To add a lead source in Zoho CRM, go to the Leads module and click on the Lead Source drop-down list. Select the Add New Lead Source option from the drop-down. Enter the name of your lead source and click Save.

  • 1) Log into your Zoho CRM account
  • 2) Click on the “Settings” tab in the top navigation bar
  • 3) In the drop-down menu, click on “Customization
  • ” 4) On the Customization page, scroll down to the “Leads” section and click on “Sources
  • ” 5) On the Lead Sources page, you will see a list of all of the current lead sources
  • To add a new lead source, click on the “Add Source” button
  • 6) Enter the name of your new lead source and click on the “Save” button

How to Add a New Lead Source in Zoho

Adding a new lead source in Zoho is easy! Just follow these simple steps: 1. Go to the Leads tab and click on the Lead Sources sub-tab.

2. Click on the Add Lead Source button. 3. Enter the name of your new lead source and choose a color for it from the palette. 4. Save your changes!

How to Create a Form in Zoho Crm

Are you looking to add a form to your Zoho CRM account? Whether you’re wanting to create a simple contact form or something more complex, like a lead capture form, Zoho CRM makes it easy. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a form in Zoho CRM step-by-step.

Creating a Form in Zoho CRM To get started, log into your Zoho CRM account and go to the Forms tab (located in the Setup section). From here, click on the “Create Form” button.

You’ll then be prompted to choose what type of form you’d like to create. For our example, we’ll choose “Lead Capture Form.” However, there are other options available as well, such as Contact forms and Custom forms.

Once you’ve selected the type of form you want to create, give your form a name and description. Then click on the “Create” button. Now it’s time to start adding fields to your form!

To do so, simply drag and drop the desired fields from the left-hand side into the main area of the screen. You can also reorder fields by clicking on them and dragging them around. Be sure to add required fields (marked with an asterisk) so that your leads don’t get submissions with missing information.

When you’re finished adding fields, click on the “Save” button at the top of the page. Your form is now ready for use!

Zoho Crm Api

Zoho CRM API is a set of programming interfaces that allow access to Zoho CRM data and functions from outside the Zoho CRM application. With the API, you can create custom applications or integrations that work with your Zoho CRM account. The API uses standard Web protocols and returns data in XML or JSON format.

Zoho Crm Pricing

Zoho CRM pricing is based on the number of users and starts at $12/user/month for the Standard Edition. The Professional Edition costs $20/user/month, while the Enterprise Edition is priced at $35/user/month. There is also a free version with limited features.

All editions come with a 30-day free trial.

How to Add Lead Source in Zoho Crm?


How Do I Add Lead Sources in Zoho?

There are several ways to add lead sources in Zoho. One way is to manually add them through the “Leads” section of Zoho CRM. Another way is to use the “Import Leads” feature, which allows you to import leads from a CSV file.

Finally, you can also integrate Zoho CRM with other lead capture tools, such as web forms and email campaigns.

How Do You Add Lead Sources?

There are a few ways to add lead sources in your CRM. One way is to manually add them in, which can be time-consuming, but it will allow you more control over your data. You can also import lead sources from a file or other CRM system.

To manually add a lead source, go to the Lead Sources tab and click “New.” Enter the name of the lead source and any other relevant information. If you want to track how many leads came from this source, you can enter that information as well.

Click “Save” when you’re finished. If you want to import lead sources, go to the Lead Sources tab and click “Import.” Choose whether you want to import from a file or another CRM system.

Follow the prompts to select your file or connect to your other CRM system. Once the import is complete, your lead sources will be added automatically.

What is Lead Source in Zoho?

Lead source is a Zoho CRM module that allows you to track and manage your leads. It provides you with a way to see where your leads are coming from, so you can better target your marketing efforts. You can also use lead source to track the progress of your leads through the sales pipeline.

How Do You Add Leads in Crm?

There are a few ways to add leads into your CRM system. One way is to manually input the lead’s information into the system. Another way is to import a list of leads from an excel spreadsheet or other file type.

And finally, some CRM systems have built-in web forms that allow website visitors to submit their contact information which is then automatically added as a lead in the CRM. The first step is to gather all of the necessary data for each lead. This can include basic contact information like name, company, title, email, and phone number.

You may also want to include additional fields such as website URL, social media handles, and notes about the lead. Once you have this information collected, you can begin adding it into your CRM system. If you are manually inputting the data, simply create a new lead record and fill in all of the relevant fields.

Be sure to double check that everything is correct before saving the record. If you are importing a list of leads, most CRMs will have an import function that allows you to upload your file. Follow the prompts on your specific system to complete this process successfully.

Finally, if your CRM has a web form feature set up, make sure the form is visible and easy to find on your website. When potential leads fill out and submit the form their contact information will be automatically added as a new lead in your CRM database – no manual input necessary!

Zoho: Adding a Lead Source


Zoho CRM is a software that helps businesses track their customer relationships. One of the features of Zoho CRM is the ability to add a lead source. A lead source is the origin of the lead, such as an advertisement, referral, or website visit.

Adding a lead source can help you track where your leads are coming from and better assess which marketing channels are working for your business. To add a lead source in Zoho CRM, go to the Leads tab and click on Lead Sources. From there, you can add a new lead source by clicking on the Add Lead Source button.

Enter the name of the lead source and select its type from the drop-down menu. You can also specify if it’s an internal or external lead source. Once you’ve added all the necessary information, click Save to finish adding thelead source.