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Arinola Olowoporoku is one of the contestants in Big Brother’s house for this season. She describes herself as someone with a bubbly personality and an ashewo face. Going further, she adds that her mouth sometimes has no filter.

As a fashion designer, we were not shocked by what she wore, and we expect to see more fashionable pieces within the course of the show.

Looking at Arin, her piercings are prominent. She reveals that she has 24 piercings but had closed 7 of them. Thus, she currently has 17 piercings.

Full Name Arinola Olowoporoku
Age 29
State of Origin Lagos
Marital Status Single
Occupation Fashion Designer/ Art Curator


As someone who grew up in a polygamous family, we have no doubts about her getting along with her fellow housemates. We are sure that she would comfortably navigate staying with many people in a confined space.

With these, you can be sure that Arin is easily identifiable and stands out in a crowd.

Asides from being a fashion designer, she is also an art curator. Her goal is to promote contemporary African art. In addition, Arin reveals that she is an emotional person.

When sharing her story with the housemates, she talks about an ex who did her dirty. She talks about getting him locked up, saying such an experience will never happen to her again.

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