How to get high paying remote wellness jobs

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Remote wellness Jobs

Remote Wellness jobs involve bettering the lives of others and communities. Most of the roles you will carry out in the Industry necessitates preventive steps with regards to healthcare. Professionals who take up this job maintain work-life balance and they impact families and patients.

According to BLS (the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics), community wellness jobs and health education are projected to grow by 11% from 2018-2028 which is a lot faster than the average for other professions. Even as every position in the industry differs, the average pay according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $46k+ a year or $22.15 an hour.

What you Need to Know About Remote Wellness Jobs

Remote Wellness Jobs require that you encourage healthy living among people by using a series of techniques that suits various fields by working from your home or anywhere in the World. In the workforce, there are several jobs on wellness and health which you can take up.

You can choose to focus on nutrition, coaching or fitness or other fields but just make sure the job you consider fits most appropriately with your abilities and interests. Let’s talk a little about wellness and health. What do you understand by health and wellness?

Health and wellness is centered around enhancing the lives of people and their communities. Specialists in this field often recommend healthy living and when you pursue a degree, you will usually be put through on topics like public health, wellness advocacy, and holistic healthcare.

To get Remote Wellness jobs, you need to check online through job-seeking platforms and select a career that suits you best. For a more detailed approach, take the steps below:

  • Your Career Begins Even Before Graduation

Before you go seeking for a remote wellness job or negotiate your salary or attend training or even before your interview, something you must know is that you have to be prepared. Preparation for any health or wellness job should commence before you graduate.

For students, you have enough time to employ this strategy and assuming you were the employer, would you recruit someone who finished school four years ago with zero experience or rather go for someone who graduated five years back with work experience.

If the person with experience is the one you recruit, then so many employers would do the same. Virtually every individual that wants to hire bases their decision on how confident you are about your work experience rather than how good you are academic.

  • Go on a Tour

If you find any wellness program community, endeavor to take a tour. Even times when there’s a need to visit a bigger city to attend such programs, you have to go on the road trip with some of your homies.

Learn about the program beforehand in order to ask brilliant questions on the tour and don’t be overly concerned about yourself during the tour.

Education Qualification of remote wellness jobs

Your education qualification for remote wellness jobs sometimes differ based on what role you opt for in the field or career choice. Typically, as a Remote wellness worker, you should have your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as well as other required licenses such as a state license.

Having a degree in a related field is often demanded in addition to managerial experience. You may need certification in nutrition, coaching or nursing. A degree in teaching often comes into play and knowledge in a specialty department like clinical research or pharmaceuticals.

An advanced degree or doctorate degree also helps and being able to speak other languages is desired.

Salary for Remote Wellness Jobs

A remote health worker or health and wellness coach in the United States earns a national average of $51,957 per year or $25 per hour as at September 28, 2021. So in a week, he/she makes $999 and $4,330 a month.

Annual salaries can at times go as high as $109,000 or as small as $21,000, most remote wellness workers currently earn between $34,500-$62,500 with top earners making $87,000 a year in the U.S.

The mean pay range for a remote wellness worker largely varies by as high as $28,000 which indicates that more opportunities for promotion and better salary pay may come later on according to location, performance level and years of experience.

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Common Job Titles of remote Wellness Jobs

  • Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is someone who should have broad experience with exercises and strength training and they help people who want to alleviate stress and lose weight and attain better athletic abilities.

As an employee in this field, you help your clientele gain lasting wellness and health. The requirements to work at this job may differ for employers and your performance level. The majority of personal trainers have certificates and receive training continuously.

  • Health Coach

A health coach is a health and wellness expert that promotes healthy living via nutritional advice, physical fitness and behavioral change. When you take up this remote job, it assists you to build the skills required to encourage and teach your clients.

As a health and wellness coach, you are expected to see to people’s health and the way things like lifestyle and diet come together. You give your clientele information and new techniques to achieve their personal health goals.

  • Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors work with clients in a group setting while personal trainers help them resolve their personal issues on a one-on-one basis. This role requires that you use your flexibility and creativity to set classes that suit your client’s demands and interests.

As an expert in the field, you are to offer group sessions like muscle conditioning classes, circuit training and spin classes. You will often be required to take a certification course and complete training on the job to gain entry-level positions.

  • Health Educator

As a health educator, you will play a number of roles such as teaching clients different strategies and behaviors that can help them guard against various health complications. Professionals that take up this career sometimes provide educational tools for certain topics.

Companies Hiring for Remote Wellness Jobs

United Health Group is currently hiring for the position of remote wellness coordinator on a full-time job basis. The individual is going to earn $15-$25 per hour.

  • Wounded Warrior Project, Inc

Wounded Warrior Project is currently recruiting for the position of Physical Health and Wellness coach who is expected to work full-time with the company.

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