How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth? Sell it for up to a 10,000 dollars!

How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth?

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How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth?

How much is my Fortnite account worth?

Fortnite is free to play, so why are some people spending thousands of dollars on it?

Fortnite is not just a game based on skill, and it is also a game based on looks. You see someone with cool skins, gliders or cool attacks, and you are desire such accessories.

Players are willing to spend thousands of dollars to make their avatars stand out. Gamers spend their money upgrading their avatars by exchanging real cash for v-bucks. The in-game currency allows players to buy new skins, accessories and emotes. This led players to ask the question- How much is my Fortnite account worth?

The game updates skin almost every day, leaving some players to miss out on the opportunity to buy cosmetic upgrades. Some skins are available for repurchasing later on, while others are only on sale for a couple of hours, so what happens when players miss out on a chance to get a rare avatar skin. Sometimes, some skins are released, and then they are removed and never released again.

As a result of their removal, they become rare, and this increases their desirability. If many players desire an accessory, an account’s worth with this rare accessory shoots up on the Fortnight calculator.

One of such marketplaces is PlayerAuctions.

PlayerAuctions is a Fortnite account worth calculator and digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of various gaming genres such as Massively multiplayer online games, First-person shooters (FPS), Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), survival games, battle royale games etc. so they can buy and sell digital assets.

Fortnite Calculators

Fortnite account worth calculators are used to check how much your account is worth. Fortnite calculators are useful in cases where you want to sell your Fortnite account or if another account is fairly priced.

PlayerAuctions is one of the biggest and busiest players to player marketplaces built for gamers. Its marketplaces can help buyers and sellers trade online gaming products.

PlayerAuctions has grown to become the leading platform for player to player trade, with 2.1 million users from over 100 countries

Check Fortnite account worth with PlayerAuctions

Steps to use Fortnight account worth calculator

  1. Scroll down on the web page, and you’ll see a list of different games’ icons. Click on the Fortnite icon.
  2. It will take you to a page titled “Account Value Calculator”. Scroll down, and you’ll see a list of the information you are required to fill out to estimate the value of your Fortnite account.
  3. The information in these boxes are listed below:
  • Box 1- Edition

This piece of information is necessary to give an estimate of the account in question. Different players want to buy different editions of the game, and it’s only normal to be used to determine the price. There are currently over seven editions of Fortnite available.

  • Box 2- Level

The second box requires you to provide information about the level you have achieved with the account in question. Fortnite game is in seasons, and your account worth is determined by the level you have achieved in each season. You can estimate this by adding your level in one season with your level in other seasons.

  • Box 3- V-bucks

Players spend V-bucks in the game to get in-game accessories. It isn’t far-fetched that the amount of V-bucks you have on your account will affect its price.

  • Box 4- Battle Pass Tier

The Battle Pass offers gives rewards free Battle Pass owners don’t have access to. Your Battle Pass tier depends on how many battle stars you have gotten. Each tier attracts different rewards.

  • Box 5- # of Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary Cosmetics

Like I said earlier, Fortnite is not just a game based on skin. It is also a game based on looks. An account with a long list of uncommon, rare, epic and legendary cosmetics will surely be worth more bucks than some accounts with few of these cosmetics.

Players are specific about how their Fortnite avatar looks, and they are willing to spend some extra bucks to get an account that gives them a touch of uniqueness. The idea is that the rarer a cosmetic is, the more value it has, and the lesser the players who can get them.

  • Box 6- Can the name be changed?

You will also have to fill out this box as it’s also a determinant of your account price. Display names can only be changed once in two weeks. If your answer to this question is “no”, it means that the person who will buy this account will have to wait for some days to personalize this account to their name.

Players like to have a feel of ownership of an account, and one of the ways of getting this feeling is by the buyer changing an account name to any name of their choosing immediately after purchasing a new account.

  1. After filling in the necessary information, click the ‘Calculate the Account Value Now’ button.
  2. Your Fortnite account value should appear on the first box on top. It can also show an “Error” message, which indicates that you haven’t successfully filled out all the boxes. You can also clear this error message by going over the steps over again.

After knowing your Fortnite account value: decide

Make sure that all fields are completed since it can only compute with all of the essential data. If an error message appears, use the buttons on the boxes to enter the information.

That’s how you can figure out your Fortnite account value. To reiterate, there is no true pricing baseline; it just extrapolates a price from previous offerings on the site.

Warning: It is against the Fortnite Terms and Conditions for a player to sell their account. Sales of accounts could lead to a ban from playing Fortnite, and you might as well be banned from playing any game by Epic game (this is the company that created Fortnite).



PlayerAuctions is a cool way of measuring your progress and your Fortnite account value from time to time.


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