Get New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Halloween Skull Squad pack item

by jobpings

what’s up everybody typicalgamer with your daily youtube live streams and more and today for you i got some more fortnite halloween update for nightmares content for you we got a brand new pack in the item shop a new iconic dance and a couple other cool things so i’m gonna be breaking it down i’m going to go through everything okay so let’s get started you can see i’m rocking logan wolverines this is the logan style for wolverine uh you have to do some crazy things to kind of get them and if you guys want to watch a video all about that i upload every single day on my other channel tg place the content on there is 99 different from the stream so if you want to check it out go over to my other channel tg plays link in the description below subscribe with the bell and tune in every single day because i’ll always have a bang for you okay anyway that plug is done let’s go ahead and go over to the item shop you will see ladies and gentlemen we have the squalls the squall the skull squad pack we have the skull squad pack ladies and gentlemen we got four different skull skin variants over here so you can see the squall bro why am i saying squall instead of skull why am i stating squall instead of skull i don’t know but it says rise from the crypt and creep on the unsuspecting with this bone chilling skeleton rattle your bones with the skull squad pack so if you buy this pack you can get all four of these guys you get a glider you get some pickaxe you get a a wrap and it’s really cool let’s inspect the items here okay we got fish skull all right this is one of the uh skulls here and we’re gonna get him in the pack he’s got his uh bait bones this is a pickaxe by the way and they look pretty sweet we got skull squad leader she’s actually pretty sweet she has a nice little bonnet and she’s all uh ready for halloween as well she’s gonna have her back bling which is uh of course some uh wait is that a pickaxe oh they are pickaxe okay i thought it might have been back bling for a second anyway this is her back back bling cuddly bones and you got the bone boss so the burger yeah going a little gothic on here black and white over here with some skulls and he’s got this uh really cool actually fry box back bling it looks pretty sweet and then you got the uh beef bone harvesting tool this is

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what i’m gonna be rocking i think this is my favorite harvesting tool add in the bunch and uh right now the way it is is if you want to get any of these say you just want one of these skins you have to buy the whole pack so there’s that uh we also got uh bone ravage i think she looks pretty sweet a little play off the normal ravaged skin and you got her uh bone wings bone wings uh you got the skilly scaler sailor look at that pretty cool glider and then you got the bony wrap now this is uh i don’t know how much it is in american for me canadian is 27 bucks so it will be cheaper if you’re american um but you can see this purchase helps support typical gamer now i don’t got any v bucks but you got to buy this one straight up so i’m going to go ahead and buy this one but if you guys want to help me out for free it doesn’t cost you a single penny even if you never buy anything just just just humor me a little bit okay go to the item shop go to the bottom right supported creator hit supported creator type in typicalgamer all one word you can type it like the way i have it that’s a little fancy you ain’t gotta type it all like that you can type it all lowercase just like that you wanna be quick with it you can type it all uppercase if you want to yell it typically okay or you can be fancy like me you want to take your time however you want to type it just type that in hit accept and we’ll be good it’s 20 bucks american i’ll bet okay so it’s 20 bucks american chat has confirmed it we are good uh so i’m gonna go ahead and buy that let me go ahead and go full face and i’m gonna go ahead and just see my hat i’m gonna tilt it down a little bit so you can’t see my glasses all right i’m gonna hit purchase and i’m gonna look at the ground a little bit so y’all can’t see my payment information through my glasses my typical dot store glasses all right yes let me go ahead and do that one there place order code typicalgamer all one word in the item shop yes please yes please and it seems like look what we know started we got the skull pack baby look at the lineup the lineup do be looking kind of fresh though do be looking kind of fresh all right we’re gonna equip all this stuff but i’m gonna show you the rest of the stuff in the item shop as well so let’s go ahead and claim that um bushranger is here there’s three styles from you got this one you got the like the rainbow style and then you got the like autumn style so those are pretty sweet and he has a backlink as well that changes has three different styles too i think the skin’s actually really sweet more for his honey hitters these are my favorite pickaxes in the game they have such cool styles and they just they feel really clean when you use them i don’t know the animation or something just feels so clean actually i’m gonna show you the other pickaxe i like but somebody remind me like in a couple games there’s galaxy uh scout she’s back in the item shop uh you can get the bundle with her you can get uh everything separate however you want she’s in the item shop toy soldiers are in there too slumber uh crabby backstroke couple different awesome skins here and i think yes blinding lights this emote now um i can’t play it because of copyright but it goes yeah i pretty much nailed it anyway that’s that’s what it sounds like that’s what it sounds like and it it’s really cool the sound uh i believe it’s by the weekend cool song um cop it i copped it just because maybe one day i’ll turn on copyright sounds on and then we’ll be gucci but everything else in item shop lots of halloween stuff guys don’t forget even if you’re not gonna buy anything just put it in my code code typicalgamer all the word helps support me more than you know and it doesn’t cost you a single thing so big shout out from music code typicalgamer in the item shop okay so what i wanted to show you guys let me show you what pickaxe is that are really i’m not going to show you actually let me favorite it so i don’t forget chapter two season four i think it’s called the reaper yeah this one here forsaken strike i like it for a reason but i’m not gonna go over that right now let’s go ahead and do beef bone and for the skins we have four different options which one should we go with first which one should we go with first i think i’m going to try to get a win with every single one of them let’s start off with a skull squad leader let’s start off with her let’s put on her back bling too and then let’s put on the skull glider uh there’s no skull there’s no like bone contrail right there’s spectral essence is probably the best one but i mean like i’m not gonna put on any and then for this one let’s put the bone wrap excellent excellent most excellent all right let’s go into solo four nightmares i’ve only got one win in four nightmares so far oh everybody’s saying the fish oh shoot okay you know what i can’t disagree y’all are saying the fish so let me go the fish um there we go oh he’s part of the skull squad too oh they’re all part of the skull squad look at that we should do a random skull squad challenge that would be pretty good okay let’s do fish skull and you know what because you guys are so much about the fish let’s go ahead and do his bait bones and i don’t think he has a back bling so let’s put no backlink for him okay and then for the glider i almost feel like we should put skelefish let’s put skelefish for the first game and then we’ll go ahead and the next game will rock some different skull stuff okay we’ll rock some different skull stuff let me go ahead and move my face cam oh now i’m in the right position now i can ask you ladies and gentlemen how’s your frickin day going it’s friday you made it congratulations everybody loves a good friday it’s october 23rd you know no significance to me maybe it’s your birthday or something happy birthday i will say 23 my favorite number my birthday march 23 look it up all right love that number love it absolutely love it i’m excited i’m hyped i gotta show you something i got something really cool okay you guys know what these are you guys know what these are i got some pokemon cards all right i got some pokemon cards bet okay not that i don’t want to show you energies only energy okay i opened a few but let me show you something crazy okay bam it’s a ditto pikachu shout out to my boy james hold up that’s not it though that’s not it though i got uh an unmarked package here you guys know what’s in here ladies and gentlemen i’ve got packs on packs on packs on packs on packs baby okay i got so many packs okay this is all pokemon packs and i got one more okay we got 200 pokemon packs of champions pack and my plan is open them on stream so if you want to see that make sure you subscribe okay that’s a lot that’s a lot of pokemon packs bro yeah the plan is to open them up i want to charizard z max dude i want a charizard z max so i’m thinking about doing a stream where i open up 200 pokemon packs you guys in it bet it’s gonna be fun okay look at this look at this i love the glider uh skull fish looks pretty sweet it’s pretty good get up i got right now what the heck is this they should have made the llama like uh a skull llama that would have been cool i think i’m going to pop this all right good start of the first game good start look look at these these pickaxes are the ones that come with the bundle as well pretty sweet yeah i’ll probably do that stream maybe some maybe tomorrow i don’t know we’ll see i got a lot of stuff bro i got a lot of stuff going on i i’m i’m the tree i’m gonna be truthful with you guys what the heck all right get on out of here all right lanes right on my face get out of here come on yeah i’ll be truthful you guys i don’t think i’ve ever been busier in my life before ever this is the busiest i’ve ever been in all my years of existence got ghouls coming after me as goose goose is after me i like how the ghosts count as eliminations there’s gonna be some insane high limbs now assassin’s creed i’ll definitely play when it comes out i don’t know if you guys seen but if you follow me over on my instagram if you follow me over on my instagram um wait does he drop his loot now i actually did like an assassin’s creed filter on my story it was a sponsored one but dude it’s so cool you can become a viking so if you haven’t seen that go follow me on instagram my instagram is a typicalgamer all one word and uh go check out that uh that one well logan low dead am i right chat low dead ain’t no logan around here ain’t no live logan around here i mean spoiler you know let’s break this down uh boogie bombs probably a little more op let’s take those there’s some minis let’s take those two yeah so anyway back to the point i played assassin’s creed valhalla i don’t know like so it was sponsored right let me explain something to you because um i know it can be a little confusing because i have this channel typicalgamer right um and then i have tg place which is 100 uploads only no live stream this one’s primarily live stream only but sometimes like a company will want to sponsor something and they’ll want it on this channel so i have to put on this channel right which i’m cool with it but some of you guys get confused anyway on this channel i uploaded an assassin’s creed valhalla gameplay and if you haven’t seen it it’s the new game that’s not even out yet it was so so cool so so cool i like i got to play through like a special way they like allowed me to play and i’ve been wanting to play ever since again but i literally can’t because the game’s not out yet you know oh and somebody mentioned brawlhalla and chat too i actually did a video on brawlhalla coming soon it’ll be on this channel as well i filmed so much stuff recently it’s crazy you good bro you want to do it like this it’s so cheap but you know what they do it to me i gotta do it to them they do it to me i gotta do it to them is this guy friendly nah he’s he’s definitely not friendly this ghost is gonna come back with a vengeance though he’s i could tell heli’s mad there’s something in my right eye right now hold up like dog there’s something in my right eye chill oh still there i don’t know what it is dude i love ghosts oh my gosh bro the ghosts are so overpowered i’m gonna keep saying that because i think i personally think it’s true like they’re so good unless you hit him right away like square on the nose like what are the chances you live like it’s not very high yeah it’s a skull fishing now chat it’s a skull fishy now chat oh boy okay um zom’s not too far away i mean my my loot my loot’s good but it’s like i don’t have enough of it if i need to i don’t really want to get hit by the zone here so i might impulse there’s zero ghosts right now i got nine of limbs there’s zero ghosts there’s 18 people alive what do you guys think of the skull squad set let me know we’re just chilling we’re vibing on the uh oh there’s chester reviving on a friday night man i know it’s late but do be vibing on a friday night though okay i can heal for 10 shield but is it worth it probably not oh thermal fish though uh slurpfish is probably what i want i was really hoping there’s gonna be more i actually didn’t notice this until today when i was trying to film the uh the logan video there’s no boats in the game right now there’s no boats and there’s no helicopters it’s awesome i wish it was free i feel like they should drop a little more free skins like maybe like once every couple months or something so what’s the last free skin they dropped i think it was probably i mean daredevil you could get ads free i think that’s pretty sweet uh but like truthfully free where you didn’t have to be like you know even a little bit skillful i’d probably say that was um last christmas last christmas the mammoth skin that was probably the last free skin i mean i mean it doesn’t cost them much i’m sure to drop a free skin it’d be nice to see a free skin once a while i have so many minis all right it’s like a half in that’s actually a perfect look half in half out perfect oh my gosh oh the apple skin oh the apple skin you’re right you’re right you’re right and the apple skin would be it you are correct there’s one ghost just chilling somewhere i like these uh pickaxes they’re actually pretty clean i thought they would be a little annoying but they’re actually pretty clean the apple skin bruh bruh bruh bro bro the apple skin bro i don’t see anybody somebody took a typical truck this far they didn’t get very far after this let me tell you that they probably got shalapped oh my is that oh that’s a hop flopper there we go now we’re vibing now we’re a big vibing okay that’s a normal flopper all right let me take a shield fish oh this guy oh he’s going to take the rift no i don’t get a rift after i don’t think i can make it there in time i definitely cannot make it there in time where’s that noise i think iron man’s above me sounds like that is most definitely the case well if he’s above me let me let me get there as soon as possible probably in this direction somewhere i see a green xp coin i need to get that for sure i mean i’d be impressed if we want our first game here y’all hearing this chad y’all hear this why is it sound so close bro what’s happening so bro this guy plays like a freaking noob and he’s just like surprisingly not i don’t understand i don’t bro this guy confuses me so much he’s so bad and so good what is happening he’s the worst good player i’ve ever seen it’s shocking truly shoot don’t freak off me bro freaking ghost oh my jesus christ oh shoot so oh my gosh come on the freak out of here bro oh oh he had the mythic drum gun y’all oh my gosh i have it shadows midas drum gun you’d love to see it oh my man’s gonna just stalk me huh back to lobby son that’s why they added emos to fortnite right there was the reason uh i’m gonna have to get pretty inventive here i think this is a wiser move i don’t want to be up there with that guy look at this drum gun though big fan of midas’s drum gun i got the perfect loadout for it too let me get max ammo it do be nighttime yeah you guys can already let me know which uh which skin i could use next i might do a poll and then you guys decide which going to use next it was pretty uh unanimous in chat that i use uh fish so there’s rifts everywhere now huh there’s like rifts on steamy stacks this is gonna be interesting let’s pull up here let’s see let’s see where people are at okay one person just went off of the stack there there’s only three other people left there’s one ghost chilling oh shoot there’s one guy up there oh shoot where’s this guy bra can’t is too foggy i can’t see i i it’s way too foggy i can’t see i swear i hear somebody flying it’s so hard to hear though i don’t even know if i hit this i’m gonna hit the rift let me see what’s let me see what’s popping wait where’d the rift go yo i swear there’s a rift here oh my i do i am what i swear to you there was a rift there there was right we just found this out that hit me i know i know i dropped my scar i know i had to oh my gosh i got so lucky with this there’s two there’s two more people alive left and there’s one ghost here’s a broomstick oh he’s dead are you kidding me dude how much health did i just lose from that it’s a 1v1 i should i literally just noscoped them dude i couldn’t see him it was so bright i hate that i added into his box too and i’m not that’s it the only thing i can do is ruin his game right i mean i can still win this game just as a ghoul i tried bro i tried oh my gosh second place second place gg gg gg gg man gg oh man i hit him with the double edit and then i popped them and then it just wasn’t enough and then i couldn’t see i couldn’t see him dude it was just so bright they changed something with the coloring in this update i’m telling you guys okay so skull squad so there’s three so i played with uh mr fish over here so now we got skull squad leader i’m gonna put this in the chat i’m gonna put a poll okay okay so it’s called squad leader that’s one of the options and then we have bone ravage okay and then the last pick is going to be bone boss okay there we go i asked you guys in the polls you guys will vote let me know and i think i’m gonna switch this one to oh yes the beef bone ah yes the beef bone let’s go squad let’s do this one over here oh skelly sailor yes sir and then yeah we’re gonna see which one you guys vote next so just as a refresher if you don’t remember uh we got skull squad leader bone ravage or bone boss it’s up to you guys whatever you vote the most i will be picking so right now bone boss is in the lead a very very small percentage keep on boating though uh if you guys don’t know what these skins are from they’re actually from the item shop they’re a pack that you could buy for 20 usd and if you guys are gonna cop it or anything else in the item shop there’s a lot of awesome picks party troopers here uh you got a bunch of halloween skins you got a cool uh new blinding lights emote which is pretty sweet and just there’s a lot of cool stuff there’s a lot of cool stuff so if you’re going to cop anything on shop you want to support me for free all you got to do is use code typicalgamer just like that in the item shop you can type it like this you can type it like this you can however you like just as long as all one word typicalgamer you will be supporting me so big shout out to everyone using my code all right uh i’m going to check the poll now the poll says 37 is bone boss so let’s do bomb boss bomb boss it is and then let’s do the back bling let’s do his which is going to be creep fried i like it all right let’s jump into it first game not that bad nice warm up if you ask me could have played it better but you know we do how we do do do do do do do transient don’t know trenton i haven’t i haven’t um i i haven’t um done that yet i will have to do that soon tren thank you so much for the codes and thank you for the one dude um jared with three can you wish my girlfriend a happy birthday her name is maddie happy birthday maddie hope you have the best birthday ever big shout out to you jared as well and then we have uh danielle bug hype for the pokemon cards there we go danielle dude i am so like i don’t know what it is i just i miss the feeling of like going through pokemon cards you know and i didn’t even know but like there’s like a reverse holo now so i got a bunch of reverse holos so normally a holographic is like this girl right like you can see that she’s holographic now reverse hollow is when the rest of the car is holographic but not that main part that makes sense this one is two this one’s a little harder to see oh no you can see it you see that has that shine i mean i got a pokeball too but who cares about a reverse holo pokeball but then like i was kind of hyped to like i don’t know most of these new pokemon i’m gonna be honest like like i know atkins i got ekans i got my chop vulpix is you know always going to be in my heart my number one uh but i don’t know like i don’t know rolly coley maybe i gotta play the pokemon games again i don’t know scraggy don’t know who this guy is linone looks cool that’s a common apparently it’s like a giant raccoon oh no it’s like a what’s the other one called what’s the one that’s like a raccoon but not a skunk it’s a skunk jet that’s what i meant oh shoot wait all my cards are messed up oh my gosh none of these better be worth a ton in the future because i just scuffed one i didn’t actually yeah we gotta look through those after all right let’s get her done dude let’s get her done dude 8 000 votes on that poll yo thank you guys so much for interacting with that um you know where else you can interact with me on a daily basis but you guys don’t over on my twitter typicalgamer on twitter i’m also on instagram tick tock go follow me just go do it it’ll probably make you know what you’re probably following some lame people just go follow me i’ll brighten it up oh look at these bones i’m hitting them with my bones two famas can i get a three can i get three famas want a third from us give me a third from us i’m on four nine give me a third famas third oh my god a third from lost can i get a fourth famas can i get a fourth famas that’s just a regular ar i want a fourth famas please fourth from us now i gotta deal with oh my gosh is that bird look at this bird yeah dude bird always comes in on the bike okay all righty that’s a lot of you guys i’m just farming a limbs now hopefully they’re not jerks when they come back from the death oh my gosh okay oh gosh wow you really sent me packing huh still have a shotgun this guy over there in that truck oh my gosh there’s so many of them can i carpoon one yo can y’all what’s up y’all good oh one splatted and splatted me did we chill i don’t think this guy’s chill that guy’s nacho he’s a little he’s a little upset to be to be a minion i think we good oh my gosh oh my gosh my god i didn’t shoot my gun didn’t shoot what was that oh my jesus christ ghosts are so annoying well they jump so high oh that guy’s walking like a zombie gosh bro stream sniping ghosts this might be the most annoying thing ever i’m okay with the ones that don’t aggressively attack me but holy smokes there’s one person above me that hey that was vibing no one’s chill hey he gonna come back a little bit upset i’m thinking oh yeah it sounds like he’s a little bit upset he might not be happy with what occurred there [Applause] oh he mad hi guys howdy oh my gosh i missed i missed you’re so lame it’s unbelievable i can’t believe it this guy practices how to get into somebody’s box with a witch broom dude go outside come on oh look you died congratulations now i got my ghost homies here dude the the songs are so funny what is that you do why do you do a roll what the heck all right we’re leaving bro uh trenton with one it’s all good my god i know you said you were busy just want to make sure it was all good and you had them but on another note did you see my guy swim andre out here swimming like michael phelps bro honestly i was kind i don’t want to say anything but i was kind of killing it out on the water trend bro uh big shout out to you man thank you for your support and i feel like i’ve got a lot better than no joke i feel like i’ve actually gotten a lot better so thank you guys for all your support it means the world to me let’s put on this ribbon and then for this one you know what i’m gonna go with i’m gonna go with it no wait where is it it’s not called that oh this one here okay forsaken strike this one i thought was forsaken scythe uh this is one of my favorite pickaxes i’m gonna show you guys why i’m gonna pop open some super chats as well uh shout out to it’s miracle we have mo balaji cole goldie nelson wow thank you for the 15 dude no message shout out to you um shout out to goat isaac ttv we have brandon coe with the 25 and the three oh my god she’s coming in hot thank you brandon uh si senshi with the 10 happy spooky times from my sons eli wyatt and i fortnight mom we love four nightmares and your streams have a great stream code typicalgamer that that you know what that’s a big shout out to the whole family right there thank you guys i’m glad you’re enjoying four nightmares and i’m glad you joined the streams thank you for using co-typical gamer thank you for supporting me i appreciate that big shout out to eli wyatt and fortnite mom appreciate your mom that’s cool that she she she’s into 492. that’s cool but bunch of bill in chat would love that i’m sure it’s miracle thank you for the two cameron crawford with five love you so much i hope you and samara had a great day we did thank you cameron hope you had a great day as well thank you for the five brandon co with the 20 tg if you win your first game i’ll donate again uh i think you put the 20 at least my man dropped to 20 bro what would he donate if i won stu dude popping off he’s going he’s going crazy with it he’s going crazy with it uh jose navas thank you for the one viral jesse thank you for the five okay let me show you guys so this pickaxe okay so i got a weapon look when you pull it it’s like thor’s hammer and look the way you use it i didn’t know this pickaxe was like this and it honestly impressed me you good samara you good this pickaxe is sweet absolutely sweet say it again oh good gosh y’all your streams thank you elijah play arena you’re not going to win in this i’ll bro i’ll win you know there’s one thing about me i’m stubborn i’ll win eventually yeah apparently ghostbusters skin is gonna be coming out tomorrow i’m trying to think of a ghostbusters challenge if you guys have anything let me know i have one idea those halloween stores cool and to the victor goes the spoils this place kind of sucks for loot this place legitimately kind of sucks for lu holy shoot bro what what the heck is somebody late to the party if they kill me specifically right they have to be scream sniper all right here we go bro is that a robot don’t do it don’t do it kiddo i knew it bro pickaxe him guys pickaxe him beat him down i live what the heck is that thing i’m wounded oh all right it’s time for a ghost army guys bam alright we’re taking out this big thing oh what the heck oh great bro ah great bro chill dog we get it you can kill me as a ghoul you’re not special goodness gracious ah we’re fighting this thing blow it up boys blow it up boys oh why are you killing groot oh my gosh bro i can’t bro i can’t land anywhere right now there’s too many stream snipers and then they’re there some are friendly and then nine other ones aren’t friendly it’s tough bro it’s it’s tough i’ll be honest chad it’s hard out here dude it’s tough out here dude the price you have to pay chat the price you have to play the price you have to find chant um so ghostbuster challenges i’m thinking like phantom loot only that’d be pretty good uh what would be something else uh doing a custom game where it’s me versus a hundred phantoms that’d be good too i don’t know what else that’s it that’s all i got ah this is kind of drippy i like i like this outfit let me share something oh there is there is a ghostbusters um there’s a ghostbusters car in camp cod but it’s like covered up it’ll probably be that’ll probably be the best way to do it go to camp cod and use the loot from there the drum gun only i feel like drum gun only would be a different challenge drum gun only is a good challenge but it would have to be a different challenge you feel do a sky base i really don’t want to to be honest i really don’t want to do sky base so if i don’t have to i won’t come push the shove and i’m like oh i got a sky base and i guess i will i just need like there’d be no mean stream snipers here would be the most helpful there’s nothing there’s no chess here this is swimmingly interesting very interesting is how i’m gonna say this is oh finally oh my gosh oh it’s doo-doo too it is straight doo doo isn’t it come on you can do better than that fortnite give me some give us something i want like a nice purple pump or something my chest luck is no bueno there’s a shock in here we should be good bro am i crazy oh this is a robot isn’t it whether that was or was not a robot is up for debate the fact is he got one pump so there’s that sweetheart there’s like eight stream snipers one game and then another game is like bam there’s none or may they just didn’t go the right spot you know yeah i’ll definitely do a drum gun only challenge but i mean right now i’m again i’m gonna give it a day before i attempt it because like i feel like there’s still gonna be a lot of heat on it those were all on them can i just point that out that’s annoying fight there’s a ghoul underneath me he’s just freaking losing it i don’t know there’s something wrong with the ghoul guys so nice bro favorite parts when you hit me we gotta get moving gotta get groovin i need some hell some hpe i don’t know how well robots are gonna be using the ghoul stuff but it’s not my concern you know bob your uncles just got body wow i ran through him like a train like a choo choo train like a choo choo train chat there’s 28 alive 19 dead shadows i don’t know how to describe it should we just call them shadows like what do we call them shadows yeah i guess you’d have to what is that is your is there droids here there must be droids here i’m gonna use there’s no way you don’t have reduced vision that sucks shulk black panther not bad more blue ars all right go back well i don’t need all these ars there we go actually the black panther might be really useful versus the robots or the me if i get a robot army maybe they’ll help me with the ghosts yo that would be a good challenge then i have to get robots to help me out okay so i got some i got some robots here the vibin helping me out let me just fire this up oh no i can’t don’t have time wait did i only get one i it only shows one robot oh boy oh my gosh it still hits me it hates me every time get them goosebumps i throw it to the side yeah let’s get the wood off of this first then get the back i move from the front to the back front to the bait gotta make sure you have enough mats for the uh ensuing battles oh the robots are really good versus the shadows they can sense them from miles away interesting i hope so thank you robots you think i make a lot of the noise popping that freaking black panther ruin loot only oh that’s not bad i mean the thing is if you land ruin and stay ruined you’re not living there’s zero percent survival rate i don’t know if that’s any better now but on update night there was no chance you were living if you landed ruined that it’s just not possible that may have like people might have stopped landing there as much now because they realize that you know the same result will keep on occurring but i don’t know man update now was kind of crazy i think that’s the one i want to hit i mean we can go to ruin right now how far is that off oh no that’s super far off we’re not doing that oh there’s a car driving up a hill though zooming sorry my guy took zero damage from that whole interaction [ __ ] crazy how i blew up his car shot at him multiple times i feel like black panther’s ability would be pretty ooh a broom be quiet brain no talky brain i see everything now oh i see people smooth rain i see people through builds i go fast i eat people iron man’s beam was over ow i just ate a million shots i had to pick pickaxe bro so uh oh so there’s still five ghosts i need to find some candy spots i’ll take it to the candy spot doo doo doo what is these oh don’t worry y’all y’all stay up there you know you all held up by one little thing oh he flew up so so oh boy love this update my favorite i’m smiling i love it people just flying everywhere goodness gracious goodness look how cheap bro the these like this dude loves it i’m glad i’m so glad congrats to this guy this guy’s so much more better good job other guy at least if you’re gonna do the broom thing do what they did with the iron man so you have to like slowly glide down you know you know what i’m saying it’s i said that’s silver surfer essentially and silver server is so op bro i’ve said it and i’ll say it again silver surfer is the most overpowered especially when the game first came out i think iron man’s unibeam yes that’s pretty overpowered but the fact that you can make no noise and just drop on somebody really like really does it for me turbo brandon with the five teach tg quick tip the greatest counter to the ghost earth shield fist it’s pretty fun mowing down the ghost with the overpowered fist perhaps the tg plays upload ooh brandon thank you for the five thank you for the suggestion i’ll have to try that out man i still haven’t found them in game yet so we’ll see if i can i can come through and get them samara loves this update though because she’s like i don’t have to shoot anybody i can just claw people when i die i’m like yes samara yes this is true dude they should just make it so that if you have the witch’s broom right and you use it you just have to glide until you hit the ground again i think that’s way better you shouldn’t be able to cancel it if you’re able to cancel it you’re just giving people who are better an opportunity to take oh look i see myself there an opportunity is like an even a greater opportunity to take people out jesus wow oh where’s your boss at someone taking out your boss ah shoot bet somebody took out his boss wasn’t that guy uh he’s above i’m sorry wait how was it not how is that not full hp hit who has this drum gun come here ghosts come here ghosts bro this ghost went quiet there we go stop trying to eat this loop bro it’s weird that’s really weird walking contradiction i said if you land here you’ll never survive and i’ve survived where are they fighting at it’s back there i literally can’t find them i don’t know where this guy is with the drum gun nice wait he for sure had the drum gun right i mean i heard it uh wait i heard it where’s the drum gun chat 100 that was a drum gun right i didn’t slip down here how did it slip down here oh there’s medkits over here wow okay i landed ruins and lived that’s weird when does that happen like all the loot was together in one spot and the drum gun was randomly in a different spot we kind of obliterated a lot of the ghosts here no tomfoolery no tomfoolery oh come on come on i need a midas fish what are the odds to get a midas fish here can you even get it during halloween a zombie midas fish please please please while i have the drum gun this is this would be a zombie midas fish self-proclaimed zombie mighty fish i’m going for it zombie mighty fish content give me content give me content come on that’s a shield fish that’s a hop flopper that’s actually a good way to stick away from uh the shadows oh slurp fish thermal fish come on do it oh my gosh more shield fish somebody’s gonna be so happy i exist oh that’s a that’s a guard let me just look around i want to make sure nobody’s sniping at me you know come on you stream the new four nightmares challenge when do they come out somebody remind me to check after this game a gold pump oh my gosh it was good fortnut what’s poppin fort nut move aside i don’t need no mice fish anymore i pull another drum gun out of the water somehow they left it in loot pool that’d be kind of cool i just joined the stream what’s up bro what’s up joel joel it’s so foggy i can’t even see anything i’m just trying to get a midas fish in a game while i have the midas drum gun see if anything crazy happens i doubt it but you never know come on come on lots of spicy fish oh i thought for sure that was a mighty flopper all right look at this now we got the moves no that’s a normal flopper another flopper come on bro what are you shooting at this guy he can’t even see me look spicy fish dick is it give me something good bro i’ll even take a thermal fish at this point you just caught a mice flopper i mean i i’m thinking cap but maybe not we’re gonna run through quick look speed run four night speed run four night speed run chat four night speed run 100 they sound so angry when they come back to life oh shoot bro this is a hundred percent a robot right i mean it’s not but apparently you are so annoying really can you just get your butt over here you’re stream sniping butt oh boohoo bro go get your lube boo hoo go get your loot this guy bro shoot snipe every one of my games dude every single one of my games this guy has the freak out of you bro you suck just stop trying you’re embarrassing yourself that stream starts me every single game bro so annoying give it up chief oh my gosh bro it’s like a little gang like squatting out how can they take rifts i feel like rift should only be like real world players the frick off me it’s so nice and clear this time of day look at this i don’t know where to go um let’s try this out two three at the peak of my jump oh my gosh it actually worked there’s no way that’s so crazy nice yeah you know that guy’s pretty happy you could probably respawn right he’s probably over the moon you can respawn he’s probably i’m so glad i can re-fuck what how’d you even hit me i genuinely don’t know wow really really really ravioli ravioli that’s a robot robots won’t die though huh he refuses i genuinely don’t know anymore if that was a robot he wasn’t but might as well have been that guy two more people left alive there’s four ghosts there he goes thank you 21 a limbs uh it’s okay look this isn’t cheap at all chat three two one care bears countdown not cheap at all chad don’t worry so all right it’s a 1v1 and there’s one ghost hiding so i’m gonna have to take out a few more people oh triple headed down wait do i hear someone gosh darn it oh nailed it here we go chat here we freaking go if you’re watching the stream hit the like button yeah yep got 24 limbs here we go your red no get the dub like oh so i can’t see anyone somebody was lost in the storm it’s a 1v1 yes oh my gosh you think he’s down there he knocked it down i don’t see him no idea there he is oh shoot oh oh that looks so cool that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy oh hit the like button you already know going in popping off i’m like whoa dude i pickaxed him and he exploded that was kind of cool right like a straight up pickaxe and he just exploded that might be one of my favorite endings how many limbs do we have 26 limbs 26 limbs whoo hit that like button if you saw that guys let’s hop into it again uh casey hoffman and typicalgamer’s big is typicalgamer’s biggest fan thank you both for becoming members welcome to elite enjoy those emails if you want to join as well link in the description below that’s way too kind thank you typicalgamer’s biggest fan my guy i put the fishy on me put the fishy on me slap my knee trying to think of like a backplane that would rock you know complete the fit you know what i’m saying like you know kind of kill it um let’s do those and guys so these are in the item shop right now this is the skull squad pack you buy it 20 bucks you get all four of these guys you get their backplanes you get some cool pickaxes if you guys want to get them go ahead they’re in the item shop there’s also blinding lights emote which has music from you know the the weeknd’s blinding light song but um i can’t play it because it’s copyright but you can it’s a great time galaxy pack bushranger which has some of my favorite harvesting tools the honey hitters uh we got a bunch of halloween stuff just so much halloween stuff if you guys are cop anything in an item shop even if you don’t you’ll want to support me your boy throw it shop support a creator hidden typicalgamer all one word and you will be supporting me big shout out to everyone using code typicalgamer all one word in the item shop for real thank you thank you thank you it’s so easy to type it’s doing a little typing practice okay typical gamer all one word even if you don’t buy anything go put in the code it expires every 14 days so just go put it in right now just before you forget before you forget timothy timothy all right oh hold up yeah nightmare challenges you guys are right yo some of y’all remember 32 minutes 32 minutes 32 minutes yo chat can y’all say it with me 32 minutes let’s go gonna pop off with the killer flow 32 minutes yeah we about to go what challenge is this search chess at holly hedges because i need to complete some of these for the mystique right that’s the only thing like fully complete the battle pass recently get mystique i mean her challenges are kind of annoying remember this trailer guys oh my gosh only og’s will remember this trailer guys can i get a like if you remember this trailer please oh my gosh dude throws me back to the 90s this trailer only ogs remember this if you’re og hit that like button subscribe with the bell daily og streams if you remember this you’re an og you’re part of the club oh my gosh iron man doo doo doo doo i use your coat in the item shop thank you gamer boy yes sir yes yes yes sir yes yes yes sir yes yes yes yes sir uh viral jesse dave five goldie nelson thank you for the ten play arena instead i’m gonna play i’m gonna play these man i want to play this mode but thank you for the uh the sup thank you for the sup oh my gosh oh my freaking gosh oh oh my freaking gosh hey uh it’s miracle four thank you for the five hello typical game what’s up miracle appreciate that leave the five dude chilia jones with the two thank you cool boy awesome i’ve been a fan of you for a long time when i was eight i started and now i’m 13 you have made my me and my little brother so great at fortnite much love tj which big shout out to you man that means a lot i appreciate you guys watching for so long you’ve been watching for almost half your life that’s kind of crazy well i’m glad i’m glad you keep coming back for more see your boy knows he’s doing something right thank you man big shout out to you and your bro uh we have purple depths with the two didn’t know you’re such a pokemon connoisseur let me tell you bro when i was younger bro what the heck is a squish landed on ant-man oh my gosh why do i not think there’s gonna be an ant-man skin anymore if they made that joke squished you landed all night man wow come on fortnut what are you saying why do they make these balls movable oh my gosh can i jump on them oh my god that’s funny stream sniper where are you there’s a million of you get your butt over i know i know y’all are friendly on there but i have to kill you jesus bro there’s so many ah bri suck me you should just kill me oh my gosh i’m should i just rock around with the ghost army if i don’t kill them is that technically me accepting the stream tonight is that against the rules i just want to kill all the living before i killed the dead oh he had a boom stick get a boom stick oh my gosh bro there’s so many people listen to me this is my art what the heck is this guy you have to be dead dude i’m sorry you can’t just can’t just stand around and not be dead this is a dead only all right let’s go boys let’s go oh shoot which one’s evil oh goodness gracious all right well they’re all dead now no rules broken for me you boy i’ve eliminated my ghostly friends this guy’s just a friend i can’t do it no he’s clapping oh no he’s i can’t even i can’t wow that’s kind of a jerk move wow what my foot please stop bullying me mayor what’s in there what’s in there guys if i win this game i will open one pokemon pack live on stream okay if i win this game this will be an appetizer an appetizer for when i open 200 of them on stream wow first well i guess it’ll be 190 something if i open one up on stream ouch ouch oh i know it’s cheap i know oh my gosh is that a dead ghost andrew oh jesus christ oh my god this is why i can’t be distracted i can’t guys i can’t be distracted with screen snipers they get me killed all the time uh is he dead though oh he’s in the house no i’m dead big sad haha you mad i’m mad big sad give me a second hey look i’m thinking of just opening a pack anyway y’all with it i’m gonna be real i’m gonna i’m gonna open a pack anyway we’re gonna do it we’re gonna do it together all right so this is a there’s a champion’s path pokemon card okay pack let’s go ahead and open it up that’s it’s not gonna open that way okay it’s not gonna open that way okay you know give me a second i’m gonna have to put some got started i can’t open give me a second bro i’m a i’m a man how are kids supposed to open these pokemon packs dude okay there we go okay all right okay that’s some hey that’s some asmr right there for you okay so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go ahead and okay i’m gonna take off the top card okay and then i’m going to go ahead and put one two three four all right wait did i do it wrong no okay we’re good all right okay blue energy leopard sharpetto hyper potion pokeball lame macha that’s my boy machop antenna guys everyone type charizard in chat please please please full heal oh scraggy okay i think all right we got an atkins reverse holo now this is gonna be the holo guys dredna is he redness one of the rarest ones right bro he’s got to be up there it’s just a dreadnought beat i’ma sleeve this real quick gonna sleep this i don’t know where my sleeves are oh baby a triple oh yeah dreadnought’s good right i truly don’t know who brendon all right let me let me sleep this bad boy all right there you go we got a nice dreadnough i know it’s a little bit blurry for you guys but my car is really shiny it’s really rare it is bro it looks like a off-brand like last voice it’s all shiny though that’s really cool all right bet okay that was cool so if you guys want to see me open 200 of those on stream make sure you subscribe with the bell will you guys tune into that the rarest cards are the charizard there’s a charizard v secret there’s a charizard of v max um after that gardevoir v max is the rarest then dreadnought v-max secret pierre’s secret kabu secret then alchemy v-max suspicious food tin can gardevoir again dreadnought v-max all right bet if you can’t click the bell for some reason just subscribe and unsubscribe and then click it i’m trying to mix my food dude if i pull a charizard during a stream how much is charizard worth uh any of those charizards is about 500 bucks so if you pull the charizard you can you can make a decent chunk of change that card is worth five bucks well made my money back on that pack at the very minimum that ain’t bad i mean it’s more about having fun opening them you know dude if i can get a if i can pull a charizard i will freak out i mean i probably won’t get a charizard even though i have 200 packs but if i do pull a charizard i will freak out um peppermints oh my gosh i hit the wrong button okay so we got hop drop peppermint uh thermal taffy and there’s a shotgun perfect okay i like to go fast so holographic group by the way no sir you go back to the lobby the room is really good i would just like honestly landing out a broom every game is probably the best thing to do chad i don’t know man i’m so excited to open pokemon cards again dude and he like set a date and time for it build some hype you know i just i genuinely don’t know how many people are tuning in so i’m curious of that factor too thermal jelly bean wait oh wait thermal the thermal candy is actually not bad i don’t like it i don’t hear any chess finally um i don’t need smg okay everybody’s saying that they would watch it like bro i better see you there when i do it that’s all i’m saying i might do it like tuesday or wednesday next week and then i’ll set a time and i’ll plug it every stream we’ll see how many people will show up again it’s fine if you don’t show up but i really appreciate it [Applause] where’s the gummy bean doing i i assume it gives you like five shield oh that doesn’t go down let me break this it’s worth it for day break it’s worth a four day break it’s worth it for the break it’s worth it for day break maybe like the fort nightmare stuff is just supposed to be aim training you know like they want us to get crack so like they’re just gonna put all the zombies so you have to like bang you take someone out we’ll get ready there’s gonna be another guy bang take him out okay well guess what one more when you bring back the gaming glasses so uh nothing official yet but we should have a new line out on tg plays uh around early november and in that line we should have uh a few more restocks of a couple things including the gaming glasses i think at that time as well you will probably be able to get the uh clear frame glasses too because a lot of you guys have been asking me about that so if you guys want to pick up anything on um mostly everything sold out on the site but there is a few things in like certain sizes that are not so go check see if it’s in your size cop it before it’s too late because a lot of stuff on the site there if it’s limited uh does not come back and people always ask me they’re like when are you gonna restock this well never because it’s not coming back because it’s limited that’s what limited means let me what’s up iron man so bro i thought he wasn’t expecting it i thought i’d have first peak there gosh darn it bro that’s rough i have no idea where this guy is my i might as well grief might as well grief i ate him for what 60. is that a purple drum gun no that was that was legit midas drum gun phase and jump you go faster bro i invented that move dude seven minutes do i wait in lobby open a new pack no no no i can’t truthfully i’ve opened like four off stream and then that was the fifth one so i have 195 packs now so the locks in six minutes six minutes okay fine look guys i’ll open one more pack one more just because we’re waiting for challenges one more one more chat that’s it all right this is gonna be the one this is gonna be the one that has charizard i need everyone to spam charizard okay that’s it this is the last one this is the last one i’m opening on stream okay champion’s path if you get a charizard they’re about 500 bucks each okay okay okay so what we do is we toss the first card off okay and then we put one two three four in the front okay so that’ll give us that’ll give us an energy card so we got an energy card we got kabu kabu actually if you get the secret version of them is worth like 10 bucks which is like pretty high for these cars just coming out with badi scuba d absol bro i’ve never seen this card before in my life it looks pretty cool though he’s an uncommon sizzle epeed he’s all right weedle that’s my boy okay listen when i actually do the card pack opening i will have a camera on my hands and then i’ll have a camera on my face too so i have two cameras please charizard zigzagoon i actually know zigzagoon he’s a good guy i like that one he looks like a puppy all right how many cars we got left then we got five cards left okay let’s see rock rough rock rock okay full heal so the last two cards one’s gonna be reverse hollow i believe and then the last one could be full holographic could be a z-max could be a secret ew a hyper potion that’s freaking yucky dude all right this next card is going to make a it is a reverse holo you can see the shine on it please be charizard please p charizard here you go you guys ready what it’s a dreadnought bro that’s one of the rarest cards no way it says dreadnought emacs oh my god what are the odds holy shoot okay okay hold on i need to package this real quick all right we’re putting we’re putting this guy away it is a v-max dreadna v-max dreadnought guys okay no you can’t make this up chat chat you can’t make this up i pulled a a dreadnought v okay the next pack i opened i got a dreadnought v max how is that possible what that’s crazy it evolves from dreadnought v that’s crazy look at that i got both of them that’s crazy oh my gosh let’s freaking go chat all right bat that was that was a good pull dude that was a good pull let me just make sure i didn’t miss any reverse all those i’m gonna put all the reverse hollows together um okay we should be good there we go okay we’re good okay i did get i got one more like full shiny one samara pulled this one smear pulled hop he’s the only other full shiny i got let me let me show you guys which rare ones i got i got a bunch of reverse hollows but like no super crazy ones hold up okay so i’ve opened up five packs so these these are the cards i got okay so i got we’ve got hop full holographic i got hattery we got uh sent to scorch then we pulled just i pull i i did two packs on stream i got dreadnought v okay and then the next pack i pulled dreadnought v max who is one of the rarest cards in this oh my goodness gracious maybe i should put him in a hard sleeve that’s crazy okay that’s enough pokemon packs right now let’s get back to it i have the set evolution okay so uh going back over here to the table you will see we got uh this is currently unavailable wait what this is one of the rewards smash or lantern i want it but it says currently unavailable why say curly unavailable look at this backplane by the way that was really cool let me restart my game kind of crazy guys i will pull a charizard on stream when i do it do you guys believe in me if any of you got a new charizard tweet me a picture i want to see it when are you doing the card opening stream uh probably early next week all right that’ll pass oh eliminate shadow midas to get the smash or lantern detect players as a shadow deal damage with a possessed vehicle we have to kill midas for this good luck everybody i’m going in on him i’m going to kill midas i’m gonna be the first in the world with it okay um i just need to get my phone give me a sec if you pull charizard i’ll like all your vids this guys what do we do with pumpkins what do we do with pumpkins everybody you slap the pumpkin right didn’t answer correctly it’s okay do better it’s okay do better there we go the i saw mamima was the first person to say the right term and yes you must slap the pumpkin holy shoot bro where is this guy i’m pretty sure someone found him no i hate bro i hate the ghost so much ah some fries mother trucker surprise mother trucker i detected two players as a shadow good luck with life sir you’ll need it you’ll damage this is a possessed vehicle oh boy that’s gonna be interesting it’ll probably be easier just to run into people right oh boy bro it’s going to be absolute chaos dude there’s no way anybody pulled the charizard i’m checking my twitter right now bro like y’all can’t tag me in photos of other people i could tell dude no frosted flakes no frosted flakes guys uh if you haven’t followed me on twitter what are you guys doing i’m gonna start tweeting more i’m gonna be i’m gonna be edgy chat i killed shadow midas please reply good job bro yeah definitely be easier in squads does it say it’s a this is recommended for dude swats squats must be an absolute poop show right now like it must be really bad okay let’s stay active here looking around i don’t see anything oh i see midas got it got it let’s go oh my gosh chad we did it we freaking did a chat there we go i just mark 10 people in one go ow you hit me no sir no no you can’t do that no you can’t heal no health on them no frosted flakes no frosted flakes no frosted flakes [Applause] let’s go smash a lantern baby we got the smash oh lantern baby that’s what we do baby yes yes sir yes yes sir yes ye yes sir yes sir oh my gosh freaking go lads that’s what i like to see no frosted fruits no frosted books midas dies again i like that comment what’s popping dr sushi somebody said they got skull trooper using my code more packs yo vincent i would love to open more pokemon packs but at this rate um i’m not going to have any packs open from when the stream starts for the open pokemon pack opening so i’m gonna wait till i do the official stream all right but i need you guys to be hyped for it and if you guys are hyped for it i’ll do some more of them i bought 200 packs this time maybe i buy 400 packs next time you know um maybe i buy some rarer packs look at this mallet oh it has an animation that’s pretty cool not just now bro content bro content i’m a man of content but we are so excited that’s what i’d like to see fortnite is dead why is there 45 000 people watching then bro doesn’t look very dead to me he’s eating pasta i’m meeting um oh my god i can’t remember oh my god what is it called it’s not pasta it’s like a it’s thai ah jesus christ what is it called bro i genuinely don’t remember what do you guys think of this uh mallet a year for free can’t argue with free you know why is it cool animation when you hit with it it really does jesus christ what bro he just went through three things that’s hilarious that’s hilarious bro there’s no way dude he just went through three things dude that’s hilarious bro is it this guy is so annoying bro this guy stream sexy every game and he’s so bad it’s like unbelievable like part of me wants to hate the goblins but then another part of me likes him i don’t know well oh that’s big bird says i detected somebody oh over there almost 20 000 likes that’s crazy thank you guys dude i am so hyped for the pokemon stream oh my gosh oh my gosh dude oh my gosh you get that ball out of here you ain’t doing that no i don’t think you’re doing that oh my gosh it’s you can grieve so much as it goes so pokemon gotta catch them all i like how half the chat is talking about half the chat is talking about fortnite the other half is talking about pokemon bro like i legit want to open all the packs tonight just see if there’s there could be a charizard in that box i’m looking at over there there could be right there very well could be a charizard in that box but we won’t know until i open all those packs oh my gosh no no let me try give me drive there we go bro everybody’s going in on this he’s gonna get dropped to the bottom break down his house boys break down his house boys yes i hit him how much did oh i i limited him with the car dude that would be so cheap i got it done let’s go did the ghost army be hecka strong do it tomorrow but apparently ghostbusters comes out tomorrow i i can’t i have to do the four night ghostbusters whoa there’s so many ghosts look at that everybody’s mick freaking losing it right now all right i’m dipping out of this game bro as much as i love to watch people just live their life but double stream oh that’s pretty cool i love how it distorts 20 000 likes let’s go chad guy’s losing on this car who else had to jump like this i swear there was someone else that jumped like this while they’re fighting at doom’s domain hold up when is the pokemon card opening stream again guys um the best way for you to know that is probably going to be my twitter the other best way is subscribing with the bell and otherwise i’ll just mention it throughout streams and stuff like that but there’s a chance you won’t listen to those so i might even like instagram so like following my socials is probably the best way to know when that pokemon pack opening stream will be bro what happened at this what happened over here what happened over here look at this what the flip bro what what are you talking about samara i wanted to see my rare pokemon cards i pulled no i’m dead no samara oh if she if she came guys i would have let her open a pack on stream but alas she did not so if you guys missed it earlier in the stream i actually went ahead and i opened two of the pokemon packs that i’m saving for a pokemon uh hype stream opening 200 packs in those i pulled a dreadnought dreadna all right and this one’s pretty rare but then right after that the next pack i pulled a dreadnought v max which is even more rare absolutely insane the goal is to get the goal is to get a charizard v secret or a charizard be max secret either one of those so dddd day so do i want that charizard so bad i want that charizard so bad spooky spooky skeletons pad thai oh my gosh the name just came to me that’s what i was eating holy guacamole and chips the greatest things to eat are guacamole and chips what the heck is that yoink yikes i’m hurted bro that’s the bird man oh no that’s not enough juice holy shoot dude well we know that iron man’s alive gosh darn it bro there goes all my freaking shield uh i’m alive oh great bro bro i have no more mass now i’m gonna eat your soul that’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna come back and eat your freaking soul dog you happy about that was it worth it was it worth it to mess around with me break my heart i don’t think so oh jimothy your dad look i’m eating i’m gonna eat my purple pump my mommy my ass all right we’ll meet some minis yeah very unfortunate oh let me just go ahead and eat this too yeah let me do all that let me do all that real quick stupid oh oh he’s holding them off oh this is actually hilarious why is everybody is he [ __ ] because he’s og psy ah you thought because you were o.g nobody would touch you you have thought wrong stupid and this is my last hurrah chat for my final spectacle i will drive this car into a gas pump oh shoot didn’t finish me off hold on oh no don’t don’t explode at once oh my gosh all right well i’m gonna have to blow myself up with a car should i get should i get a nightmare royale oh i marked somebody you should have run when you had the chance help he’s crazy why did you leave just one elimination dude congratulations there’s over 70 cards in this expansion pack that’s kind of crazy over 70 in this expansion pack dude all right if you see the purple skull trooper please don’t kill me all right because that’s just you wouldn’t kill a purple skull trooper would you would you it’s disrespectful you wouldn’t do it couldn’t do it wouldn’t do it couldn’t do it wouldn’t do it can do it wouldn’t do it guys i’m not opening a pack until it is pack opening time bro oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy what kind of switches does your keyboard have i think silver i think cleanser games gabriel o’reilly and jet turpin thank you all for becoming members welcome to enjoy those emotes if you enjoyed as well link in the description below wally thank you so much um uh i don’t collect pokemon cards but i love uh opening other cards good luck getting the charizard thank you walid and dude i don’t know uh like i i did the settings right the same as samara i don’t know why it doesn’t work uh probably it’s weird youtube’s gotta fix it but thank you brother appreciate that big shout out to you uh king arthur with the 10 hi andre i hope you enjoyed this thank you man appreciate that king author i do enjoy it thank you so much uh we have trent and frizzle not gonna lie watching will open that pack made me feel all nostalgic there’s a certain level of excitement as you revealed the last card hoping it’s the card you want kind of pumped for the stream now can’t wait go get yourself a new pack trying to thank you for the five dude big shout out to you i might have to refill the uh the packs there right i opened a bit too many i opened five so i only have 195 now we got to refill them try and thank you for that big shout out to waleed and all the moderators appreciate you guys so much you guys do so much good stuff so much good stuff mr walid caesar thanks for coming member dude appreciate that see you soon see sir oh this is gonna be worth it or not i don’t know kind of not there’s a holographic shiny iron man let me take that let me take a few of those okay dude’s mad he’s coming at me i mean if you don’t reverse grief the person that killed you you’re not doing it right oh boy they sound mad again logan skin is so hard tell me about it made a whole video about it dude these are all stream snipers oh gosh gosh bro mama what’s the actual percentage of getting a charizard i thought i was one in like 256 or something the odds are not high if you could pull a charizard you got very lucky if you could pull multiple charizards after out of like a couple packs you’re extremely lucky like the odds are you don’t pull it right holy i’m just getting sauced around dude i swear i killed the same ghost like eight times oh my gosh i hear a zombie andrew brain cell capacity maximum nothing that hits me so this is a good area to fight ghosts and honestly hey blue finally i think there’s more well i have to settle for what i got we get a blue ar i’m a br i’m a ghost and i just broke down all of ruins oh boy you go you go ghost fella you go what was that popping noise oh my gosh bro i see a ghost luckily see how he’s just chilling there like i’m pretending not to i see you buddy all right andrew goes ah you moved oh he yelled at my face that was creepy that dude didn’t take the l up there come back here that’s a crime to say take the l to someone living are we out there’s no boats i don’t know how you find wolverine like i i need to find i need to use a boat to find wolverine i do be looking kind of stacked though true laura erickson thank you for becoming a member appreciate that logan lee enjoy those zoombots if you want as well like the description below oh you can’t get in the car with them really oh we have the drum gun okay my man stole the drum gun and hauled the butt all the way over here it’s kind of impressive i’ve got like like i’ve got like two ghosts following me and like i ain’t even captain is really creepy like they’re like they’re looking from afar like from a distance you know they’re not coming in they’re just observing me and like dude that’s kind of like i don’t know i got chills a little bit like that’s creepy bro hey that’s legitimately creepy they’re just like i can’t see them but i know they see me i know for sure they’re looking at me from somewhere they’re probably up high up high looking at me oh what was that like they’re probably up there like like i don’t know dude i’m getting creeped out i’m not even joking kind of like second guessing myself now like i know there’s a couple you heard that right oh dude there’s one right there did you see that dude that’s so creep this is taking the l and then running away see i told you guys they’re hiding how creepy is that they’re waiting in the shadows very creepy please play among us i played it last night i don’t know if you guys watched it but it’s up on the channel it’s creepy halloween season man i’m telling you how many wins tonight i think we just have one one it’s way harder on this update oh my god oh my god bro what this game is so much creepier now holy smokes one guy just turned off into the darkness this guy bro this ghost keeps doing take the l on me this ghost did take the l on me the whole game and just runs away i can’t catch up to him he’s too fast hit him a little bit he’s booking it can you drive the truck yeah i mean i can but that’s like a thing you know i gotta watch my back this ghost that keeps doing take the l on me i i see you mother trucker no take the l for you baby yeah look for the little beady eyes bro it feels like you’re playing a different game i actually like i think this is how they meant for you to play it like i think this is how they meant for you to play this update he has one health somebody else is shooting over here how does none of that hit that ghost is gonna be mad it’s so creepy dude i can’t do this is so creepy is it actually like if you play like this it’s so fun like they’re not rushing me like 50 at a time it was like two at a time max when they did rush me i thought i just saw a shadow in real life dude i’m tripping [Applause] you back up your ghost boys what the heck finally we got some bouncers this guy ran away from me pretty hard there’s one near here oh finally i think that might have been the guy doing take the l they can live for a very long time if they play very sneaky truth be told okay there’s five ghosts left there’s six other players so so oh my gosh bro my shotgun was running out of juice there you gotta take this broom there’s so much more action though isn’t there there’s legit so much more action because of the way that they did this i i probably prefer the fog at night it’s fun less chance of getting sniped more creepiness how long are you gonna stream uh maybe one more game two more games for 21k likes can we hit my favorite number 23 guys there’s some there’s some noise over here oh what is this uh there’s a rift right there oh there’s more ghosts over here oh boy i dropped my big pot i think it’s worth it unless i get absolutely mangled what’s up bro two people left a couple spooky ghosts i wonder if they’re gonna bring back launch pads dude got the new mallet on pokemon cards on my mind i don’t see anybody ghosts completely ruined ant-man’s house on on the low key so there’s one there’s two ghosts and there’s two players besides me why do you play in tournaments i took a break from competitive focus on content chat it’s all about content is this trapped two big pots in a little pile why did they remove the launch pad uh i don’t know they just took it out in season which season was it i don’t remember five can you do that can you kill a shadow ghost and then switch to their skin when will you do comp again i don’t know if i ever will maybe though you’re my favorite player thank you eli who’s season two was it this season oh that’s the limit but oh shoot he sees it oh you ain’t gonna go for it oh he’s gonna go for it wow huh i wonder if he’s gonna make it to break my build you guys think he’s gonna make it he could probably make it he’s gonna sacrifice his own life to do it though bro am i chat that was perfectly autumn none of the shots hit did y’all see that that was perfectly autumn and none of the shots hit that’s some next level cheese yeah i think he broke it so don’t do it dude i’m the only one alive that’s human we’re going all the way up i mean bro what are you gonna do snipe me you can’t do nothing bro i don’t gotta worry it’s me and one ghost he’s trying to knock down the builds i don’t think he can even he’s going for it oh you win for it you gotta give him an e for effort right he’s gonna eat those to get his health back here’s nothing get over here pickaxe buddy [Laughter] um yeah do hey i love that bro i boxed them hit him with the hammer 23 limbs let’s go no frosted flakes that’s how we do it that’s how we do it 23 limbs 22k likes can we bump it up to 23k match those limbs is my last game don’t forget guys if you want to cop the new skull stuff it’s in the item shop make sure to use code typicalgamer all one word and you’ll be supporting me it doesn’t cost you a single thing and i really appreciate everyone who uses my code it’s a big shout out to everyone who uses co-typical gamer let’s get it lady uh shout out to laura erickson s s zorbiel and jada jade a thank you all for becoming members welcome to enjoy those emails if you enjoyed as well look at the description below uh we got turbo brandon with the three hear me out tg tg plays idea hiding ghost seek custom game with hundred ghosts and your goal is to eliminate them all ghosts cannot fight back and can only hide maybe even do it with samara for some extra south turbo brandon uh bro you looking for a job thank you very so much for the suggestion man i’m gonna take a picture of that and let samara know but the problem is we need to find 98 people that um would cooperate to do that um if you’re one of those 98 people great i just i don’t know how to weed people out you know uh shout out to you for that and hopefully one day we can make games like that possible uh yusuf tg shadow mice drum gun is okay but the fire rate is 8.5 and it’s only 24 dps whereas the one from season two was 10 fire rate and 25 dps it was a beast i love your content i hope you could play some day and random do it stay safe you inspire me you should that’s awesome thank you for the uh the stats bro the technicalities thank you for letting me know those a big shout out to you and definitely dude most definitely homie shout out to you andre i love your tg plays channel thank you man i’m glad you enjoyed it that means so much to me real dragon thank you for becoming a member welcome to the enjoy those emails if you enjoyed as well like the description below are you bro really went broke on v bucks dude i had a hundred thousand i had a hundred forty thousand v bucks and i have zero like bro i i am v bucks broke it’s it do be rough out here like i’m out here just like trying to do my thing and just trying to cop a v buck this is not working out for me you know it’s rough dude play rogue company i love row company it’s it’s my perfect competitiveness you know so oh my god bro i fight this guy who has infinite shield a shotgun i open my thing i have one famas and no shield that’s freaking fantastic fortnite i’d love it i love when you give me that loot it makes me so happy oh my gosh i’m like counting my blessings i’m like can i have more of that sick garbage loot that you’ve been giving me i love it bro oh at least i got my revenge you know all right andrew you get it too bro you’re gonna be a ghost with me dog let’s continue our streak of rampage hi how are you ah bro he really thought his little flame trap was gonna stop me oh that’s adorable look at this guy hiding oh surprise mother trucker it’s me and the boys me and the boys have a little night out anybody else oh there’s plenty more plenty more people to feast on oh you ain’t getting away oh you’re getting away you’re getting away i hit him once though eyes up above me cute and george need love do okay i’ll play one more chat when will you open your pokemon cards again make sure you subscribe with the bell here and then i’ll also probably tweet about it when i do it might do it on instagram too so just go follow me on everything it makes it easier then you guys know when i’m doing everything i i don’t even post that much guys trust me you go you’re gonna like it a lot here you’re gonna like it a lot no yes the vikings life is the one for me i do love being a viking eyes up up off me cube needs love all right let’s block do this mods let’s bloody get its online post it on the community tab that might work but i don’t know i i still think like twitter would be a better medium for that um logan kennedy what’s up bro thank you bro abts trickster shout out to you brandon cole uh we have french destroyer pro abts trickster glad you enjoyed the streams tropical tequila shout out to you as well um oh thank you for letting me know that might have to do that uh brandon denny love the stream start off when i get to work there we go dude shout out to you brandon hope you have a good day at work bro bro collect floating rings at steamy stacks do you guys know where the floating rings are at where’d he get 23k likes let’s go baby floating rings oh i see one can i slip on out what the heck i can’t move one forgotten one ring oh they’re like everywhere gosh darn it two he did not expect that i just want to throw that out there take that stream sniper yeah go go turn to a ghost buddy outside near the pipes would you recommend the skull squad pack or the [ __ ] crashers pack more and why ooh i mean it really comes down to preference like i think the [ __ ] crashes one’s really cool but it’s just like which one do you like better about it think about it long and hard and you’ll know i feel like you already know the answer foreign i have no idea where these other rings are dude come on be somewhere okay i got three of them there’s two more where are the other two so inside the middle building we’re in the middle building oh right here there’s one okay and then somebody said the middle building okay where’s the last one middle building oh there’s the last one ah ah let’s go does it still go downstairs oh my gosh it still does chat what is this area get your butt over here bro this dude gets in my lobby and just is fortnite made is so much worse for stream snipers now that is my no no square do do do do do do that is my no no square bro where am i just built different dude where’s this water even run to what would happen in this situation gregory solyak thank you for becoming a member dude nope oh look what he had shadow what is it called shadow midas drum gun what bro we got some mythics over here what is this and all that bro now i got some now i got some lasers chad i got some shooters swear there’s a guy still there bro i built jesus christ bro all right that’s my last one jet y’all are so cheap who hides around the um i’m gonna need some music so i’m gonna get some music bro okay what’s up mother trucker i don’t care about you actually you revolved me in the back but boom 60 damage enjoy it go pop a big pot donkey head oh all right chat well this has been real this has been a real experience i’m glad you guys tuned in thank you so much appreciate your support um shout out to caleb wooten thank you dude uh we have typical small shout out to you as well definitely gotta do random duo soon thank you for your support real chunk of the donkey thank you for all those derek barrera shout out to you laura hdz shout out to you as well i feel like it should be an edit style or fishy i mean to be fair like fishy has a ton of added styles i think if you paid for them you definitely should be happy with how many has and if they want to throw one in like this i guess you know they they want to make some more money you know who can blame them who can blame them chat who can blame them um who else do we got here we got um evan williams thank you so much michelle vegio dylan brody jawin uh jayden broffy johan again with three in the five and a four happy halloween what’s up dude thank you dude appreciate that jay we hope you’re doing well dude happy halloween bro uh cracks j thank you for the two love your shoes kill the good work we’ll do bro thank you bat pop we have a hoss fletcher yms webby tell somebody said hi um i’m day one thank you dude appreciate you thank you for being the day one bro thank you for being on day one bro ryan vineyard with the five won’t be able to much of your streams anymore i just got a new job but i love all your videos dude that’s awesome ryan i’m so proud of you and uh dude anytime you can make the stream i’d i appreciate it so yeah enjoy the job dustin hughes thank you baking thank you for that uh we have derek barrera ghostbuster challenge kill and loot only ghost not a bad idea i think i’d be able to kill other people but luke from ghosts specifically uh we have oh par spinal thank you for that um that’s a good idea too thank you for the challenge ideas guys zypha glad you joined the videos thank you for that louis shiroi with a 15 no message antonio thank you for the one cam 2k we have audrey plays what skin do you like of the pack fishy female raven the burger one except i like the burger one the most that’s that’s that one’s my favorite so yeah if you guys are gonna cop the uh skull squad pack make sure he’s co-typical gamer all right cool boy awesome thank you five big fan of watched you since i was eight and now i’m 13. it’s a long time you mad better uh first time donating youtube much dude thank you so much dude thank you for your your literal long time almost lifelong support and i appreciate you dude byron barrages thank you for that brian vargas we have z money shout out to you emmanuel rives kyle hankins with 10 try limiting shadows only for ghostbusters skin challenger maybe let the remaining shadows kill the last surviving player or try using only the loot dropped by the shadows they’ve eaten ooh spooky kyle thank you for the suggestion appreciate the 10 definitely will incorporate everybody’s idea if i make a ghostbusters uh challenge main cycle with three thank you thank you thank you b william shout out to you as well never stop being the typical gamer use code typicalgamer there we go b thank you anthony hi have the cool thank you for that how many wins do you have i think like over 4 000 wins i think something like that shout out to you dude uh thank you for the six pc xbox uh mad max vlog og the beast typicalgamer’s biggest fan zavianna robinson shadow tonys definitely got to do custom lobbies soon man i gotta find a way to make it so everyone follows the rules though shadow thank you for that typical gamers with bigger spam thank you for that jahil gurav uh alex alborn we have lex any tips for streaming do your best be consistent and uh always seek to improve make sure you love it too if you don’t love it then there’s no point in doing it ciao dude uh nick with uh teddy says i might have to get back into pokemon dude pokemon’s the wave right now man i mean i pull i pulled these bangers i pulled these bangers is all i’m saying look at look these two are my favorite just because they’re so shiny look at that they’re so shiny they’re so cool i don’t even know who dreadna is but bro i got dreadnought v max so i’m vibing you know shout out to you dude i’m gonna send them and get it graded you know uh we have zaipa alex alborn keep up with the good work will too thank you alex vlox kid thank you for the five jonathan torres with the 20 and the 100. man dropped 120 bucks he said hope you like it let’s get some marks in chat for jonathan jonathan what’s up what’s good bro how you dropping 120 bucks and saying hope you like it bro thank you bro i’m going to buy some more pokemon cards with those big shots jonathan torres override icy thank you for that jaylen shout out to you as well uh we have sweaty clan thing for three christopher pio five hey andre i want to say i love you and i hope you and samara are doing good in the uh with the virus going around keeping the amazing cottage stay safe thank you man yeah we’re both doing great we’re both staying inside and we’re both staying healthy so hope you and yours are are treating it the same shout out to you i’m that one kid thank you for the two i don’t play with anyone specifically but i do random duo sometimes in custom lobbies so join in on those orbit what’s the one doing take the l orbit you’re funny guy dude christian nelson love you streams tg another purge mod for gta soon imagine i did a halloween special for birgemont that’d be kind of crazy yeah dude dude uh jade a how do i become a member there’s a link in the description below dude uh you you seem to have figured out thank you for becoming a member as well john little with the five my little boy wants to know you’re you’re sorry my little boy john wants you to know that you’re the best youtuber ever and he’s your biggest fan that you’re absolutely crackable well let me tell you okay john thank you first and foremost you’re the freaking best thank you for supporting me thank you for tuning in and you’re freaking crack and you’re the freaking best okay john appreciate you uh we have alex alborn love your vids and give the good work we’ll do alex w ghostbuster car on the island behind weather station yes yes yes i’ve seen it it’s cool can’t wait for the skins w thank you for that trey shorter thank you for that abts trickster with the 20. love your streams that’s what’s good bro big shout out to apts trickster thank you for the love bro glad you enjoyed them that much real dragon thank you for all those aside zorby better set then substance gta modded live stream so i just want to stop by and say hi that’s what’s up man thank you for your support says zorby appreciate you fishing guy what’s the best pc settings on fortnite i mean if you’re talking about graphical settings i set everything to off or low and then medium for post processing view distance epic and then everything else pretty much off directx 11 apparently i don’t know i thought i had on 12 but okay trinity note 7 for colorblind and then keybinds is literally up to you but hope that helps man alex alborn thank you for the donor as well and i think that is it i think uh we also have no we have a few more here we have uh star rogers the 15. you’re doing great stream man can you tell us when you’re gonna stream among us use code typicalgamer star rogers thank you for the 15. you’re so generous um among us i did among us yesterday i do plan on doing it soon i don’t have an exact date stay tuned for that and thank you my friend really appreciated that he said also use code typicalgamer i agree use code typicalgamer in the item shop let’s go come on everybody just do it code typicalgame elijah mccullough thank you for the one sharon sherman with the 10 love you and your vid stay epic and happy spooky season say hi to samara and the cats xoxo sharon you’re way too nice thank you hope you and yours stay happy in spooky season as well i’ll let them know you said hi gabriel back thank you for that speed warrior love your videos and keep the great work we’ll do speed thank you man i tried to read that fast because your name is speed warrior stephen dunstan i’ve been watching for seven years steven holy smokes thank you my guy hope you’ve been enjoying the streams all right guys that’s gonna be it for this one if you want to check out uh the newest video i upload it’s over on tg plays i upload every single day on that channel 99.9 of time it is not content from the stream so you are missing out on content even if you’re just subscribed to this channel so go subscribe to that channel with the bell they’re like 10 minute videos every day and i guarantee you’ll enjoy them if you don’t you can just unsubscribe it’s that easy go subscribe with the bell on the other channel tg plays make sure you use code typicalgamer i’m shop and i’ll see you guys in the next stream shout out to all the moderate shout out to all the viewers shout out to everyone who donated all the new members everybody i appreciate you guys so much thank you everybody who came through for the pokemon card opening and make sure to go follow me on twitter instagram um it’s for info on when i’m gonna run a dedicated card opening stream so i’m excited i want to pull a charizard wanna pull up charizard okay i’ll see you guys later hope you have an awesome day and peace out you

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