9 Highest Paid Remote Customer Service Job Roles In Finance, Management, Insurance.

by Babatunde

The demand for Remote Customer Service Job across the globe and the finance industry is quite vast. The finance industry encompasses all sectors including Management, HR, Insurance, Data analytics, Legal, and others.

It’s not surprising that the recruitment process for a Remote Customer Service Job is “frequent” in the industry. Lots of key players are always sought after in these sectors to achieve organizational goals.

Now more than ever, the options for remote hr jobs are broad, as there are job offers that you can do from the comfort of your home from any part of the world.

Are you wondering hoe much you can earn as a customer service remote jobs, entry-level remote jobs, remote attorney jobs, remote bookkeeping jobs, remote customer service jobs, remote data analyst jobs, remote data entry jobs, remote hr jobs, remote insurance jobs, remote jobs for college students, remote marketing jobs, remote proofreading jobs, remote video editing job? By reading this article, You will get to know the highest-paid remote jobs in Finance, management, and insurance as you read further.

In this article, you’ll read about the job descriptions of the respective remote finance job roles, necessary skills, and expected paycheck at the end of the month.

Now come and along and Let’s guide you through the process of finding you that ideal remote job role.

Remote Bookkeeping Jobs

Are there truly remote bookkeeping job roles out there? Do you know that you can take on that you can find remote bookkeeping jobs anywhere in the world?

Bookkeeping is likened to the “engine room” in Finance and other related industries, which is why they are one of the highest-paid in remuneration, bonuses, and other packages. Apart from that you can also find entry-level remote bookkeeping jobs no experience remote using job websites like indeed and joblift.com

As mentioned earlier, the finance and insurance industry is a massive one. Companies usually ensure that Financial information must be documented appropriately; hence there is a constant demand for experts in this field. Because of this and other reasons, you can quickly get a job as a remote bookkeeper in any sector.

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What are the Jobroles, Responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote bookkeeping jobs?

Primarily, a remote bookkeeper is obligated to record all expenses of a company, ranging from purchases, sales, and invoices.

Detailed information containing the company’s outgoing must be readily available for filing and updating accounts. No other person does this better than a remote bookkeeper. As an entry-level remote bookkeeping job seeker, you must have excellent organizational skills and multitask and keep track of the company’s spending.

In summary, we have outlined below the key responsibilities of virtual bookkeeping jobs from home workers.

  • Responsible for delivering a detailed trail of company expenses.
  • Regular usage of financial processes, updating and enhancing as the need arises.
  • Updating and balancing accounts daily or weekly.
  • Managing sales ledger.
  • Notifying the management of any accounting error.
  • Management of clients’ invoices and payments.
  • Keeping records and track of client assets and investments
  • Collaborating with accountants to prepare VAT.
  • Compiling and providing financial reports.
  • Processing necessary payments.


If you love numbers, or you’re keen on putting things together, and you do keep track of your expenses. No doubts, you’ll have a thrilling work experience as a remote bookkeeper.

What’s more exciting is that you’ll always have a fat paycheck waiting for you at the end of the month. As stated Here, a remote bookkeeper earns an average of $38,166 yearly.

What are the Jobroles, Responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote Customer Service Jobs?

Among the many international remote customer service jobs worldwide, evidence points to remote customer service no experience as a leading choice amongst others. Remote customer service jobs from home are one of the major Jobs to be done virtually. Nevertheless, it still maintains its position in these categories.

Like other sectors, Remote customer service representatives are key players in the Finance, management, and insurance industry.

Remote customer service representatives are usually the client’s primary contact with an organization.

The role of a remote customer service representative is primarily to manage incoming calls and clients inquiries. For most finance companies, hiring a remote customer service representative provides flexibility for the workers and equally saves overhead costs.

What are the responsibilities, Salary of entry-level remote customer jobs?

The duties and responsibilities of a remote customer service job role are listed below.

  • Responding to clients’ phone calls.
  • Building and sustaining a positive, professional and attitude towards clients all the time.
  • Acquiring a detailed knowledge of products/services.
  • Providing feedback to the management as required.
  • Taking and maintaining records of customers’ interactions, complaints, and comments.
  • Generating sales leads.
  • Listening and responding to customer complaints, my providing necessary solutions.
  • Following up on special cases as directed by the management.
  • Identifying customer needs and area of interest.
  • Providing services/product information as required.

If you are confident that you have good communication and problem-solving skills and want to soar high in Finance, management, or insurance companies. Taking it one step by working as a remote customer representative is a perfect place to start and be one of the highest-paid in the industry.

According to ZipRecruiter, remote customer representatives earn close to $27,967 in a year.


Remote Data Analyst Jobs.

Almost all organizations in every industry, including Finance, management, and insurance, depend heavily on data to make vital business decisions like the right assets to acquire, investments to make, services to render, products to develop and identify the target audience.

The job of a remote data analyst is to help in assigning a numerical value to these essential business functions for performance to be assessed frequently. Remote data analyst jobs are in high demand.

What are the responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote Data Analyst Jobs?

If it sounds like a perfect fit for you, it’s paramount that you know all expectations on the job.

They include:

  • Acquiring data from primary and secondary data sources.
  • Effective maintenance of databases/data systems.
  • Interpreting data and evaluating results with the use of statistical techniques.
  • Building and implementing databases, data collection systems, data analytics for services efficiency and productivity.
  • Providing regular ongoing reports.
  • Collaborating with other team members to identify new opportunities.
  • Exploring and interpreting patterns in complicated data sets.

To work as a remote data analyst, you should acquire some technical expertise relating to database design development, data models, and data mining and segmentation techniques.

Proficiency in statistics and report writing, presenting findings are a plus.

It is also required that you have excellent analytical skills to retrieve, organize, and disperse information accurately.

If you are a data analyst who doesn’t want to travel to work every day and you desire to launch your career in the finance industry, you are on the right path, build a remarkable portfolio, and get rich.

As a remote data analyst, we found Here that you can earn as much as $85,921 in a year.

Remote Proofreading Jobs in USA.

Perhaps you’re a writer or proofreader. Then you should be getting excited that you stumbled on this article.

Yes, because now you can no longer keep yourself in a box. Your job is not only limited to publishing houses, you can work in the corporate world and get an attractive paycheck at the end of the year.

Proofreaders are needed in all sectors. Nevertheless, they are mainly a strong force to reckon with in finance and related industries.

Documents are drafted day in and out, it’s paramount that a second and sometimes a third eye, look and read through it to prevent unforeseen catastrophe caused by typographical errors.

A remote proofreader identifies and corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

They ensure that the final document is error-free.

The duties and responsibilities of a remote proofreader include:

  • Verifying the accuracy of every referenced fact, including pages, dates, and values.
  • Identifying and correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Proofreading materials for consistency and brand voice.
  • Reviewing content meticulously for brand/product consistency.
  • Collaborating with other team members and providing constructive editorial inputs.


According to ZipRecruiter , it’s possible to get richer with $51,391 as a remote proofreader.


Remote Insurance Jobs in USA.

Insurance is a lifesaver, which is why individuals and companies always crave the benefits of it.

Security is a basic human need, and insurance companies strive hard to provide better and favorable policies for everyone.

Insurance companies are going on the rise daily, and with the widely accepted emergence of remote job opportunities, they are also not left out.

They have increasingly provided remote job opportunities for the majority. Nevertheless, the vacuum is still there because the need for their services keeps going on the high side.

This has led to the massive recruitment of remote insurance agents/representatives to provide better and prompt services.

What are the responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote Insurance Jobs?

Below are the duties and responsibilities of a remote insurance representative.

  • Creating and implementation of practical marketing strategies to increase sales of insurance policies.
  • Reaching out to potential clients and explaining the benefits of all plans to them
  • Helping clients choose the best insurance plan.
  • Responding to client’s inquiries.
  • Building rapport through networking and referrals.
  • Adjusting insurance policies.
  • Compiling reports to stakeholders on the results of your endeavors.
  • Cross-checking insurance claims to avoid mishaps.
  • Keeping a record of transactions and sales.
  • Acquiring adequate knowledge of the company and services.

Aside from the ability to carry out the above tasks, it would help if you had an in-depth comprehension of diverse insurance plans- life, medical, fire, automobile, and medical.

If you are completely clueless in this area, you can find lots of helpful information on the internet as a foundation to build on.

Remote insurance representatives are usually goal-oriented, smart, and have excellent communication and presentation skills.

Suppose you have proven work experience as an insurance representative and you’d like to transition into a small role, or you are just thinking of exploring the role. In that case, it is a good decision, as you will be one of the highest-paid in the finance industry.

Just as it states Here, a remote insurance developer earns $61,589.


Remote HR Jobs in USA.

In any company, HR(Human Resources) personnel are responsible for managing employees’ life cycle, including recruitment, hiring and training, and laying off employees.

They also provide employee benefits. Hiring the sole responsibility of HR professionals can be a daunting task because it can sometimes be difficult to get the right person for a role.

With the inventory of remote HR jobs, the dynamics of job search and recruitment have changed. Finding the right candidates is no longer limited by location. Face -to – Face interviews are becoming a downward trend. Organizations are opting for remote HR teams to help them source for good employees.

What are the responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote HR Personnel Jobs?

In finance sectors, remote HR personnel is not only the most sought after, they are one of the highest-paid in the industry.

Their responsibilities are :

  • Coordinating job postings and advertising.
  • Scheduling recruitment process.
  • Controlling and processing promotions, transfers, and terminations.
  • Creating and maintaining employee records.
  • Organizing training sessions for employees.
  • Analyzing the efficiency of training programs.
  • Creating and reviewing job descriptions.
  • Collaborating with other key members in planning and setting targets.
  • Conducting background investigations on applicants.

To become a good Remote HR personnel, you must have a deep knowledge of employment-related laws and regulations. You must be diligent, creative, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Additionally, good written and oral communication skills, and exceptional time management skills, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills.

As indicated Here , you earn as much as $72,705 every year.


Remote immigration Attorney Jobs in USA.

In some states or countries, attorneys are often referred to as lawyers.

Generally, attorneys are licensed professionals who provide guidance and legal services and support clients who encounter legal challenges.

Attorney jobs are increasingly becoming available as remote jobs. Of late, the emergence of COVID- 19 has interrupted the way law firms usually carry out their activities. This has propelled lawyers to start working remotely.

Attorneys are comfortable with this recent development, as they will continue to work from home and keep their families and friends safe.

Insurance, management, and financial institutions cannot carry out major projects without the input of an attorney.

These companies are getting comfortable with the work from home legal services that remote attorneys provide. All they need to do is to exchange emails and calls, and they have all their legal needs met.

What are the responsibilities, Salary of entry-level Remote immigration attorney?

As a remote attorney, you can be a full staff or work on a contract basis in any of these institutions. Regardless of the mode of employment, the job descriptions are quite similar.

The tasks of a remote attorney are :

  • Carrying out legal research on cases.
  • Writing and compiling legal reports.
  • Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing company contracts.
  • Assessment of risks and counseling management on issues relating to data usage and protection and compliance with the privacy law.
  • Creating and maintaining agreements with external attorneys in response to the organization demands
  • Overseeing litigation issues.
  • Collaborating with other senior colleagues.
  • Counseling company employees and stakeholders on legal issues and other core areas.
  • Assisting management in interpreting legal documents.

If you are an attorney and you’ve proficiency in negotiating, drafting legal documents, and advising clients on important transactions and contracts., with remarkable legal and business judgment.

According to ZipRecruiter, Remote attorneys earn close to $88,681 in a year.

You can smash your career and financial goals, by applying for the above roles, visit Joblift and type your job title, state, country, and zip code in the designated boxes.

Then click on the search box. You will find yourself with countless job options to choose from.

With the right skills and knowledge, it’s easy to build a thriving career in Finance, management, and insurance sectors.

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