by Chidinma

It is safe to say that Princess is one of the oldest female housemates in the house as she is 30 years old. From the stage, she stated that she is a taxi driver.

This came as unexpected as we have never seen a female taxi driver in any previous seasons. With full name Princess Francis, she adds that she is ready for drama and would bring a lot of spice to the show.

She assures that no one can take advantage of her while in the house due to her experience on the streets. There are no doubts about this as it takes a strong and courageous soul to be a taxi driver.

Full Name Princess Francis
Age 30
State of Origin Imo
Marital Status Single
Occupation Taxi Driver


Princess further states that she can be dramatic. Therefore, we can say that things will be interesting with Princess in the house.

One of the best moments of Princess’s life was when she was able to buy her first car. Asides from being a taxi driver, she also enjoys cooking and watching movies.

We are more than ready to cruise on the ride with Princess.

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