by Chidinma

From the stage, Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo already states that he loves drama, especially when ladies fight over him. Therefore, he has kept many people anticipating drama during the show.

He is 30-year-old and sees himself as an easy-going guy who loves to party. Cross says that he parties four nights days a week and also loves aerobics. Also, he loves playing the drums and being a hype man.


Full Name Hazel Onyeze Onou
Age 30
Nationality Nigerian
Marital Status Single
Occupation Entrepreneur




For someone who is still single, Cross loves to give out relationship advice. He also believes that communication is key in any relationship. He is also one of the guys involved in discussions about ladies, which is not surprising.

Some people say that any lady who lands in his hands during the show is in trouble. Do you agree with this?

We cannot wait to see all that there is to Cross, and we hope that he will blow our minds.

Cross likes to describe himself as a bad boy with a good heart.

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