing

In Knockout Rocket League, players can perform three types of grabs. These types vary in how the player begins and completes the grab. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, a back grab can be devastating for an opponent who is chasing you, and a side grab can send you flying into the air.

Grabs are a common move in the game. They can be used to throw opponents in the air, but they are also dangerous because they can ruin your positioning. To perform a grab, players must hold down the grab button while dodging an opponent’s attack. When they successfully dodge the opponent’s attack, the player will execute the grab.

In addition, players can gain more speed by driving over designated areas on the field. With an increased speed, players can move faster across the field and score goals. In addition to grabbing the ball, players can also crash into other players with their vehicles, causing them to respawn on the opposing team’s side.

A back grab can be a useful technique in Rocket League. It allows players to get an advantage in combat and avoid elimination. This move is also useful when backflipping. It can be used to activate a shield. Blocking is as important as attacking in the game. It can protect you from enemy attacks and protect your own teammates.

Sudden KO

Sudden KO is a power that allows you to instantly eliminate a player. It’s triggered six minutes into a match and lasts for a minute and a half. Sudden KO can be a great way to speed up the game. You can only use it three times before you’re out of the game.

The first step is to grab your opponent’s vehicle. This will allow you to knock him off the map and throw them across the Arena. However, this doesn’t work in all arenas. To make it work, Psyonix has created three new arenas without walls. These arenas are Carbon, Quadron, and Calavera.

The game also has a Safezone that players are required to return to when they’re knocked out. The Safezone gets smaller throughout the game, and being knocked out of it for 10 seconds or more causes an instant KO. In addition to the Safezone, each Knockout Arena is filled with Laser Grids and Spikes. If you accidentally touch any of these hazards, you’ll receive an instant KO.

Another method to score is to use the grabbing mechanic. In this method, you can send your opponent flying in the air, causing them to lose all positioning. To do this, you need to hold the grab button while dodging an opponent’s attack. Once you’ve successfully dodged the attack, you’ll be able to perform the grabbing action.