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Hallmark Christmas movies

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Hallmark Christmas movies schedule

The holiday is fast approaching and many are waiting on Hallmark Christmas Movies to put them in the spirit of the Holiday. Hallmark is known for arranging programs such as mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, and movies related to this holiday are featured.

Furthermore, any holiday spent without watching Hallmark Christmas movies is not complete. I say without mincing words. So , if you have not made plans of watching better start making one now.

Hallmark Christmas movies schedule 2021

This year, Hallmark would be giving us a double dose of fun during the festive period.

hallmark Christmas movies list 2021

hallmark Christmas movies list 2021


How many Hallmark Christmas movies are showing in 2021?

They would be airing 41 new Christmas movies starting from October 22 to the dawn of Christmas.

In addition, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night would be packed with highly-anticipated home calling, romance, and lot of suspense movies.

Despite there are still a few weeks to go, it is important to prepare yourself so as to get the maximum it has to offer. So, you would be getting few tips that would help position you for a fun-filled holiday.

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies list 2021

As the count to the holiday begins many are curious as to what Hallmark would give them this year. To those who are in suspense, this is for you. Hallmark has listed 41 movies that would be premiered on the 22nd of October at 8 pm PT/ET.

Though a lineup had been made, Hallmark is still yet to finalize all its movies for the holiday. So, there’s still much to come. Now, this is the list of what Hallmark is cooking up for its lovers this holiday.

New hallmark Christmas movies list 2021

Hallmark christmas movies 2021


Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 22 : You, Me and the Christmas tree

Hallmark would be starting off with off You,Me and the Christmas tree featuring Benjamin Ayres, Jason Heivey and Dania McKellar.

It is a romance movie that promises to give maximum satisfaction to its audience. It centers on how  Olivia (Dania McKellar) and Jack ( Benjamin Ayres) become lovers after going through a difficult time together.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 23 : Boyfriends of Christmas past

Again on Saturday, Hallmark would be giving us Boyfriends of Christmas past staring Raymond Aback, Pradul Sung Hyung Lee and Haena Kim. Its storyline centered on how Lauren ( Catherine Heana Kim) reflected on how past love life,she pondered much on it and learned from her experience.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 24 : The Santa Stakeout

The Santa Stakeout would be aired Sunday 24th, starring Paul Campell, Tamera Moury- Housley,Joe Pantoliano.

Ryan ( Paul Campell) and Tanya ( Tamera Mowry Housely) go together to solve heists in the neighborhood. They went undercover using the identity of newlywed couples and eventually, they fell for each other.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 29: Christmas in Harmony

Christmas in Harmony would be shown on Friday featuring Ashleigh Murray, Loretta Devine, Luke James,Basil Wallace and Michelle Williams

Harmony ( Ashleigh Murray)  is deceived to go for a holiday chorus organized by her ex-boyfriend. . Will their love for music rekindle their relationship?

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 30 : Coyote Creek Christmas 

Coyote Creek Christmas will be aired on Saturday, starring Ryan Peavey and Janel and Janel Parrish.

They came home for a Christmas party and they fell in love thereafter.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 31: Christmas sail

Christmas sail, featuring Patrick Sabongui, Terry O’Quinn and Katee Sackoff.

Liz ( Katee Sack off) came for the holiday to cater for her father.She takes her daughter along with her and makes the most of the holiday for her daughter.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing November 5: Open by Christmas

We would be seeing Open by Christmas starring Erica Durance,Brennan Elliott and Alison. A secret admirer sent a card to Nicky ( Alison Sweeney) ; she contracts Simone, her best friend, to help search for the author.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing November 6: Next stop, Christmas 

Hallmark channel would give us  Next stop, Christmas on Sunday starring Lea  Thompson, Lyndsy Fonessa, Chandler Massey.

Angie (Lyndsy Fonessa)  daydreams of her life if she had remained with ex- ex-boyfriend who is now a popular sportscaster.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing November 7: Christmas Treasure 

A Christmas Treasure would be aired on Sunday,  featuring Michael Xavier and Jordin Sparks. It dawned on Lou( Jordin Sparks) that time is going and she ponders if it is right for her to pursue her dream in New York.

Buckleyist has been made, Hallmark is likely to add more to its listing in November and December.

Hallmark Christmas movies schedule

Movies like

  • Christmas at Castle Heart ,which features Stuart Townsend and Lacey Chabert..

Brooke ( Lacey Chabert) travels to Ireland to find her origin . While she was on her trip the Earl of Glass lough confuses her with an event planner and hires her.

  • Christmas contest, featuring John Brotherton,Babara Niven and Candace Cameron Bure

A contest during Christmas brings exes Ben( John Brotherton) and Lara ( Candance Cameron Bare) together. Hopefully, the competition will ignite their love flame.

  • The Christmas house: Decks the halls ,featuring Jonathan Bennett and Robert Buckley

Mitchell returns and tries to build the best Christmas house ever.

  • The 9 kittens of Christmas, this movie features Brandon Routh Gregory Harrison and Kimberly Suatad.

Cats are the avenue to the heart of  Marilee(Kimberly Sustad ) and Zachary ( Bradon Both) .Cat lovers were mandated to find beautiful homes for kittens.

  • Sitter Swap: Christmas in the city, it features Ashley Williams and Williams Paisley.

Sisters Meg and Jennifer decided to switch theirs home for the holiday, which gave them a different perspective about themselves and their relationship. Hallmark will premiere the Miracles of Christmas  and Mystery movie loved

Saturday at 10 pm ET/ PT. So, you get to watch two movies back to back till the festive period ends. Hallmark is still finalizing the list so it is subject to change.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 23

It would kick off with Christmas in My Heart, featuring Luke MacFarlane, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Heather Hemmens.

Though Beth ( Heather Hemmens)is contracted to prepare the daughter of Sean (Luke MacFarlane) for the upcoming concert, she finds out that her tutor needs tutoring.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing October 30

Hallmark has the Christmas Promise for its viewers, starring Dylan Bruce, Torrey Devitto, Greyston Holt and Patrick Duffy.

When things were confusing, Nicole (Torrey Devitto) beckons on her grandFather and a carpenter to help put her in order.

Hallmark Christmas movies Showing November 6

  Saturday would be Debbie Macomber A Mrs. Christmas Miracle featuring Kaitlin Doubleday, Carolina Rhea and Steve Lund. Mrs .Miracle gives the family much cheer and joy amidst their sorrows and hopelessness.

Hallmark Christmas movies December: The Christmas Bond

Starring Lyriq Bent ,Nik Sanchez and Holly Robinson.A single mom had to accept the challenges with her autistic son’s quest for freedom, though it scares her.

No official date for this movie as Hallmark is still finalizing its schedule.

 How to stream and watch Hallmark Christmas movies

The most hilarious part of the year is almost here and hallmark movies would be giving us one of the best gifts for the year. I am sure nobody wants to miss out.

To catch all the glamouring events and movies on the screen, Hallmark fans with cables can tune to Hallmark channels as well as Hallmark’s Channel and Mysteries on Saturday and Sundays by 8pm ET and 9pm ET.

But we know that Hallmark Movies are not on Hulu or Netflix. So, everyone who wants hallmark movies without cables must be very tactful.To ease your stress the best way to stream and watch this year’s movie has been outlined for you. They include:

  • Philo: At a rate of $20 monthly, you would get access to 61 channels with the Three Hallmark channels, lifetime and HCTV.Philo gives a 7 day free trial.
  • Sling: It charges $35 monthly and access to 33 channels would be given to you which is a part of the sling orange package as well as 10 additional channels which comprise ESPN, lifetime Hallmark, Hallmark drama Hallmark channel.
  • Frndly TV : If you want a cheaper option, go for the frndly TV . You are granted access to 15 cable channels with the three Hallmark Movies included.It also gives a 7 days usage for free.
  • Hallmark TV: Normally, Hallmark’s streaming requires a cable connection but during the Holidays, a few movies are unlocked ,so you can watch without signing in.
  • FuboTv: This comes with 120 channels, screen sharing capabilities and 250 hours of DVD space.Subscription is $64 monthly but you get a one week trial.
  • Amazon video: Some of Hallmark videos are available on Amazon. So ,subscriber an get 1000 free hours to watch Hallmark movies.
  • YouTube TV: It has the most expensive subscription monthly. It charges $65 ,it allows you to watch conveniently without cable connections and you get access to other channels.

 Why Hallmark Christmas movies are loved

Hallmark Christmas movies keep getting better as the year go on. To date, no holiday movie can beat the hype and attention it attracts. Since its inception,  been dramatic, romantic, and full of fun. They have a way of giving the audience what they would keep in their minds till the following year.

Are hallmark movie’s storylines the same?

Though the storyline might be the same, of characters meeting facing challenges learning, growing together and finally they would prevail. It is still greatly loved.

Hallmark Channel’s 2021 Holiday Movie Lineup

They always make people feel good. Hallmark movies have its way of getting its audience into the spirit of the holiday.

Check Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Miracles of Christmas Lineup below:

Oct. 23
Christmas In My Heart
Stars: Heather Hemmens, Luke Macfarlane, Sheryl Lee Ralph

Oct. 30
The Christmas Promise
Stars: Torrey DeVitto Dylan Bruce, Patrick Duffy, Greyston Holt

Nov. 6
Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas
Stars: Kaitlin Doubleday, Steve Lund, Caroline Rhea

The Christmas Bond
Stars: Holly Robinson Peete, Lyriq Bent, Nik Sanchez

Over the years,  I have watched more Christmas movies than I can count. It is hard to see a rival to the Hallmark Christmas movies. There is something special about them and it can be attested by millions of viewers around the world as they all anticipate October ending and join in the countdown.

Every year, Hallmark steps up its game by releasing better and intriguing series with tons of holiday cheer and diversified initiatives making them exceptional and attracting viewers from all the world.

Get ready for the new hallmark Christmas movies 2021

Begin to make plans, reschedule meetings, start getting prepared because the countdown to hallmark Christmas movies has started.

Meanwhile, the whole list of the hallmark christ movies 2021 they have for us is not yet completed but one thing I guarantee you is that you would feel cozier than the cocoa cup.

So, when you are done with the Halloween movies do well to join in the count down as Christmas movies.

When do Christmas movies start on hallmark?

From October 22 to December is promising to be fun-filled and thrilling. So ensure you follow the series from the beginning up till the very end as the weekend has its own fun to give.

As the day dawn, we are getting closer to the holiday and Christmas period. There are many persons that are wondering what and how would events go. Luckily for us, Hallmark has proffered a solution that would keep us entertained maximally. All you need do is to sit back and enjoy all that Hallmark has to offer and I promise, you would be glad you did.


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