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One of the female housemates in Big Brother’s house is Anita Singh, but she will be going by Nini. As a curious person who loves to try out new things, she decided to come on the Big Brother platform as she believed that it would better her life.

Likewise, most of the female housemates, Nini has a fashion line and is also a model. She reveals that she can be hyper, but she is not a troublemaker. However, she did not hesitate to say that she will give it back to anyone who tries to be a trouble maker. Moreover, she states that she will give it back to the person in double folds.

Full Name Anita Singh
Age 26
State of Origin Edo
Marital Status Single
Occupation Economist/Entrepreneur


Going by what she studied in school, Nini is an economist from the University of Abuja. We would love to see how she plans to marry this aspect, fashion, and the entertainment industry after the show.

Nini believes that she is enough spice for the show and does not need to bring anything extra. We cannot wait to see more of this spice as we love someone who is self-aware.

She is also one of the female housemates who say that they can be dramatic. What is BBNaija without the drama? We are here for all of it!


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