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welcome back everybody to the official channel of homa games where the halloween update is finally here inside a fortnight in honor of halloween and in getting in the halloween spirit layla pierre and myself have started to get ready for the trick-or-treaters that are going to be showing up but unfortunately layla and pierre ate all of the candies so that means we gotta give away v-bucks instead if you want to go trick-or-treating at the home of games ring the doorbell and get some v bucks from leyla and pierre hit the like button and maybe it’ll happen i’m gonna go ahead and say it this was by far the best update we have gotten probably in all of fortnite chapter 2.

Steps to follow to get shadow Midas skin in fortnite

so far we got midas back in the game we also have his mythic drum gun back inside of the game and much much more if you have yet to eliminate midas he still lives at the authority which has been renamed to the ruin but by far the coolest and most exciting thing in the entire fort nightmares update is all of the free rewards that we are able to earn by completing a bunch of challenges you’ll also notice that many of the challenges are actually totally locked you’re unable to see what the challenges are or what the reward is until they’re unlocked and in case you were wondering how you can get the brand new shadow midas boss skin on your account we have the answer to that as well we’ve already wasted way too much time let’s get into a game and get into it another video another failed attempt at trying to win a game inside of solos am i right but here is the game plan okay we’re gonna land at the ruins i’m gonna body every single person who lands there we’re also gonna delete midas and get his drum gun after that we’re gonna go around the map and we’re gonna try and complete this challenge where i have to eat 25 pieces of candy and.


i’ll get a free rap bro galactus is legitimately closer okay it is very very difficult to actually notice the difference but you’re able to actually make out a little bit more of his body without having to use a sniper rifle also if you look at the battle pass table inside of the battle pass hq galactus has also moved a little bit closer to the fortnight map on that as well screw you galactus we don’t care about you today mate because as you can see we literally have the entire lobby landing here dude i’m gonna have to go and say this probably isn’t gonna work out in our favor but you know what we’re gonna give it a go come here mr dark voyager boom there we go all right strong start oh we got one right here oh goodbye mr skull trooper all right we are doing it we are still alive and we haven’t died yet let’s go oh no no please don’t please don’t please don’t no please don’t oh dear come here mates oh we got him and we got mythic brooms too bro let’s go up what since that was such an epic fail i decided to invite layla and pierre into my squad to try and help us defeat the midas boss oh dear we got a whole squad i accidentally left phil on all right dude hopefully they can carry us bruh i can’t see anything the whole map look at it dude what happened did the cube explode temp number two here we go drop in at the beautiful ruins i almost said authority because it still truly feels like the authority oh we got the henchman hold up step number one is we must eliminate the henchmen ladies and gentlemen we cannot have any henchmen trying to rpg us while we’re trying to eliminate midas man because that just won’t work out oh no my teammate went down that’s okay that’s okay as long as layla and pierre are still alive that’s all that matters but for the four nightmares rewards we are getting some crazy ones ladies and gentlemen so obviously

we all know about uh midas’s shadow rap that’s absolutely dirty and it’s available for you to unlock right now oh and speaking of midas here he is man midas boom goodbye mr midas hold up we got a henchman now what are you doing mate what are you doing sit down buddy all right midas now we gotta eliminate you and we gotta take your gun bud boom there we go the drum gun right there baby ggs oh no another teammate is down another teammate is down ladies and gentlemen but once again layla and pierre still live in dog but let’s see are they moving where are they men they’re in the water bro layla you gotta get to the zone mate but for the fort nightmares rewards here are all of them so first off we obviously have the midas shadow rap the next one we have a pickaxe called the smash-o-lantern pickaxe and then we also have a backplane called the bobo backlink we also have three stickers that you’ll be able to unlock as well but let’s be honest man the stickers not that cool who really cares you know three rewards do not stop with just the fort nightmare’s challenges ladies and gentlemen they’re gonna keep them coming and one of them they already announced in the form of a brand new free skin that you can earn for yourself so epic games isn’t just going out and sending everyone a free skin because they’re in a good mood and they feel like it like they normally do there is an event that is attached to this this event will be going down inside a party royale and it’ll be a concert with this dude named jay balvin and if you show up to that concert in party royale on october 31st at 9 00 pm eastern you’ll get the j balvin style for the party trooper for totally free right now you can see what that selectable style looks like and i gotta say man i love it i love it i love it the party trooper is already a crazy sick skin but the fact that they’re adding a free selectable style like this just makes it that much better alright while we’re here at this little hut let’s go ahead and get ourselves a mythic broom man these brooms are sick i realize it’s pretty much the silver surfer’s board but instead of it being a board it’s a witch’s broom finally oh dear no no no no no oh dear come here mates oh that hit him let’s go for a trick shot oh no oh no ah oh dear stop it mate relax bro leave me alone help help oh no oh dear wait i gotta heal bro i gotta heal oh no yes we got another one bro this is insane right now hold on boom the squad wipe ladies and gentlemen wait where did i put the drum gun where did my drum gun go i thought i had the drum gun dude where did it go how in the world could i make such a big mistake ladies and gentlemen the first day the drum gun is in the game and i literally lost it by accident dude no there goes leyla and pierre i’m sorry layla i am sorry pierre i have let you down dude i can’t believe i lost the drum gun it’s literally gone where is it dude is that wolverine what how did wolverine get all the way here dude what that doesn’t even make sense dog you are a mad lad mr wolverine i don’t even know how you did it oh my goodness now he’s hiding bro yes take that wolverine take that mate hold on we gotta eliminate him now oh my goodness ladies and gentlemen holy cow freaking wolverine dog coming out of nowhere all right this is where things are getting intense man this is where things get intense i think there are people over there but i can’t see oh right here i can barely see him boom there we go what the heck what the heck get out of here leave me alone ah bro they just keep coming they don’t stop bro it’s just zombie after zombie oh thanks for playing mr string cheese

all right we got 10 enemies remaining as well as 15 ghosts oh we got an enemy right there come here mr kit come here oh my goodness my aim is terrible oh a real player right here it’s a soccer skin he is probably a sweat never mind he was not a sweat at all oh another one over here mr kit thanks for playing eight more enemies only eight more enemies ladies and gentlemen we are actually gonna do it hello enemies oh is that actually iron man or is that a player oh nope that is wait is that no that’s actually iron man bro holy we gotta fight him dog before he deletes us up goodbye iron man thank you for playing man there they are they’re in the water mate holy oh wait and they’re on this bridge too they’re in the water and they’re on this bridge all right oh no not today mates wait what oh come here mister thanks for playing dog okay how many do we have left we have two real enemies remaining and then we only have two ghosts remaining after that and the win is ours oh we got some of the last zombies right here boom there’s one boom there’s two let me get this one come here mates oh no my aim oh ladies and gentlemen this is it right here the victory royale ladies and gentlemen let’s go there you have it ladies and gentlemen every single reward for the brand new fort nightmares event even including a free skin for everyone as well however you do need to make sure you pick up the party trooper from the fortnite item shop in order to get that stuff if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button we recently surpassed 4 million subscribers and now the road to 5 million subscribers begins also drop a like on the video if you guys did enjoy thanks again for watching have an amazing day i’ll see you in the next one peace out you

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