by Chidinma

Born Samuel Jacob Alifa, Sammie is a final year student of Guidance and Counselling at Ahmadu Bello University. However, he does not have a passion for the course and best describes himself as an amateur filmmaker.


Full Name Samuel Jacob Alifa
Age 26
Nationality Nigerian
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student


He is the firstborn of his family with three younger sisters. He talks of how he has been snubbed by many producers and decided to challenge himself during the lockdown in 2020 to produce his first short film.

Sammie says that he finds it easy to make people laugh, and we are here to see if that is true during the show.

Some people think that Sammie may shrink himself or become a wallflower during the show as he is the only guy who is still a student. Do you agree with this point of view?

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