How to drive unlimited free traffic to your ecommerce website in 2021

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free traffic

Traffic Sources Covered


  • Social Media Groups
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram Page – other social media pages
  • Youtube Comments
  • Driving traffic using parasites.
  • Medium/Google sites
  • Using Web 2.0 to pull traffic?
  • Churn and Burn accounts
  1. Social Media Groups

I won’t dwell too much about this cos it is not even rocket science. One of the easiest ways to get traffic is to join Facebook Groups for trending movie fan pages and tv-shows and start providing some value with a link back to your website.

You already know that you need to look for movie groups all over facebook and join as many as you can. Join active groups with less stringent admin rules. This will give you fair chance of approval while creating posts and if at least you are not allowed to create posts. You should use the comment section to your advantage.

How to comment on facebook groups with sense

“Wow, this movie was fantastic. I loved how xyz did blah in the movie. I actually saw this movie on this: your-website-link”.

Another way you can target groups is to simply search for already popular streaming sites and if they have a group, join them and interact to advertise your own streaming site.

You can get as creative as you want with this but try to always PROVIDE SOME SORT OF VALUE or not look like a bot so you don’t get kicked out.


It is not even a bad thing if you start your own group and grow it or better still buy an active group and start getting traffic from it.


  1. Pinterest

This is by far the easiest and surest method of driving traffic to your movie website. Because all you have to do is keep pinning the movie posters and linking back to your movie website. With time it will ranking and of course you can go Black by using other accounts to repin your pin.


  • Instagram Page – other social media pages

So how exactly can you leverage the power of instagram to drive traffic to your movie website? Well the answer is not farfetched. Start a page related to movie trailers and movie reviews. Yes you heard me right, this is your way to residual income and stable traffic.

This is because if you have a page with high engagement it is easy to direct your visitors to your movie website. You should start by doing more of movie trailers, movie quiz, movie trivia and reviews. Make sure you always have a shortened link of your movie website in your bio. When posting trailers always direct them to watch movies using your bio.

Most of the comments you will get from running such movie page will be people looking for where to watch the movie trailer they just saw your post. You can use this method for another social network

  • Youtube Comments

Old method but yet an effective method of driving traffic to your movie website landing page. As you already know that there are thousands of popular YouTube channels posting movie trailers and reviews every day. You know the kind of people that watch movie trailers? People looking for movies to watch and actually looking for reviews before they see that movie. So why not take that chance of placing a comment on that youtube trailer you find online and promote your movie landing page.

Another great way to get an influx of traffic is to do YOUTUBE COMMENTING. People usually would buy around 50-100 YouTube accounts or however much depending on the scale at which they wanted to comment blast.

They would then buy enough proxies where each YouTube account had 1 proxy, or every 2 YouTube accounts would have 1 proxy. They would then either build a bot themselves or use a YouTube commenting panel to start blasting comments.

These comments can look like “Wow check out this movie here at”.

Now you don’t go about doing this carelessly. Simply look for people that have asked for where to watch and download the movie add your own comments. There ways to also ranking youtube comments, you can look for it on BHW.


  1. Driving traffic using parasites.

I wrote this Guide majorly because of this method. Parasites are buffer high-ranking websites where you posts contents that will quickly ranking from SEO and it should each posts will contain a download link to the movie you write about and it will link to your movie landing page websites.

So visitors move like this Google >> parasites>>Movie Landing page>>Content locker

Medium/Google sites as parasites

Medium is one of the many parasites you can use to promote you movie website landing page. Many may tell you that this parasite or using any parasite at all will not work. But that is force. It all depends on what you are posting, how in demand it is and the format of your posting.  So I recommend you follow my format below for movie traffic. But while doing this, you have to be very careful not to get your medium accounts banned. Make sure you use strong and old accounts to do this. You should first warm up the accounts with random articles first.


What to post?

You should use the timeroid method while posting. This simply means that you should focus on presently trending and future movies. As you already know, it takes time for indexing and ranking but if you already posted ahead of time, when people start searching for this movies, your post will be among the top ranking.

To get an idea of ranking movies, go to the homepage of your movie landing page bought from me and follow the list.

When to post?

Let us say we are in November, you should start looking for movies currently in cinemas in this month, then also movies to be released in December, you should post about movies to be released in 2021 in your parasites.

If you have the time or you can hire people start posting movies that will be released from Jan to December in 2021 and watch traffic flow. You won’t believe the amount of traffic you will get from unreleased movie. And if you think about it, if you start posting old movies, there is high chance that the competition is already there so I will not advise you to spend too much time doing that.

What you should not post?

Avoid posting indian movies as much as you can, stay away from them. Not because it is a crime or anything but Indian traffic are the worse. It converts well with CPA but what you will earn from such traffic will be nothing but nonsense. I prefer to have 1000USA traffic and 5 conversions which will earn meat least $10 than 10000 indian traffic that will earn the same amount. In essence what I am trying to say is that you try as much as possible to drive tier one traffic. Let me show the magic of tier 1 traffic using the screenshot below.



Just 26clicks and 1 conversion with earnings of $14


How to Post?

Use the following formats

  • >>Post title – (Movie name) Full Movie Download
  • >>Post content – Fast & Furious 9 (2020) movie will be out on the 22nd of May 2020. You may check out the trailer, release dates, rental information and showtimes below this post. If you are looking for where to download Fast & Furious 9 (2020) movie, then scroll a little further down this article.
  • >>Tags – 720p HD 480p HD, HDrip, Bluray, English, Dual Audio, Mp4, Avi, Mkv, Hindi, Coolmoviez, Free, Stream for free, Watch Online, Fzmovies, Tfpd, Openload,
  • Add you download button three times at the buttom

Be creative and research more when you see people who have already ranked using this method


Ranking parasites

The process of indexing and ranking parasite posts happens very naturally but if you wish to speed it up then do some backlinks to the posts.

Other parasites apart from medium.

Find a way to register on this sites and create posts just like medium style. Google site is a very good


Other parasites you should register and start posting on.

Livedoor, Patch,, Google Sites, WordPress parasites


  • Using Web 2.0 to pull traffic?

Create free blogs for your website first, this is easy, basically create a parasite/buffer site for your main one. Create free blogs and some twisted backlinks using a small twist from content already on BHW for each video you share on your money website.

Creating free blogs

You can use almost any free blog provider, here are the top picks:

How should your WEB 2.0 url look? Check the example:

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

‘keyword’ + ‘video title’ + ‘keyword’ + ‘dummy content’

The more, the better. What you actually will be doing, is using your video keywords for the title of these blogs, do some on page SEO to them and you can later blast them with backlinks.

Each one of these will forward the traffic to your main post where the actual video with advertisements is.

  • Churn and Burn accounts

Here, you create 1 account per 1 movie trailer, the more, the better. What you actually will be doing, is using your trailer title/keywords for the title of these accounts, put a link of your WEB 2.0 blog post or parasite/buffer blog post in its description. You can actually Directly link your movie landing page but this might be a bit dangerous if your url is banned across the network.

For example you can use twitter for this, create new twitter account with name as movie name and description put the movie in the description

Each one of these accounts will forward the traffic to your buffer site post which will redirect them to your money site after they click the fake player image.



When I was first starting out, I found REDDIT TO BE THE EASIEST SOURCE OF TRAFFIC for movie streaming sites. If you search Reddit, you will find many different Subreddits which will allow you to share your streaming site links, your website and video links.


 is another great website to answer questions relating to where to streaming a movie for free

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success.

All typographical errors are deeply regretted

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