by Chidinma

Born Peace Ogor, she comes in with a calm demeanor, but we can tell that she can also be feisty.

Peace says that she is bringing her peaceful side to the show but is already ready to give it hot to anyone who proves to be a trouble maker. In her words, ‘if you are not rocking with Peace, peace out.’

She is a fashion designer and was also a TV presenter.

It is rather shocking that she is single but not searching. Will she stay true to her words?

Full Name Peace Ogor
Age 26
State of Origin Rivers
Marital Status Single
Occupation Fashion Entrepreneur/ TV Presenter


Peace says that she does not have an exact strategy when it concerns surviving the big brother house. However, she just to cruise, make possible friends, gist, and have fun while in the house.

She furthermore describes herself as a team player. Thus, we are hopeful that she won’t have issues getting along with others in the house.

We have our eyes on Peace and can’t wait to see how it goes. So far, she has become the first Head of House of the Shine Ya Eyes season, setting a standard for the ladies. Her competitive spirit is enviable.

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