How to get the source code of any Chrome Extension

by jobpings

I’ll be showing you how to view the source code of the Google Chrome extension so let’s say you installed a extension from the Google Chrome Web Store so I’m just gonna install this extension so this extension just changes all image to Nicolas Cage so I’m gonna add that to the chrome and install it so after you’re done installing your extension what you want to do is open up another tab and go to settings and extensions and your extension should be there now what you want to do is if you look in the description of this video you want to copy this code it’s our code it’s just a link and go to your folder and up here just paste and where it says your computer name just type in your computer name so my computer name is admin and click enter and you’ll see all of this folder now what you want to look for is the ID so right here ID hnb M so you want to look for that so it’s right here so this is the source code this is the full source code of the extension so this is the source code that makes up the extension for Google Chrome so if you drag this folder to your desktop you can play around with it and make your own Google Chrome extension like I did so I’m going to show you an example that I made so I made this one is just called dope create by duklark and not really created by me but now instead of changing all the image to Nicolas Cage it changes to Doakes from Dexter so as you can see and you just play around with the source code and you can make your Chrome extension so that’s it guys that’s how you view the source code for the Google Chrome extension don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe share this video and I’ll see you next time

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