COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2021 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

by jobpings

I’ll be showing you how to create design and build a profitable Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch  for complete beginners now.

if you just found out about dropshipping that’s awesome it’s an amazing business model especially if you are just starting out with online business and with e-commerce and if you’ve been wanting to build your own shelf i store and start an online passive income business this video is the perfect video for you because in this video I’m gonna be giving you information that is literally in courses that cost $3,000 $4,000 and I’m gonna give it to you all for free so this video is designed to be a complete a-to-z 0 to 100 entire step-by-step tutorial including how to design your store as well as running facebook ads running instagram ads the best sources of traffic now I’ve also been getting asked a lot to do this particular video lately because there’s a lot of videos out there and there’s some really great videos too but the thing is is that they’re all old they’re all from 2017-2018 I’ve been in e-commerce for a few years now and trust me since I started things have changed a lot things change every single day every single month and that’s why I’m happy to be presenting this video to you today and making this video because it’s fully up to date and it has the best strategy to succeed the fastest possible way so you can go quit your nine-to-five job forever and replace it with a profitable online business with Shopify dropshipping now I’m also tired of other youtubers show you how to build dropshipping stores using just uber Lo and Aliexpress copying products from Aliexpress and using an app called uber low just to paste it on a store now this may have worked instead 17 or at least a thousand 18 trust me this doesn’t work anymore I tried it myself when I first got it to drop shipping and let me tell you it’s just the short-term way of doing things if you want to truly have success in your life you the only way to do it is by focusing on a long term and this video is gonna be showing you how to actually build a long-term business with Shopify where it’s gonna be putting money in your pocket every single month for years to come and something that you’ll have as an asset that you can later on maybe pass down to your kids or sell later you know for an actual price like millions of dollars if you scale it up to that I’m gonna be showing you my strategy that I personally developed and then I personally use on my stores and stores that I’ve taken to eight figures per year which is ten million dollars per year which is fully possible this isn’t something crazy in e-commerce especially when you’re selling something at $50 or $100 per unit you can see that it doesn’t take all that many units it’s actually get to those numbers so this is called branded dropshipping and branded dropshipping I believe is the future and trust me I’ve done millions of dollars in online sales branagh drop shipping is the future because you’re actually building a brand you’re taking a product and you’re building an actual brand out of it with complimentary products if you look at any successful e-commerce store out there it’s a branded store right and they probably start off as drop shipping and so you know with drop shipping if you’re not really too familiar about what exactly the business model is it’s really amazing for a beginner for someone starting out because there’s literally no risk when you’re starting out the only things you have to pay for is you know the shop fight plan so it’s like first 14 days get a free trial then it’s like you know about twenty nine dollars a month and then you might have to pay for the domain name okay that’s 20 hours $30 and that’s pretty much it I mean there’s not really much else that you have to pay for with drop shipping and the beautiful part about drop shipping is that you don’t take any inventory risk that you’re taking with something like Amazon or something else right so at the beginning with the dropshipping you can truly like test out if a product is good you can build a brand the dropshipping store and you don’t even have to order any units you don’t have to order one hundred or a thousand units right there’s a lot of suppliers out there that will dropship for you with a logo and they’ll do it very well they’ll do it with that good packaging with good branding design that you’ll create I’ll show you how to do that as well and so that way you’re not taking any risk on inventory and when you’re actually going to get customers on your store to pay for your product then and only then you will send the money and pay your supplier and let’s say if someone pays you fifty dollars on your store and you pay for the product ten dollars to your supplier then you pocket the difference between you know so it’s $40 – your ad costs so let’s say for ads you spent 10 dollars to acquire the customer so 30 dollars is your profit and so that’s why I drop shipping is amazing especially when you’re starting out now in this video it’s gonna be a complete tutorial I’m gonna make it so you can skip to each part individually I’m gonna put a timestamp below in the description of every single different part we’re gonna go over how to choose the right product we’re gonna go over how to create and design your store the themes the apps all the technical stuff installing your pixel Google Analytics your payment method your shipping zones we’re also gonna go over email marketing and as well I’ll also show you over lo even though I’m personally not a fan but also show you how to use that as well if you just want to kind of start simple and also Facebook Ads we’re gonna go over Facebook ads and I’ve spent over 1 million dollars on Facebook Ads within the past year alone and that’s across all my online businesses so trust me I know a thing or two about Facebook ads and we’re gonna go deep into Facebook ads I’m super excited about that we’re also gonna talk about Instagram ads influencers and some final tips for Shopify success so by the end of this video.

COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2021 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

if you don’t have a functional Shopify store with a good product with something that is actually solving problems for people in a target market and a real brand then you might have not followed it properly and I recommend you read watch it because gonna be a lot of information here so before we begin I want to answer some common questions that you might have before starting dropshipping so number one would be and it’s a very common question can I do this from anywhere in the world and yes you can it doesn’t matter where you are in the world and that’s what’s so amazing like today there are so many opportunities for people out there to change their lives with online business with drop shipping and with e-commerce right now we’re undergoing the craziest transformation in history and e-commerce will be huge it’s gonna be 100 times bigger than what it is now so that’s why I’m so happy that you’re here watching this video with me today and you’re learning the right information for you to set yourself up for success so yes you can that’s the answer to that question and now number two how much money do I need to start you can start with as little as 200 or $300 if you have like literally 50 to 100 dollars then that might be too low but if you have 200 or 300 ollars or at least have access to that then that’s enough money for you to start the great part about dropshipping is that you really don’t need a lot of money because you don’t have to order a lot of Units upfront so that’s why if you have only a few hundred dollars then that’s enough for you to actually get your store up and running and that’s the most important part the most important part is taking action if you can start taking action today you’ll see that your circumstances today will line up in a way where you will succeed most people they don’t take any action and that’s exactly why they fail because they don’t even try so if you try and you actually follow every single step that i’m talking about in this video then the chances of you succeeding are very very high so if you have about 200-300 dollars that’s enough if you have 500 or more let’s say 500 to a thousand that’s even better because then you can start running facebook ads at that budget you can really really make your store take off much faster and Facebook ads including Google ads and Instagram ads which I’m going to cover as well that is literally the key to making your store grow like crazy make your store grow like a wildfire and so I’m gonna talk about that as well and now question number three and this is a common question sue that you might be asking like wait a second n can’t my customers just going out we Express and buy my themselves and the answer is yes they can but they won’t there’s a reason why there’s so many successful brands out there all the products are made in China they all can be found on Aliexpress but people still want to buy the product in stores or online on their online stores not from Aliexpress why because people want quality and quality only comes if you build a brand and that’s why branded drop shipping is the way to go it is the true way to win on Shopify and that is exactly the strategy that movement watches which is a drop shipping watch store they actually just start off as just a store drop shipping watches cool watches that they found off Aliexpress they sold for over 100 million dollars to Movado watches to a big company so the owner you know imagine just from creating a drop shipping store today a few years later you go you sell and you walk out with a 100 million dollar check right so obviously these skills are amazing to learn right now in today’s changing world and in the boom of e-commerce all right so now let’s talk about how to find the perfect product for you to start your drop shipping store and this is the criteria that I highly recommend you go by number one your product must have a WOW factor and I’m gonna go into the best product research techniques there actually is one technique that is so much better than everything else and I actually only used two and just from these two techniques that I’m going to show you I found products that have personally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in sales so you know it doesn’t have to be complicated and I don’t like to over complicate this stuff it’s not hard to make money it really isn’t it’s just a simple step-by-step process you just have to follow something that is already working for someone and in this case it’s clearly working for me and for many other sellers out there so number one wow factor number two the product must be high quality it must have a great quality and/or a great new design or something like that because if you find the product on Aliexpress or Alibaba let’s say and we’re going to talk about finding products on Alibaba that is literally my hidden secret if you can find the product on there but the quality isn’t great then you’ll see that your store is gonna be always hindered it’s always gonna be basically you know not as good as it can be because your product just isn’t that great so the number one thing is to have and find a great product the better your product is the better the quality is then the better you’re setting yourself up for faster and more success from the very beginning number three you must be able to actually find the product on Aliexpress or Alibaba now I’ll Express in Alibaba are two different websites Alex brass is basically what the most common dropshipping website it’s like the website that all the youtubers out there we’re teaching to go and just copy and paste products from there and because of that it’s become the most competitive website and it’s filled with middleman it’s filled with like not even factories just with people in China who know the system who played the system and who take advantage of the fact that there are so many people who want to start drop shipping and they’re following outdated information so they’re getting crazy expensive prices and extremely unreliable shipping and so it’s just a broken system it doesn’t work and I have a video on this on my channel somewhere as well talking about why you shouldn’t use Aliexpress but your product must be found on Aliexpress or Alibaba I prefer using Alibaba because actually before starting with drop shipping I was selling successfully on Amazon and still am today and drop shipping was kind of like an extended branch of that and I wanted to get into that because obviously you want to master both you know both areas of e-commerce drop shipping and private labeling on Amazon and so I figured out that Alibaba I thought to myself hey wait a second you know there are suppliers on Aliexpress in Alibaba they’re probably not that different they’re probably the same suppliers except they’re just charging more money on Aliexpress what if I go and I send out you know my supplier template on Alibaba to the suppliers and I basically just asked them a couple of drop shipping related questions like hey can you drop ship this for me and can you put a logo on this and etc etc and it worked great and most of my successful products with the drop shipping have come from I’ll leave out with suppliers and suppliers down there just so much better because they’re used to you know professional relationships they’re used to huge numbers so that’s why they really want to make something work with you even if you’re someone who’s starting out and the last and final point here that you need to find a great product is a passionate niche or targeted market it’s always better if your product really is in a passionate inch or target market because if not I mean like I’ve had products that were really really broad and they worked incredibly well however if your product is in a passionate niche for example like camping hiking or fishing or beauty or you know let’s say sustainable beauty or something like that right or veganism I don’t know write something about food right so obviously people are very passionate about that and you know the more you can knit down the better but you also don’t want to really niche down too much because then you’re not going to have as many people that would be interested in your product so beyond with you I would either go with something that’s super broad a product that can be used by many many people out there or something that is in a more passion is something that is more niched down and that way it’s just easier to target on Facebook now before we begin and actually get into product research you will also need a Shopify subscription and I have a 14 day free trial there’s gonna be a link below in the description so make sure that you sign up for that right now before we begin this video because to follow with the rest of this video with the entire guide you will need to have a subscription with Shopify and it’s free you can cancel it you know within 14 days if your store doesn’t work or if you don’t like it or whatever right obviously I recommend you push through and you persist because success has all to do with persistence so the link is down below make sure you pause this video get it right now and come back and so right before we get to the first product research technique that I’m going to show you I want to talk about the list of the best niches for dropshipping and there are so many niches I mean there aren’t any particular niches that are way better than others however this list right here so for example luxury accessories that’s an amazing one and I personally made over a million dollars in sales with luxury accessories camping hiking and survival is also fantastic gardening as well I mean you could find products for any of these and you know you don’t have to find something that you’re passionate about right that’s a huge misconception like just find something that works find something where you can see that the product fits the criteria that we talked about has a WOW factor has a great quality coming out of the factory in China and it can be found on Alibaba or Aliexpress and also you know has a passion dish has people in the niche that are really passionate about their products and are willing to spend money for them so that’s why camping hiking tomorrow is also great however that’s more seasonal so you know for sure like those products sell more in the summer as opposed to the winter however in the winter I’m sure you can find another niche as well for example the opposite of that would be like snow sports right that’s also a great niche and China has a lot of products for snow sports as well another one would be eco-friendly products that’s been a huge trend lately and trends work really well with Shopify and with drop shipping some other great ones are sports so like golf tennis football and soccer so you wouldn’t directly be selling maybe like soccer balls but you could be selling you know stuff that’s like accessories right accessories for golf accessories for tennis things like revolutionary products that can be found in China that can make for example the golf swing better writer that can like make your performance and tennis better right so there’s so many opportunities he’s cooking in kitchen that’s huge and trust me people are willing to spend a lot of money just in that niche alone outdoor patio lawn and garden people always want their houses to look great their lawns to look great and so they’re very passionate about that so that’s also great too and beauty huge right and there’s so many angles you can come at this sustainable beauty rights or products that are eco friendly or you know for example luxury beauty there’s a lot of different ways you can go about that jewelry as well this huge and you might be thinking well like you know what about like high-end jewelry like Cartier and all these other brands you obviously can’t compete with them and let me tell you maybe you won’t be able to compete with Cartier or like super super expensive brands but you definitely can get into the luxury jewelry niche trust me a lot of these watches that cost thousands of dollars for example they’re all made in China and you can all find them for 50 to $100 right that’s just how the world works if you look at the world 99% of things come out of China so that’s just the reality of it and you can cash in on this right now if you follow this video now clothing is also great however I wouldn’t recommend just having a general clothing store because that’s obviously you know very competitive and like you have to have a very very clear niche in clothing so for example maybe clothing for you know oversized people that’s obviously huge and that’s alone like fantastic niche for dropshipping or clothing that’s eco-friendly you know maybe that’s clothing that’s made with sustainable materials someone like that also automotive and car accessories that’s obviously fantastic as well alright so now let’s get into our very first product research technique and this one is truly the best one out there now there are a lot of youtubers that talk about getting all these special kinds of tools getting like 20 different tools that cost you know a lot of money and for someone who’s starting out that’s obviously very difficult because you’re on a limited budget most people nowadays who are starting their on a limited budget because you know they got their nine-to-five job and they’re probably paying bills and so they only got some extra cash maybe to put aside for to start their online business so I totally understand and that’s why in this video I’m gonna show you my favorite product research technique that doesn’t involve actually you know having 20 different tools now it might be surprising but one of the best ways I’ve found to actually find profitable drop shipping products is just to go on social media like on Facebook and scroll down on the feet and I mean I’m telling you like I found a lot of amazing products for example right here we can see it’s some kind of a a watch store and on first glance you might think okay well it looks like a nice watch probably not drop shipping you know it doesn’t look cheap it looks high-quality and literally look it’s just an ad of them showing the watch there’s not really any brand it looks like if we go on their store you can very easily tell that it is a Shopify store so we can see okay boom they’re selling for three hundred ninety three dollars Canadian $367 so not cheap if we scroll down we can see this is Shopify we can even see the Shelf ID logo at the very bottom and this is just the shop buy store as you can see there drop shipping these watches and I mean this isn’t even the brand that they’re their store is so it looks like they’re not even going and following my branded drop shipping method and so there you go boom that’s that’s a watch right there if we go on Alibaba and we try finding this watch we would just go type in luxury watch maybe leather leather wristband so if we go here luxury watch leather wrist let’s try to find it okay we can see you can see watches here for five to fifteen dollars right this one right here is twenty does twenty seven dollars similar to what we found right there are so many watches on here and for someone who has an eye for style this could be a great opportunity as well you know people might think watches are incredibly competitive but this store alone and we use an app called Alexa traffic rank it’s actually for free you go and type in on Google Alexa site rank Google Chrome extension it’s a free app that you can install that tells you how much money a drop shoe store is making but doesn’t tell you that in dollars it tells you that in traffic rank so I’m gonna show you how to interpret that right now so right here just look install in Chrome there’s also gonna be a link in the description below for this app as well as any other free apps that I recommend in this video so if we go back on the store here Alexa site rank I have so many of them here there you go right so there are two hundred and fourteen thousand traffic rank in the US and 435,000 worldwide and what this means is that Alexa it’s actually by Amazon obviously you’ve heard of Alexa like the talking robot thing that you put in your house but Alexa there’s just like a cloud tool in Amazon and it goes and it scans and ranks every single website based on the amount of traffic going and what traffic is it’s basically the amount of people that are visiting the website every day so for a rank of two hundred fourteen thousand twenty fifteen thousand that is very high or pretty high in the US I mean there are so many websites out there so this website is a two hundred and fourteen thousand or twenty fifteen thousand almost website with the most amount of visits in the US and 435,000 worldwide so we can basically tell not exactly how much money they’re making but we can know for sure that they are actually making money now another way of checking to see if they’re actually profitable own making money if we go on slash add slash library this is a fantastic tool and it can tell you exactly you can show you all the ads that the store that you’re looking at is running and that way you can tell whether they’re actually making money or if they’re not running any ads and they’re not making money and they’ve kind of shut down their operations so let’s go check this out make sure to go on the top right first and click all that way you can see all the ads that they’re running or else it’s just gonna show you for example if you’re in you know Brazil it’s only going to show you the ads in Brazil so make sure you click on all and then you’re gonna go and type in the store name so to FINA watches three or fifty four thousand likes so obviously they’re really huge it looks like right so boom they’re running ads and you can see the exact ads that they’re running if we click play handmade in Germany since 1828 I mean you know basically these companies can put anything they want on these like on these actual ads but you know obviously you want to tell the truth but anyway yours doesn’t have to be handmade in Germany you can say designed in Germany you know you can say designed in California made in China whatever it is obviously you’re not gonna promote that part of it but yeah like you can see the exact ads that they’re running and means been making money so that’s why I just scrolling through Facebook I found a ton of amazing product ideas so if we go through here you’ll see ads and sometimes it might be a little more difficult for example this one is definitely a drop shipping store and it’s a branded drop shipping store so you can see no one is talking about this on YouTube but this is the way to go this is the future and you can see that if we go on their website they’re promoting some kind of a smart air-conditioning thing right so this looks like a nice website but I’m sure that it’s actually this might not be Shopify but anyway you can recreate the same thing in Shopify and you can find the exact same thing on Alibaba everything can be found there nowadays looks like a smart air-conditioning controller something like that but you can definitely find it on Alibaba and you can repeat the same process to check to see if they’re making money so Alexa site ranked 76,000 in u.s. so obviously very popular now to make this process faster you can install a Chrome extension called turbo add finder and sometimes this one isn’t available on Chrome for some reason it kind of goes on and off but right now it’s available so there’s gonna be a link down below as well and what this does is if we turn on this turbo ad finder it actually goes and only shows us ads so most people block the ads but for us dropshippers it’s amazing because it just shows us all of the ads so right here boom this is a dropshipping store and this is a brand branded store so they’ve actually moved on from dropshipping and they moved over to the brain adoption approach and branded private labeling which is the next step that you’re gonna go to after you have a profitable store running so right here we can see this is their ad we can click on their store so snow teeth-whitening this is one of the biggest Shopify stores out there and it definitely runs on Shopify if we scroll down we can see that it is Shopify and to also basically find out if it’s Shopify you right-click a view page source and then you can go and command F or control F type in Shopify boom if it even says Shopify you can see that it is running on Shopify so anything is possible look look at this beautiful store someone literally you know made this and you can do it too like there’s nothing I’m telling you there’s not much difference between the person who started this and yourself like they out that we all started in the same shoes and we all started just learning basically from the information that we had and right now you have this which I’m very very happy you do so if we go to turbo I’d find it here we want to make sure that it’s actually working I’m not sure if it’s actually blocking or only showing us ads here let’s try again maybe we have to restart our Chrome all right so there you go so self Lee showing us more ads sometimes the script doesn’t work fully but right here supreme selfie stick right and another brand that drops dripping storm surprise no one’s talking about this online it’s crazy there are so many opportunities so right here a very very simple store you know some kind of a selfie stick I guess that wraps around amazing idea people are obsessed with selfie sticks and if we scroll down we can see it’s dropped by this is a common app that we’re gonna talk about as well so boom right so another Shopify store another amazing idea now the next best product research technique that I want to show you is using a tool called EECOM hunt now like I said I don’t like promoting a lot of tools but this tool has actually helped me with my own business I found multiple products with this tool and this one out of all of them out there is the best one that I found so it’s only like $20 or $30 a month there’s gonna be a link down below and basically how it works is it’s curated list of products every single day and you can go on it and you can sort by orders and that’s what we do here and if we sort by orders it’ll basically tell you the highest ordered products now this might not be the best if you just kind of sort by orders because these are like the products that have the most amount of competition as well but you shouldn’t be afraid of competition anyway because you’re following the brand the dropshipping approach then you’re creating a brand that is different from everybody else and that’s the key to winning against competition that’s the key to winning above everybody else meanwhile while everybody else is busy competing us eachother copying and pasting from aliexpress you’re in a whole other realm so if we go here category and we choose for example we choose like cell phones and telecommunications all right let’s take a look so hand crank USB phone charger I have no idea what this is but you know the whole point is that this is giving you ideas that you wouldn’t have otherwise gone blue calm I literally just bought three two pairs of blue light blocking glasses a few days ago so this is another amazing tool anybody who wants to build a blue light blocking glasses store fantastic idea as well and also a big trend right here we just saw the selfie stick that is here the supreme selfie stick boom I mean this is it right here and if we go here on EECOM hunt we can see exactly what the recommended selling price is although I wouldn’t follow this I would if I were selling this I would sell it for like $39.99 or for $9.99 at least and then right here it shows you the average product cost if we use my Lu habla approach we can get this down we don’t have to pay this much money it’s actually too much in my opinion and here it shows you where you can find it so I’ll express it also shows you the CPA from Facebook ads and this is very important as well because this basically tells you how much it’s gonna cost you in ads for each sale so if it costs us between three and six dollars for a sale let’s say four dollars that means that the proper margin is about this much right so and that’s this is the net sorry right here 16 to 13 dollars depending on your Facebook gotta cost here it even shows you exactly what’s a target for your ads although I wouldn’t recommend doing the ads this way I have mentors that have spent over 20 million dollars on Facebook ads and so you know they’ve taught me differently than this and I’m gonna share with you that knowledge for free in this video so boom Instagram influencers some examples as well from different parts of the world so I would say that you know twenty thirty dollars for this is very worth it and I would pay for this anytime I’m looking for a new product you know instead of just endlessly scrolling through Facebook you can just go on this tool and basically have a list so there you go but these are the two best product research methods you don’t need anything else so now let’s talk about finding a great drop shipping supplier now obviously this is so important because if you don’t have a good supplier then your products are gonna suck and your store is gonna suck and your customers are gonna be pissed off so we don’t want that to happen so that’s why right now I’m going to show you after years and years of speaking with hundreds probably thousands suppliers at this point how to find that the best supplier the best websites for finding them and I’m also gonna share with you my personal supplier template that I use it’s called the branded drop shipping suppliers template and it’s something that I wrote up based on my earlier experience with selling on Amazon so you know I just took a supplier template that I always use for contacting suppliers on Amazon and I just basically adapted it to Shopify and so I’m gonna give it to you absolutely free there’s gonna be a link down below and so we’re gonna use that to contact their suppliers and here’s some key points to remember when we’re contacting suppliers all right so we’re gonna be using either Alibaba comm or Aliexpress now I recommend using Alibaba and you’re always gonna try to use Alibaba most of the products that like if I was looking for a particular model I actually found it on Alibaba but I didn’t find it on Aliexpress and the reason for that is just because I guess all the Express has a bunch of gimmicky products has a bunch of lower quality products based on my experience so we want to make sure that the suppliers that we’re contacting you have millions of dollars in revenue per year and so I’m gonna show you how to look at that as well and also we want to make sure they there have been in business for at least two years and we also want to contact at least three to five suppliers at a minimum because if we only contact one then we don’t have any reference point in terms of prices we don’t have any negotiating power because we don’t know you know what like the accurate prices are for a particular product and you know if we’re getting ripped off or if we’re getting a fair deal and also I’m going to talk about the difference between manufacturers and traders it’s very very points who understand the difference nobody really goes into this and you know trust me it’s actually gonna give you a big plus to be able to contact a manufacturer instead of a trader so this is the branded drop shipping supplier template this is what it looks like right here and the link is down below you can go ahead download it and it’s absolutely free and you obviously want to change where I put the italic letter so for example hello my name is name make sure to change this or if your supplier sees this then they’re gonna be like okay this person’s not serious and so we want to make sure that we look much bigger than we are you don’t want to tell them hey I’m just uh you know I’m just a dude or I’m just a girl trying to start a drop shipping business like you want to kind of make it seem like you’re already established if they start asking you for your website and things like that say it’s under development or like we’re redeveloping right now and so just right here a company name just make up a brand name it doesn’t have to be the final one that you’re gonna use you can always just tell them like hey yeah this is our bure new brand name trust me it really doesn’t matter there’s a language barrier anyway so here our store specializes in selling category of products so put in the category or the niche and if we want to emphasize that we’re interested in creating a long-term business relationship with a company Chinese suppliers are always always interested in creating a long-term business relationship because what that means is usually they’re not gonna dropship like these suppliers that were contacting especially on Alibaba they’re not gonna start off with drop shipping with most of their orders but for us they actually want to start dropping because then later on they know that we’re gonna go and start ordering inventories so like thousands of thousands of units and that’s where they make the real money so that’s why this is perfect because it starts off on a good note so here are some of the questions that we’re gonna ask so do you offer blind drop shipping what that is is basically you know there’s nothing worse than your customer getting a product that they paid $50 for on your store and what happens is that the product that they get has a bunch of Chinese writing on it Chinese marketing materials and even worse it has the invoice that shows that you paid $3 for it so obviously they’re gonna be really pissed off so that’s what’s called blind drop shipping some of them don’t know what it is so just explain to them what it is after when you’re actually talking to them in chat and then also bulk drop shipping is basically you know tell them that hey like do you offer bulk drop shipping and what that means is we’re gonna be sending them an excel sheet of our orders it’s very easy to get that from Shopify and I’m gonna show you how to do that and you can just do that once every day or once every two days and you can send them your order sheet and now where they’re gonna individually fulfill every order and it’s gonna go straight to your customer you don’t have to ship anything you don’t have to pack anything so it really really works great and also we asked them for an ml cube if they have a minimum order quantity for any of their products as well and very very important is are you able to apply my company’s logo on the products you always always always want to try to get your logo on the product even if it’s drop shipping sometimes they’ll say yeah if you want the logo it’s gonna you know be a fifty minimum order quality or 100 minimum order quality and that’s because that’s just the way that their printing system works and so in that case try to negotiate down just say hey you know we’re just doing like a test and so that’s why we can’t order the moq right now but if you can print the the logo on their product and you can dropship it then we’re gonna order you know thousands of units later and so that way they’re gonna be more willing to do it and also we explained how we’re gonna do it so our company’s gonna send you an Excel spreadsheet file with each customer’s information so full name e-mail address product and having processes each order individually and then basically they would send us an invoice and we pay via PayPal or wire transfer I recommend PayPal but if you have a trusted supplier you’ve already kind of you know you already have established a good relationship wire transfer is totally fine and then at the bottom you put in your whatsapp number I highly recommend communicating with your supplier whatsapp because the Aliexpress and Alibaba messaging platforms are extremely clunky and honestly it’s just gonna take days to negotiate a proper price where the same negotiations could have taken place via whatsapp and it would have taken way less time and at the bottom make sure to put in your company name so this is available below this video you can grab it for free so now I’m going to show you on Aliexpress and on Alibaba how to find for example this selfie stick right here so the one that we saw this looks like a good store so if we go on Aliexpress let’s take a look first so I was actually searching for a scooter here before but here if we go to selfie stick so it’d be flexible selfie stick hit enter there you go there it is the problem with this is that although it looks good this is way too expensive in my opinion this shouldn’t be that expensive you see like the wide range of prices most likely this is a trader someone who’s in China and who’s just sitting on their computer basically cutting deals between factories and people hard try to dropshipping like us and so they’re pocketing the cash so we want to avoid that and so that’s why I mean you can even do by orders but then we might not find it so sometimes just go to best match and anyway if you do find a supplier on here and you think that they’re good just click on them all right so this is the product page on Aliexpress and we don’t want to go basically what everybody does they just go they click on you know like whatever France China and then color and then buy now or they use over load which is a free app so just copy and paste us onto their store and we don’t want to do that we want to contact them and try to get our logo on this product and that’s what brand drop shipping is about trust me there is there’s not going to be a long-term successful store that’s just gonna drop ship this little you know gimmicky thing without a logo without anything it can be a great product but only if it’s backed by a solid brand so right here you can go up here and click contact now and this is where you’re gonna go and copy paste the template make sure that you added the names and everything like that don’t put in the title don’t put in template obviously very very important so copy this and then paste it in here and then just put in your whatsapp number and all that kind of stuff that I talked about now if you look at a packet a packet is the trade agreement between China and US although trade relations have kind of been torn apart recently due to the trade war but don’t worry that doesn’t affect us trust me if it affected it the world in any way then you know 99% of products come out of China so it would actually destroy not only us but everybody else’s business as well so don’t listen to all those you know news articles just focus on what’s important and that is making your first profitable online business with drop shipping with branded drop shipping so just explain a packet is a slightly faster method of shipping from China instead of it taking like four weeks to go to the customer it might take two to three weeks now with branded drop shipping we always maybe we can try to ask them for DHL shipping that way they’ll ship via DHL it will be more expensive but it’s way faster it’ll take like three to five days from China and then eventually we move on over to branding the private labeling on our store and that is the key that is how you build a multi-million dollar store that will set you up for life now I showed you all the Express but the way that I like to do it is I like going on Alibaba I have more experience with this site and I found a lot of amazing products from here and just much better suppliers overall and honestly you can find such amazing suppliers on here like this week I just ordered a new proud and my supplier is already asking me for links to my product page to see like if I put in the right instructions the right explanation because they want to make sure that I sell because if I sell that means that I’m gonna put in more orders with them and you know they’re gonna make more money that we all make more money so that’s why Alibaba is fantastic so for this we’re gonna type in flexible selfie stick and this is what I would recommend this is the best way for brain that drop shipping so let’s see here you really just have to dig sometimes the products are on one but not the other but I am sure that you’ll be able to find it here so flexible selfie stick so let’s go and first I always go and do verified supplier this is basically like a program that I’ll be Bubba that’s the suppliers and has inspections and things like that and make sure that the supplier is actually good but just because the supplier isn’t a verified supplier doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily bad so right here it looks like it’s kind of harder to find this product so if we went here we saw try to look at like the name – you know like flexible selfie stick or monopod monkey holder I guess so let’s see if I can find this here alright so it looks like I found something similar right here so a lot of the times if we go and actually see the supplier and we contact them then they’ll be able to you know find us a better model right it doesn’t mean that we have to buy this exact one and that’s why Alibaba is better because you’re you have a much higher chance of actually contacting the factory instead of just the trader who’s making money off of you on Aliexpress so in this case we can see the price so already it’s way below it looks like it could be the same thing it just might be presented in a different way and all the Express but there you go and we would go and just hit contact supplier and then when we hit that we would put in our quantity by the way for quantity even though we’re drop shipping put in a thousand if you put in a thousand trust me a supplier who sees a 1000 dollar or 1000 they’ll always want to reply that faster than something that has only one quantity right so if we go here we just copy this and then paste it in here without the title and make sure to like change the name and the company name and things like that and so there you go and you just send inquiry and then you can leave agree to share business card checked and then hit send inquiry now and that’s it so if we go here we can see by the way also if you look at the supplier here three years in business remember I said minimum two years if it’s one year it could be fine but you would have to dig deeper and if we actually go and click on them this supplier is based in Shenzhen a lot of my suppliers are from Shenzhen Shenzhen is a great place for electronics and phone accessories and things like that like Bluetooth anything like that so here you can see how many employees they have the year they were established transactions we can go to there’s usually a revenue per year sometimes they don’t put it in here right here total annual annual revenue is in the millions they got pictures of their of their Factory sometimes they don’t use real pictures but you know if they’re giving you a good price that’s all that matters right so once we contact three to five suppliers we get them on whatsapp we start negotiating with them you know we see which one has the best price or which one we can negotiate the price down and that usually tells us it doesn’t matter if they’re a trader or a factory it just most likely that the fact that we will give you a better price and so that’s something that you have to be aware of now you’re probably wondering well then if we go and use Alibaba to find a product for the branded drop shipping method that you’re talking about then how are we gonna put it on our store that’s a great question it’s actually very simple and I’m gonna show you that right now as we move into the actual design and creating of the Shopify store so you just go and create a sales page and you manually just add your own pictures add your own sales text you don’t have to use overloads to copy/paste it off I’ll Express or any of that so that’s how we do it now let’s move into the next part all right so now let’s get into actually setting up our store and the actual design of it as well as basically putting it all together so that it looks great for our customers so I assume by now that you’ve already set up your Shopify free trial as we’ve discussed at the beginning of this video if not then just go ahead and click on the link below the video right now to go and set up your free trial and it’s gonna bring you to a page that’s similar to this and you’re gonna want to put an email address a password and your store name here now if you already know what your product is as well as what your brand name is then I recommend don’t use your personal email address you can go and temporarily set up a gmail under your store name so for that we just go on gmail comm and here I recommend clicking on create account and then go and click on for myself and then just go ahead we’re gonna be creating a gmail here so for first name let’s say that our store name is gonna be glowy skin and this is actually a store that I have the domain name I already have the logo and everything like that I just never set it up because I got too busy and I’ve since moved on to different projects in different stores so that’s why it’s perfect and I’m gonna be showing you how I would set up this store you know for this video so you can follow step by step so in this case for the username that we’re gonna put in here we’re gonna put a glowy skin I already have like an email with this so glowy skin store or you can put glowy skin official or glowy skin support at and now this is only temporary because we want to have our support email look more legitimate and I’m gonna explain how to get that how to get like an actual domain name email later on with Gmail you can have it so it’s like support at glowy skin calm or glowy skin code calm whatever your domain name is so just go ahead and put in your password and confirm hit next and once you’ve created your email then go back in here and put it into the email address so here I’m gonna put in glowy skin store at and for store name I’m gonna put in glowy skin and let’s see if that’s available that already exists and I already actually have the store glowy skin coach that’s why it already exists but if your actual store name isn’t available then just put in Co at the end and also as you’re doing this I highly recommend you go and check if you can get the domain name for your store if it’s even available so in that case we want to go on Google domains or you can go on GoDaddy or Namecheap and that’s how you get the domain name for your store that’s basically like the www you know glowy skin calm or whatever is in between the wwm com so if we go to domain start google right here search for your domain we’re gonna type in glowy skin calm alright so here it’s gonna say whether it’s taking or not so this one I know is already taken and I think that I have this domain or maybe someone else does but I definitely have like a glowy skin CO or glowy skin store calm so if you can as long as you can find like a glowy skin ko or glows can store you know or glowy skin ko is fine as well so in that case then you can still use the name and then you know that way we’re not going to be like surprise to one we’re actually setting our store we want to buy our domain and we can’t even buy a suitable domain and if you don’t buy a domain then it’s not gonna be professional and your store link is gonna be like you know for example glowy skin don’t my Shopify calm so then just hit start free trial once you’ve already checked this stuff you’ve created your temporary support email that you’re gonna use for your car customers and yeah just our free trial so now we’re gonna get to this part right here and it’s going to say success your store is ready to go and so now it’s going to say tell us a little bit about yourself so I’m gonna walk you through step by step what to say here so for all you are you already selling you can just put I’m selling just not online or you can put I am not selling products yet and then do you have something to sell and say yes I have a product I’ll be ready to launch soon current revenue you can put like up to five thousand or I’m just getting started it doesn’t really matter if you put the higher numbers here then you’re gonna get a call from a Shopify specialist and they’re gonna basically try to sell you on their enterprise plan so that’s why it’s better to just put like five thousand or zero and then click Next you can also skip it if you want and here you want to add an address so you can get paid so this is like your default business address so just put in the address either of your house where you live or of your registered business if you already have an LLC or a corporation then just put the address of that business if you don’t have that you don’t necessarily need that to start however I recommend getting that set up in your home country so wherever you are for example if you’re in Canada and get a corporation if you are in the United States get an LLC some of the best states sue that are Nevada Delaware Wyoming Florida you have to look at each individual state because they all have their own benefits so there you go those are typically the states by the way with like the low lowest taxes so if you don’t have an LLC yet that’s fine it gets all start as a sole proprietorship but definitely as soon as you’re making money you want to make sure you get an LLC it’s not that expensive it’s a few hundred dollars and it will save you a lot of money in taxes and a lot of headache so just go ahead and put your first name last name in your address and then put your phone number and then your domain if you already have a domain if not then you can just leave it blank because we’re gonna be covering buying a domain later on in this video and then click enter my store all right so now we’re in our new Shopify store and this is called the dashboard so this is what it will look like once you start making sales you’ll see that there’s gonna be a lot of new things that pop up like how much money you’re making and you can do a breakdown of every single day every single month and you can see things like your conversion rate and all that kind of stuff so for now it’s pretty basic we don’t have a lot of stuff here and it’s telling you to add a product at a theme at a domain so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re gonna add a theme now there are free themes and there are paid themes and I’m gonna explain the difference between the two obviously other than the fact that you have to pay for the paid theme I’m gonna show you amazing free themes that you can use I’ve personally used free themes and I’ve made millions of dollars with just free themes so it’s not like you absolutely need a paid theme it all depends on what kind of look you want for your store and if you really want to kind of go away from the generic Shopify look then I recommend doing a paid theme they’re not even that expensive I’ll show you some great ones that I found that I personally use and they’re about a hundred to two hundred dollars that you pay once so now click on online store and then themes and then scroll down and click on Shopify theme store visit theme store and so here is where you can get all the themes that you need so if you go to collections we go to for example minimalist style it’s like a look at what they have so they have a lot of amazing free ones here so like pop and boundless these are newer ones and then debut I’ve actually used debut I’m gonna open up the good the good free themes and for the purpose of this video I’m actually gonna be designing the store with a free theme just so that you can follow along in case you don’t want to pay or you’re on a tight budget because like I said they’re great like you don’t need anything special now here is an example of a great paid theme and this one’s called launch and I already bought this one here this is one hundred and eighty dollars the best part about this theme is that there’s multiple styles included so it’s not just one so you can see like cool fresh bold so in our case we’re gonna be building a Hair Removal store so glowy skin is actually I’m gonna show you the product here this is the product so it’s a hair removal handset and this is just for this video like I said I am NOT pursuing this project anymore but this is it so this is what the product looks like it’s an advanced laser hair removal device and we found that on Alibaba if we go on Alibaba you can just clearly see that it’s there if we go here if we type in hair removal IPL device or laser then you’ll be able to find it I just want to show you that it’s available here on Alibaba sometimes you just have to scroll through so like right here this is a similar one I guess that’s a copy that’s a copy it’s actually really fast it’s funny how fast Chinese suppliers make copies of products which is a good thing because you do know the means you can always find a better quality version so there you go it’s actually this one right here they’re just slightly different that is the product that we’re gonna be using it as an example for building this store and so if we take a look at for example launch a great a great theme for this or great style would be bold fresh I don’t think that that would be good I think bold would be good but for the purpose of this video we’re gonna use a free theme by the way just to show you a really big drop shipping store blend jet comm this is also a branded drop shipping store so you can see my strategy is not just used by me but it’s used by many out there you can see this is exactly that theme launch cool right you can see boom same exact style so they didn’t even change it that much and you pull up the elective site rank on the store 23,000 in the United States so it’s huge they’re making like tens of millions of dollars per year so let’s take a look and see okay so debut we can either do default or light and then there’s also minimal a vintage fashion let’s see which one we can use I think this one’s better for like clothing and then pop yeah this one’s a little bit too too basic so I think debut and there was also another one called jumpstart I’d actually personally used this theme it’s really good we go on a jump start actually this one’s really really good let’s see the product page you can always click on view demo click on features right so there you go and then we’d be able to have like a product page there and then we can see debut you can view the demo as well and then boom product page so let’s go ahead and add this theme we’re gonna use debut so for theme styles let’s see defaults or I think we’re gonna use the the light one the light one was much better so add theme and now it’s gonna install the theme on your store so now it’s gonna say are you sure you want to publish debut click publish so now the theme is live on our store and if we go and we click here customize so now we’re in our theme and as you can see it just says the store name so glowy skin Co we’re gonna change that’s a glowy skin and then boom this sort of looks like so since this is gonna be a branded dropshipping store it’s only gonna be one product at first maybe we’re gonna add on some complimentary products later once we’ve already made money and we’re making money for now we’re gonna delete like this featured collection and we’re gonna make some changes here so the first thing I like to do is I like to blow to my logo and I already have a logo for this brand right here so boom as you can see I’ve got a few pictures I’ve got some photography done before for this now for your logo what I highly highly recommend I’m gonna give you some options here because you’re gonna need a logo to start selling the first thing that you can do is you can go on canva comm and this is a free website it is much easier to use than Photoshop and it’s honestly amazing I actually have a paid monthly plan with this website because it’s so good and I’ve used it for years in all of my businesses so you can go here you can create a design for example for a logo it would be about I would say width would be 400 if it’s just the text logo this this should be enough 400 by 150 or you can even do 800 by 300 that’ll be better and it should give you like a wide space there you go and then for a logo you can just go to text here and then for example a font that I like would be Montserrat or actually right here we would go add a heading first and then for a font it would be Montserrat okay so even like that boom glowy skin and boom I have a logo right if I go and I go on Google and then I take like an emoji of stars stars emoji for example sparkles I guess I would copy this and see if this works here so I can try to put that in before boom I have a logo there you go right so I actually already did this let me take a look at my logo here so it’s very similar I actually just put the sparkles at the end so there it is it’s as simple as that and what you do is you just go to publish and then download and when you download it you want to download it as a PNG and that way also you want to make sure that it’s a transparent background and then click download and then we can just upload it onto our store and the beautiful part about this is that you don’t have to pay anyone it’s free it’s really really easy there’s a lot of other great fonts like for example the gothic is good there you go right so that would be better for like a high tech store right so you got to make sure your logo fits your product niche also if you don’t if you don’t know how to design a logo or if this isn’t working for you then I recommend going on either fiber comm or upper comm I’ll pork is gonna be more expensive but these two are the best freelancing website websites online here you can find amazing graphic designers you can see here just type in logo same thing here you just go and you type in the logo design at the top here on upper calm and then you turn off us only and then over here you filter it by we’re really going into everything here it’s amazing I’m really happy that I have the chance to make this video for you guys so if we go here on the left I will be rate we can do $10 and below or if you want to sell a higher quality 10 and $30 but you really don’t need that job success 90 and up earned amount 10k plus earned hours build 1000 plus and then English level it doesn’t really matter and you just go and you look at their portfolios right so this one right here graphic design graphic design there’s a lot of really really great graphic designers from India from the Philippines and they only charge like $8 $7 an hour so it’s really a great website but that’s only if canva doesn’t work for you so I have my logo here we’re gonna go to logo image and then click select image and then click upload and then right here glowy skin product pics there you go and then now that is our logo and then you can even change the logo width right here you can like basically decide how big you want it so that looks good for now and then for menu we’re gonna touch that later now the next part is going to involve uploading some pictures to our website we need really good pictures for our brand store what’s really really important with branding the drop shipping if you want to succeed is to present your product in the best possible light and to do that we have to make sure that we have some professional quality pictures and I’m gonna explain how to do that right now so for that you’re gonna need to get one sample to your house one or two of your products at least so you can see them so you can take pictures of them or so you can send them out to a photographer if needed and so I already did this how this works is when you’re gonna be talking to your supplier on whatsapp just ask for a sample and they’re gonna charge you typically more than what one unit would usually cost but that’s because it’s just more expensive for them to produce a sample with your logo and you want to make sure that they produce the sample with your logo it’s very very important tell them to produce sample with logo and then they’re gonna send it off to your house you’ve gotta wait until that comes and once it arrives you can go and either take pictures of it yourself you want a few pictures on a white background I’m gonna show you some examples of pictures that I have here so for example these are all pictures on a white background so there you go that’s on a white background and I actually had my personal photographer do this and if you want a link to the photographer that I use for all of my e-commerce businesses and who will actually made these pictures for this product as well the link is down below and so you can see that they’re like white they’re on white backgrounds and then you got the box right so very very simple if I actually launch this I’m sure I would have made millions of dollars but to be honest with you I have so many brands and I have so many businesses that sometimes it just gets overwhelming and so it’s perfect because now I can show you how it build this store but yeah so these are just some examples of pictures and then also you want to get some lifestyle pictures as well so either if you have a nice enough camera or you can even try using your iPhone iPhone camera is good enough you can go and just take your pictures of your product being used so you want pictures of every angle on a white background and then you want pictures you know with your product being used so outside or in the environment where your product is usually being used so now when my Google Drive and you can see that here are the pictures that we took so we just took a bunch of pictures and these you can use for your website right so you can see I have a model here a female model that we had for the pictures so there you go so this is very very important like if you don’t have the pictures yet that’s fine you can continue moving on you can skip to the next time stamp here of the next part of actually setting up your store but to get these pictures very important wait until you get the sample or if you’re gonna hire a photographer off up work or Fiverr just go ahead and have your supplier send a sample directly to them just ask for their address when you’re hiring someone off up work in the messages and then send it directly to them so now I’m gonna go and upload an image here so let’s go ahead and choose select image and I already uploaded a few here so let’s go and have this let’s try this one out here so sometimes it doesn’t look at the best so we can actually edit it after so you can change like the middle in the image alignment here so you can see how it looks top the bottom so for this one we’re gonna do middle layout so you can either fix width or full width so we’re gonna do fixed width and now here you can put in text if you want now I actually have a competitor for this product actually got inspiration from a store called hey silky skin they’re doing millions and millions of dollars I think tens of millions of dollars now and you can just go and I recommend looking you’re your competition just to get ideas we don’t want to copy our competition okay I don’t want to be teaching this information to people who are just looking to line their pockets and take advantage of people you know and not actually sell and build something of value for our world right I don’t want to give this information to people who are just trying to take advantage of other so that’s why if you’re not that kind of person then you’re gonna use competitors just as inspiration just to see you know what kind of text headlines they’re using because obviously it’s working like don’t reinvent the wheel there’s no need to write just kind of come at it from a different angle from your own angle improve on it but just don’t copy alright so already our stores doing a different themes so it already looks significantly different so right here I got a headline so DIY laser hair removal is here so here we’re gonna put in let’s try like do-it-yourself laser hair removal is is here all right so let’s try that out okay so that’s a little too long so we can try why laser hair removal is here all right so you would try to you know not copy them exactly but there you go it looks great so preferably you wouldn’t try to copy them exactly but just to make this a little faster for you or else we could spend hours and hours I’m just gonna go and show you how this would look but instead you know you can do like premium laser hair removal is here right so there you go and also you can change the size of this which I’ll talk about later how to actually customize things on your website so DIY laser hair removal is here and then for the text here you can put in whatever you want so just for this video gonna put the best laser hair removal device on another planet alright so there you go boom and then you can even put a button so shop now now there should be a button that pops up actually I’m not sure where the button is but usually there was a button so we’re gonna put that in later now when we actually have a product page up we don’t have a product page yet so now let’s go back and then up here we’ve got the menu so we also want to add the menu options as well and we also want to add the apps so for the featured collection here we can click on it and then we can put one product actually we can’t put two we can’t put less than two so for now we’re just going to hide this section so you can just click that here we’ve got like a slideshow so maybe we’ll have that in the future and then here you can like put in some text about your brand so you just click on that and then you can customize everything you want so what we’re gonna do next and also like for example map here we don’t need a map one two three fake street we don’t need a map so we’re gonna take that off and then that’s pretty much it and then you can also customize things like your footer so show payment icons you want turn that on so your customers can see that we support you know credit cards like Amex and all that kind of stuff visa and so you can also change the colors here for a newsletter we’re also not going to have this just as a newsletter that’s not effective email marketing and so in that case you just want to click remove content and so you just want to make it as you know minimalistic as possible you don’t want to have a bunch of clutter on your page now if we go to theme settings here and we click on typography I always like to change this now if you’re gonna change usually you’ll get like the default typography that comes with your theme so just test out different texts for this one this looks good but I like to make my store look different than everybody else because you know you don’t want to look like the basic Shopify store right so for example a good one let’s try our bow let’s see how that looks okay so I don’t really like that you can try assistant load more this one looks doesn’t look bad so we can try assistant select and so this is going to change the heading typography on your store and then for the body text it’s gonna leave muley and then you can even change the size of it so if we go to like we can change it here and then for heading you can make it bigger alright so there’s actually uh there’s like a limit here for desktop but also if we click up here it’s gonna show you how your store looks on mobile so obviously when we actually build it out it’s not gonna look like this and we’re gonna make sure that we have an optimized picture and things like that now if you don’t have any pictures yet you can always just go on Google and have temporary pictures up it’s always better to have your brand pictures on here obviously but just go on Google Images go to images here and then we can type in for example laser hair removal device okay and then you know you can just choose a picture from here so for example like this this would be fine you can save it and then upload it on to your store as a temporary picture while you’re waiting for your pictures your professional pictures to come now before we continue customizing our page and making it look better the next thing we need to do is we need to actually set up a collection of products so if we go back to our store here we want to go to products and then here we’re gonna want to add a product and so this is very important and with branded drop shipping it’s a one product store so we only need to add a one product unless you have two products and they’re like really limiting each other and you want to start with two although I always always always recommend sterling with one Confucius said if you chase two rabbits you’ll catch none so make sure that you focus on one thing until you succeed and for this we’re just gonna go and type in a title here so we’re gonna put glowy skin advanced premium premium laser hair removal device or description we’re gonna put the best laser device in the world just for now and then for images we’re gonna go and drag and drop some pictures here so let’s take a look at our pictures and go to click quick look so that would be our first picture so we can go and just drag and drop it here there you go and so now it’s going to add each picture and by the way for your pricing we’re gonna put the price as if we look at our competition they’re selling this for I believe like two hundred three hundred dollars Canadian so for this we’re gonna actually put two hundred and twenty nine ninety nine compared to let’s say I don’t know five hundred dollars so it’s gonna cross that off and it’s going to show the sale price it’s kind of like a permanent sale and that way it entices people more to buy and so you want to do charge tax on this product unless you want to take care of taxes yourself that sales tax and then for inventory you don’t have to fill this out and if we go down quantity you want to put like one hundred thousand since it’s unlimited and then this is a physical product now for weight you want to put in 100 grams and there’s a reason why I’m doing this it’s because I structure the shipping zones in a way where it all makes sense you’ll see what I’m doing after but you can put in like one kilo per it doesn’t really matter what you put in here but I just like having it 100 grams even though it’s not the actual accurate weight this is just for how your store calculates the shipping prices and then customs information leave this blank you only need to fill this out if you are using the Shopify mailing system and then here you can edit the website SEO now what this is it’s for how Google ranks your product and if you want to rank your product better you can put like the best DIY hair removal device in the world glowy skin right and then here you just want to fill it up with keywords so for example like DIY or the best DIY Hair Remover hair removal device for hair for home use and then you can just keep writing keywords in here and then for URL and handle we don’t touch that and then that’s pretty much it for now and then we’re gonna hit save so now we created our product page and you can go and improve this later on you can customize it and if you click on View you can see how it looks right now it has a dedicated page for our product and this is where we’re actually gonna go and we’re gonna significantly change this like we’re gonna make sure that the sales text is much much longer I highly recommend you do that and also you want to make sure that your product pictures are of high enough quality so that you can actually have the zoom in effect here so now let’s talk about the apps which apps we should install on to our store which apps that recommend in 2019 at 2020 and beyond and there’s a lot of amazing amazing apps I mean the App Store in Shopify has grown and continues to grow a lot so that’s why there’s always new apps coming out that do things better so there’s a lot of free ones there’s a lot of paid ones but the paid ones usually especially the ones that I recommend to you they will pay off themselves way way way more and they’ll make you way more profit so if you go to visit shop by App Store here we’re gonna start with the order lookup app and that app allows us to install like an order look-up on to our store which is great because if we’re having our supplier ship the order or if we’re doing like fulfillment centers which talked about later then your customer when they get a tracking number they can just go onto your website and then they can go at the top and there’s gonna be like an order lookup number so order lookup page so if you go to order lookup and we type that in here and then we’re gonna click on order lookup here this one has a seven day free trial let’s click on the add app here alright and then you want to click on install app here you want to click on start free trial so now we have order lookup installed you want to go and make sure that you click on yes please verify my store and their team is going to go and verify your store so after that we’re gonna go and actually add this to our menu but first let’s continue adding apps that we’re going to need so the next step we’re gonna need is help center and help center is basically just an FAQ app so it’s gonna allow us to have a nice looking for you only ask questions section on our page let’s go to help center or the App Store and then we’re gonna go to help center here and then here we’re gonna click on add app click on install app in this app allows us to create a nice-looking FAQ section if we go and look at our competition we go to their menu page we see that they have a questions and answers page so you can see all of the questions all the frequently asked questions that they usually get and this is perfect because we can just go and basically have our own answers to these questions and we already know with questions that we have to put so for example the first question would be so how does it work so if we go here and then we click on add new section and then here we’re just put like questions and answers add section and then here new article and then here we’re gonna put so how does it work right and then you’re just gonna put in like you know the actual answers of the question so in this case how does it work it’s saying that the handset uses IPL so you know you just put that in there so for example here we’re gonna put the glowy skin handset uses advanced IPL technology I don’t know right so an article there you go and then if we go and click on preview page we can see how it looks on our store right now so you can see it actually looks pretty good even just the way that we have it installed but obviously you can make it look way better now another great app is lukes reviews and this one allows us to have picture reviews on our page and actually this lets you write your own reviews at the very beginning and that’s what I usually do because at the beginning you don’t have any social proof you don’t have any what social proof is is basically like other people that are posting reviews your customers that are posting reviews on your product and so that’s why it’s difficult to actually start selling at the beginning but this lets you actually post your own reviews you can go and download like an excel sheet and you can fill in some reviews maybe from your previous customers or from friends and family you can just go put in like some names some reviews you can write your own and then click Add app here and then this is going to cost ten dollars a month after the 14 day free trial and then here it’s asking us the plan you neither do basic or growth for now we’re gonna do basic and you can always upgrade it later and now we’re in the Luc’s dashboard so you can go to settings here you can change the language you can change a lot of different settings here and so there’s actually a review request email that goes out as well but I like to have that as part of my email marketing which I’m going to talk about there’s gonna be a section in this video on email marketing and how to get a good email sequence set up so that you can get abandoned carts recovered and so you can also start getting reviews on your page automatically and here you can see like orders you can import your reviews like I said so here are the instructions that what you need to do to import and you would do import from a spreadsheet if you don’t have any reviews yet and you want to write your own just to get the thing going now the next step we want to install is called SMS bump this one is amazing and this one actually lets you send out automatic text to potential customers so let’s say someone goes on your sales page and they don’t buy you can just go and the staff will go and send them a text saying hey you know come back to the store to the page here is like a 20% off coupon and that’s worked insanely for me I’ve had like a nine thousand percent return on investment just using this app so super super recommend this app it’s really really great so once your an SMS bump you have to put in your phone number and your email and once we did that just hit skip here and I’m gonna show you later on in this video how to actually get this one set up this is an extremely extremely powerful app and I recommend every single one of you to install this as you will be able to get so many more sales and make so much more profit on autopilot just with this app so whoever made this app you’re amazing because you literally change the Shopify game now the next step we’re gonna install it’s called klaviyo and this one is our email marketing app so if we go here and type in klaviyo this is the email marketing app that I like to use and they have monthly plans as well so just click Add app usually these are free to install and then as soon as you actually start doing volume with them then they’re actually gonna cost money so at that moment you’re actually gonna start making sales hopefully so by that time you’re not just gonna be charged for apps so there’s gonna be a whole section on email marketing as well in this video now a few other apps that you can check out reek art is a great app this one is basically just like SMS bump and the Clavel app which is email marketing and then SMS this one except one difference is Facebook message or marketing so basically this will allow you to go and set up sequences that hit them in their Facebook messages and these are known to have way higher open rates which means people look at them way more than just emails so if you’re hitting them from facebook Messenger from email and from SMS it’s huge like you’re gonna make so much more money doing this so I recommend you install ricard as well so here we’re gonna click install ricard and here it’s gonna ask you for your email as well so make sure to use your store email so here put glowy skin store at and then you can like see see somebody and therefore phone number I put in my phone number there and then you can connect to Facebook page so we’re gonna get into actually setting up your social media later on for now we’re gonna hit skip and then here it’s gonna offer you to start like doing customer chat and things like that we’re gonna also cover this later on in this video so we’ll just skip skip skip go to dashboard and here you can set up things like an abandoned cart sequence which is huge and you can also set up a sequence with Luke’s with the review app so imagine if you like somebody bought one of your products and then in their Facebook messages they get an automatic message from your page saying hey you know please leave us a review or whatever they’re obviously in a go and there’s a much higher chance they’re gonna go and leave your review and the more reviews you have the more social proof you have which means the more sales you make so if you’re hitting them from every single angle how many presents is the key to winning in the 21st century with e-commerce omnipresence with social media social media ecommerce are the two biggest biggest forces in our generation today as well as the Internet so that’s why this is huge now some other apps that we can try out or simplify there’s two sympathisers super 5 pages and simplify one-click upsell the one-click upsell one is not on here but I’ve actually used simplify pages and want the club sell and they’re great and what they let you do is they let you kind of set up like a sales funnel for your page now I’m not really a fan of like setting up funnels for the page it looks really click Beatty and to be honest with you I like having a clean product page I like to make sure that I actually make my product page like super nice just like a silky skin made their product page so if we go here we can see they’re not using any kind of funnels right it’s just a product page with some beautiful pictures this is a scrolling social proof thing they have and then if we go down this is lukes as well and another great way to figure out the exact apps that your competitor is using and by the way this is gold like nobody else will teach you this that’s why I’m so happy here so if you go here and type in apps right so right here we’ve got they have a currency app installed from bold and that app is actually called I forgot exactly what it’s called but here if we go to search it’s by bold so gold currency you’ll be able to find it here so bold multi currency there you go so this is a currency converter so it’s an automatic currency converter and basically if someone comes from Canada you’ll be in Canadian dollars some comes from us it’s US dollars someone comes from Europe it’s in Euros so I also recommend installing this one if you’re going to be selling internationally and then here you can see like every app that they have so they also have easy location I’m not really sure what that is here’s a good easy location can you take a look at that alright so this one is an automatic geoip redirect app so basically this redirects the user to the appropriate store language on your page so for example this would be great if let’s say I’m selling in I don’t know France Spain and USA if someone comes from France and have a French version of my store I’ll redirect them to the fr page of my store so it’s really really great as well so this is huge I mean you can see all of the apps that they have right so sometimes it’s a little complicated like down here but if we keep going down we can see there’s like different sections for different apps that they have they have something by Lamoni apps I’m not sure what that is here but this is a crazy hack that I discovered myself and I’ve honestly uses how my competitors and I’ve gotten amazing ideas just using that so they’re using discount ninja it looks like it looks like some kind of a permanent discount app so we can try out discount ninja let’s see if that’s an app here there you go so this basically is an automatic I guess an automatic discount app and also you can do like multiple coupons the one that I like using is called discount and upsell this is the one that I have the most experience with this basically you can like set up automatic discounts so let’s say if someone buys two of our handsets then they can get a deal for like let’s say 399 instead of having to pay you know four hundred and forty or fifty or whatever that would be right so we’re gonna go and add that to our store so now we’re installing discounted upsell and basically at this point we have all of our absolutely one installed here so here you can actually generate an auto upsell so in this case we can search up sell products so there you go that’s our product and then we’re gonna hit continue to step two this is how you set up a discount so for example do you want to improve conversions by playing a discount so we’re gonna actually gonna talk about this later for now we’re just gonna hit save and we’ll go back to the App Store now if you want to actually go and use the old way of copying and pasting products from Aliexpress you would need Ober lo so we will install over lo just so I can show you how to use it in this video although this is not branded dropshipping you’re basically just copying and pasting and like I said this method doesn’t really worked out well but hey if you want to do it I’m gonna show you how to do it anyway so we’re gonna go and install it alright so now we’re gonna go and add some menu bars at the top of our page so if we go to our actual website glowy skin cocom this is what our page looks like right now so it’s very very basic there’s nothing really on here and we also added a product but you can see that we don’t have anything up here so now we actually have to add our menu bars so for that we go to online store and then we go to navigation and then here for the main menu we click on main menu and then here we’re gonna add our menu items so for this I recommend looking at your competitor again and just getting inspiration seeing what there what kind of many options they have so like I said don’t copy them you know change things up be unique right it’s not about copying it’s about adding a value but just for the purpose of this video I’m gonna make this quick so we’re just gonna do this like shop hand set and then one thing I forgot is that we actually have to add pages to point our menu bars too so right here for example shell pan set we already have a page for that it’s the product page so we’re gonna have to put a review page here so reviews going to put save and now we’re gonna do the same thing for our money back guarantee so I think they just have basic text here for their money back here and see so if we go back here add a page and then say like lifetime warranty warranty plus guarantee save and then let’s see what else we can put here shipping details would be great alright so order lookup we already have that so shipping details and then for the order lookup I actually want to rename this to track your order so for that we just go here and then type in track your order hit save and for the contact form we’re actually use an app called easy contact form let’s just go ahead and add that app here so don’t worry about like the you know after the free trials if to pay for the apps like I said within a few weeks you’re gonna be able to start selling your product and you’re gonna be able to start running some ads we’re gonna get into get into here soon so don’t worry about that too much you want to have an abundance mentality and trust me like when you start running those ads you’re still gonna get those sales coming in and those are gonna pay for way more than your apps and the apps are just a fixed expense like it’s just something that you have to pay so there you go we’re gonna click install app and now that we have our pay that we need we can go back to navigation go to main menu just like we did and then we can start creating some many buttons here so add a menu item and then for menu item we’re gonna put for example the contact us and the link would be pages and then it contact us there you go menu item would be for example shop handset that would be products there we go so you point that to the product so it’s very very simple Shopify makes it very simple although chef I is limited in functionality which you’ll discover like you’re not going to be able to perfectly you know make sure that your pictures are showing up perfectly on mobile and things like that and that’s where custom coding comes in which I’ll also talk about here later on towards the end here so a few of others these would be like the lifetime warranty so for that we’re gonna do pages and then lifetime warranty plus guarantee so if we hit save for now you can see we can go back to our page here so Chloe skinned cocom so boom now we have some many buttons and you can change the order of these as well so shop and said I want that first and then lifetime warranty I want that before you hit save and then if we go back here and we refresh we click on the refresh button we can see that now everything is working fine and then we even have the review app at the bottom here we don’t have any reviews once you import your reviews you’ll be able to see that they go down here alright so now that we’ve talked about apps we talked about actually creating your Shopify store and just you know the basic design of it your menu bars right so I hope you’re following along there is a lot of information in this video but trust me this will change your life and this is the new way of really you know becoming successful with shelf buy and e-commerce and cashing in on this amazing amazing trend right here in the world now from this point on we’re gonna get into the technical stuff here so there’s a lot of technical stuff we actually need to do and so I’m gonna get into every single part of that and the first thing we’re gonna start with is actually the domain name so as you can see my store is already on a domain so glowy skin cocom every time you go on that it’s already on the domain but when you actually create your shelf I store it’s not gonna be by default that way and so for that we have to go to online store over here and then domains and once we go to domains here’s where you go and connect your domain after you’ve purchased a domain now you can either buy your domain here what I recommend is you go on Google domains like we did and so once you’re on here just go ahead and type in your domain so for example if we’re looking for like barbecue Pro let’s just say right get it and so here we can see barbecue procom is taken so what about barbecue pros store right so you can see even that’s taken so for example ubq pro store you try that ok so dot store is available so you really sometimes I have to like dig deep if a domain is taken for example barbecue Pro store calm let’s take a look who owns it and sometimes they’re for sale so this one’s not for sale but sometimes it says it’s for sale and maybe then you can buy it but I don’t recommend spending more than like twenty dollars for thirty dollars fifty dollars for a domain because you really don’t need to and you know even though the dot-com domain is always the best you can always have like you know barbecue Pro store com barbecue right so later on once you have more money you can actually go and buy a more expensive domain if you want and so the second domain provider I recommend is GoDaddy this one also is great and this one has a little bit lower upfront but then in one year you have to pay a little bit more but it’s the same way you just go and type in the store name and then hit enter and then it’s gonna find domains for you and another one that works is if you go to Namecheap it’s really really great and they’re a little bit cheaper I think in the long run so the three of these are great now the rest of them to be honest with you I wouldn’t use anything else other than these these are more than enough and if you use like GoDaddy it makes they make it really easy as well to connect your domains so here if you click on connect existing domain and you can see – from GoDaddy here actually it’s very simple there’s gonna be a way for you to like you just literally click through buttons and then it go that it automatically connects your domain to Shopify and if not then you just have to go and it shows you a step by step guide to how to actually connect your domain so once you’ve setup your domain now we’re gonna go down here and click on preferences and once you’re up here now we’re gonna want to put in a homepage title we’re gonna want to fill fill in all this stuff here so for a home page if you don’t know what to put here like I said just get inspiration from a competitor so if you go to hey silky skin calm this is their homepage title at the top here so it’s DIY at home laser hair removal so in this case we’re gonna put in like glowy skin premium laser hair removal and that’s pretty much it and then for a Meta Description you want to put in as many keywords as possible in here this is the description that’s gonna pop up on Google when your store shows up on search engines so you don’t want to make it like LOI skin premium hair you want to make sure that it’s actually you know makes sense but it has a lot of keywords in there so for example the best DIY premium advanced or like laser hair removal devices available on the market today and then more keywords would be for example like remove hair easily and automatically that uh from the comfort of your own home right so there’s enough Kier is in here and then for Google Analytics this will allow us to track a lot of stuff on our store Google Analytics is really powerful and that will let you basically see like how long visitors are staying on your store and things like that and you can generate reports so let’s go and set that up right now so you’re gonna go on Google you’re gonna type in Google Analytics and then click here and then once you sign into your Google account for your store now it’s going to tell you to sign up for Google Analytics so click sign up and then here for account name we’re gonna put in a glowy skin and then we’re just gonna leave this all on let’s give Google all of our data I mean we’re using their product for free so why not and then what do you want to measure just web hit next for website name close skin or your store name website URL HTTP you want to make sure it’s always HTTPS there you go industry category we’re gonna put in like let’s see here retail retail would be good so if you can’t find yours just like beauty and fitness is fine for industry category and we’re gonna scroll down and hit shopping and then for time zone we’re gonna put in our time zone here so in my case it’s New York time it create and then accept everything except accept everything and now you have your Google Analytics account so you can go into here and then once you’ve actually installed this into the store you can go in here and it will tell you a lot of useful information about people that go onto your website and about your customers so right here it’s going to give you this global site tag so you just go here you right-click and then you copy that and then you go here and you paste it here and so that’s what its gonna look like and so boom there you go and for Facebook pixel ID I already have mine installed but this is very important what a Facebook pixel is is once you’re running your Facebook Ads there is something called a Facebook pixel which is basically like an automatic robot that automatically learns from every single action that a potential visitor or customer takes on your page so if someone goes response to your ad they click on your ad and then they click on for example a menu page on your website and then they leave your pixel learns that or if someone adds to cart your pixel learns that and so the more data your Facebook pixel has the better your ads perform because you can go and create look-alike audiences and you can create just way better ads over time so for the Facebook pixel we’re gonna install that later and you just have to put in your ID here if you already know how to do that if not I’ll show you that in the facebook ads section and then for faster protection you want to disable the password and then just basically hit save now if we go to blog posts you can actually write up some blog posts if you want for example hey silky skin has zero blog posts and to be honest with you I’ve never written a blog post but I mean theoretically it could help you out with your search engine like SEO let’s say if you have a store running and let’s see if like Glen jet which is a store let’s see if they have any blog posts I’m pretty sure they do but it can theoretically help you with your ranking on Google so let me see here I don’t think they actually have any blog posts it looks like like tips if we go to tips here so they just have pages here so that’s what I’d recommend instead to be honest this looks way better and like no one really cares about a blog of a store this is not 2001 or 1996 so for that I’d recommend you to skip it unless you really want to write a blog post and then the next part were going to talk about is their actual settings of the store so the first thing we’re to do is payment providers we’re gonna set up our payment providers and the to payment providers that you absolutely need on your store our PayPal and Shopify payments or stripe if you don’t have access to shop by payments in your country so it’s install shelf I payments just go to activate shop buy payments and then it’s going to walk you through a step by step process here to install everything and here it’s gonna walk you through a step by step process of installing everything so if you don’t have an LLC or a corporation here choose individual or sole proprietorship put in your address and then your city and your postal code so that would be your house if you have a business here and put in corporation and then you put in the legal business name and then for your personal details you would put in your personal details hit next and it’s gonna ask you for a bank account so you want to put in their bank the bank account that you want to have the money deposited into for your account and then the same thing with PayPal just go through the PayPal prompts when you’re installing PayPal and make sure that you set up a separate PayPal for your store just go on PayPal calm first and then when you’re here hit sign up and then here you want to click on business so sign up for business and then that’s pretty much it because if you sign up for a personal one you can at the beginning but later on they’re gonna ask you to transfer it to a business account anyway so if you have a corporation do business if you don’t have a corporation yet you can do personal and very important by the way when you’re actually installing shell five payments or stripe scroll down here and make sure that your transit number institution number account number that’s all correct that’s your bank account so your bank country US or Canada or whichever one you’re living in and then for the billing statement this is what shows up on your customers credit card information or your credit card bills so that’s why I want to make sure it’s very clear so for this I would put in glowy skin that’d be fine and then for a phone number you want to put in a customer service phone number so either your phone number or if you don’t want to get a bunch of calls just putting like a fake phone number for now and then later on when you actually have a support system in place then you can change this so now we’re gonna click on checkout and we’re going to customize the checkout options here so for customer accounts here it says juice if you want to prompt your customer to create an account when they check out so accounts are disabled there’s no need in my opinion customer contact and then here choose which contact methods your customers can use the checkout so click on this one either the phone number or email you have to choose this option if you want SMS bump to work which is the app that we installed that follows up with them with the SMS bump app so if we go down customers can download the arrived app from their order status page that’s fine form options require first and last name company name is hidden address lines who is optional shipping address phone number is hidden and then if we go down while the customers checking out use the shipping address as a billing address by default and then I’m able address auto-completion after an order has been paid do not automatically fulfil because we’re gonna fulfill them on our own and then after an order has been fulfilled and paid automatically archive the order and then down here pretty select the sign up option so that way we’re gonna automatically build our email list when people are actually going through our store and signing up for our bed and check-out emails I don’t like to use the Shopify default checkout emails so we’re gonna turn that off and then for this that’s pretty much it for now because we’re using clavo instead for this and I’m going to talk about how to use that later now if we go back you want to click on billing and there you want to choose your Shopify plan so the different Shopify plans I’m going to show you here if we go to shelf I plans right here shelter pricing we’re gonna be able to see the different plans so right now you’re on the trial but you can go and easily convert to the $29 a month plan you’re gonna need to do that anyway by the end of your trial if you want to keep your store and it’s cheap it’s you know you don’t have to pay hundreds of logs per month so it’s 29 a month and then you only need to really upgrade to the higher plans once you’re doing a lot of sales and I recommend once you’re doing a lot of sales to make sure that you’re actually understanding the fact that you know the transaction rates are different this is very very important and not a lot of people talk about this if you are let’s say doing 10,000 orders a month this one might actually be more expensive than this one because of the rate per transaction and in that case you want to go and type in on Google Shopify transaction calculator fees it’s something like that right here and if we go here you can go and type in your monthly revenue so we you know let’s say my monthly revenue is $50,000 shell five payments yes and then I want to pay monthly right I want pay for monthly plan this actually shows us that the middle Shopify plan is $100 cheaper than the rest of them and let’s say if we do ten thousand a month then it shows us that this one is cheaper if we do two hundred thousand a month then this one is or this one is significantly cheaper and so that’s why you know you want to use this calculator and it really helps you especially once you get to these crazy numbers a hundred thousand two hundred thousand isn’t that crazy by the way but for someone who’s just starting out that might sound crazy but trust me it’s possible and it’s not something that is really that crazy in the e-commerce world today now I’m planning permissions that’s where you actually go and choose your plan so you go and choose your plan there here you can on its staff accounts in case you’re hiring coders which I’ll talk about here in a second too and one more thing very very important is shipping so I’m gonna go ahead click on shipping so once you’re in here you’re gonna be able to add shipping zones right above this is your shipping origin and that’s gonna be the address that you entered for your business when you send up for shop file now for that that actually doesn’t really matter because we’re having our supplier fulfill our orders and I’m gonna show you how to download those orders in a second here – first we have to set up our shipping zones so let’s click on add shipping zone and this is very important because if you want the shipping costs to accurately work on the page then you know you want to make sure that people aren’t getting overcharged for shipping or you’re not just getting people to do free shipping right unless you want to do free shipping or it’s a common thing in your niche I don’t recommend doing free shipping if you have a lower price product definitely charge shipping if our price level we’re doing like two hundred and thirty dollars then we can do free shipping let’s take a look at what our main competitor is doing I’m pretty sure they’re they have free shipping here yeah free don’t one two three day express shipping but that’s because it is so much more expensive to buy so we’re making a high profit margin anyway but here I’m going to show you let’s say we wanted to do like a ten dollar shipping per you know for one unit twenty dollars shipping for two units thirty dollars shipping for three units that way I’m going to show you how to actually set this up right for free shipping you would just go here and you would add a rate right here free shipping because your customer will see that and you can call this anything you want your customer will actually see this at the checkout page so you want to make it actually look good so free shipping and then here you just what hit free shipping and then hit done and that’s it that’s all you have to do for free shipping and for the zone name you would just do worldwide manage you would do rest of world and then basically that’s it that’s all you got to do but let’s set up our shipping zones so that they’re correct for a let’s say theoretical ten dollars for one unit twenty dollars for two units thirty for three so his own name will do United States alright so actually here we’ll call it shipping to USA countries and regions with the United States so you want to select the B’s and then hit save and then we’re gonna want to choose a weight based rate so remember how we selected our weights for one of our handsets to be 100 grams so that’s why if one unit is 100 grams and two units is 200 grams that means that from 0 all the way up to is so this is in kg I guess so all the way up to zero point one nine would be a ten dollar shipping cost so we’re gonna call this Express USA shipping all right and theoretically can even put like two or three of shipping but obviously don’t lie because then you’re cause it’s your stroke will get shut down really quick and then for a rate we’ll do ten dollars hit done and then calculator rate we’re gonna skip that and then you want to add another weight base right from here for two units here Express USA shipping we would do it would be two point O or zero point two kilograms all the way up to zero point two nine there’ll be a twenty dollar shipping rate done and then for a thirty dollar shipping rate it would be the same so Express USA shipping zero point three zero two zero point three nine and thirty dollars alright so that’s the best way that I found to actually do this and we hit save so there you go now if we want to go back to our shipping zones here you can continue setting the price for United States shipping what I usually do if I charge shipping I have a shipping rate set for the United States so it’d be like ten dollars for one $20 for two thirty dollars for three and then I would have a shipping to shipping rate for Canada so it had another shipping zone and then I would put like shipping to Canada right and then I would redo this whole part again so countries and regions we do Canada because it actually costs different to ship to Canada as it does to the than it does in the United States so there I go I would repeat the weight-based rates and I would also do this for Europe so I’ll just go here I’ll click manage then I’ll click on Europe so we can’t do Europe so we’d have to choose like every country so France Spain typically would actually be like the a packet countries so if you go and type in a packet country’s on Google these countries have just better shipping agreements so here you can see like Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France then it’d be like Norway Sweden so if you click here all right you can see all the European countries here and then you can just go back here and then select them and then eventually you would have this all filled out and proper and so then the shipping would actually work but like I said if it’s free shipping you don’t have to do any of this and you just click you just do the free shipping zone alright so now let’s talk about email marketing now if you overlook email marketing and that’s a huge mistake because email marketing is a huge part of becoming profitable with your Shopify store now there’s two things in a regular Shopify store it’s the front end and the back end and that’s in any business you’ve got a front end and a back end and what the difference between the front end of the back end is the front end is when people go when customers go onto our store they see our ad and they buy from our actual sales page that’s called a front end sale but most of the money will actually be made on your back end and on your front and you know you can never rely on just running ads and basically just getting the same or getting constantly have to having to get new customers just to go on your store and purchase your product it’s always better to sell again to the same customer than it is to have to acquire a new customer and that’s just basic rules of marketing so that’s why we have to develop our backend and setting up our email marketing is a part of that as well as SMS and then Facebook Messenger so let’s go inside of our actual klaviyo so we click on klaviyo remember the app that we installed which is right here so let’s log in so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up our abandoned cart sequence so you click on flows and then you click on create flow you can see there’s already an abandoned cart one here so let’s create flow and they already have an abandoned cart idea here so if we go and click abandon cart here let’s see which one we can do so there’s a lot of different ones here so high value versus low value we’re just gonna do the standard one you can also start from scratch but this pre-populates our sequence so that way we have to do less work so for this one we’re gonna call it glowy skin abandoned cart sequence and what an abandoned cart is when someone goes on your page and they add it to cart and let’s say they change their mind they don’t end up paying what happens is that they get hit with this abandoned cart sequence because when a customer adds to cart they actually have to put in their email before they can reach checkout so let’s go going to create flow and now I’m gonna show you how to set this up here so it’s really really simple if you you can zoom out here and you can kind of see a whole layout of this flow and this is automatic and it works on triggers and then emails so here you can check the trigger and then here this is like a time delay so you can wait for hours I actually have one here that I personally use so this is the abandon card email sequence this is what I like to do I like to offer a 15% off coupon two hours after someone started the check and someone initiated checkout and so we’re gonna try we’re gonna put this one in and then also there’s a whole sequence in here I’m not gonna get too much into this or else it’s gonna take like a few hours just to set this up but we’re at least gonna set up the first one that way you have an initial abandoned cart sequence you’re at least rescuing most of your sales so let’s go in here and then we’re just going to delete this delete email delete this delete Anglais and then over here you’re going to want to click on edit and you can your analytics once you actually start using this you’ll see your analytics so from glowy skin and then for subject line right here I like to have this reply about your order these subject lines really really work well this is this type of subject lines especially with the re in the front because it looks like you know that’s a reply to an email they sent a lot of people they don’t even bother looking at emails these days you know from companies so that’s why we have to do our best to get their attention and then down here we’re gonna click on edit content and Save Changes and so now it’s gonna take us here so the actual email so this is why we wanted to select the abandoned cart sequence that’s pre-populated because it allows us to it automatically populates the product that they abandoned cart with so it’s really really great so you want to leave this as it is and then here always have your store’s logo centered at the top so what we do for that is we want to have a logo so let’s put in an image up here and then we’re gonna go and then hit browse and we’re gonna add an image we’re going to hit browse and then for image library we’re gonna upload it and then we’re going to drag and drop this over here so there we go now we have our logo up here and what you can do is you can also make this smaller so for example like 3 like 200 you can even Center it like that there you go so I’d put it like 250 or 280 in this case there you go and then here I’m gonna put this in the garbage I don’t want that and then for this headline right here I want to have it get 615 percent off savings off your order so get 15 percent off your order like that and then right here we’ve got the message that we’re gonna put so hey first name default this is actually one of the founders here and you can make up a name for now if you have been watching some other one some other videos of mine or if you’ve known me on youtube then you know I like to make up fake names for different brands just because you know if you’re gonna select sell a beauty product then you don’t want like Dan to be responding to your customer service emails so that’s why this works great so if you’re like at tools and hardware put in like Mike or you know if you’re like Beauty put in Ashley or whatever works right so it’s up to you so we’re just gonna go and copy this right here and we’re gonna put this right here like that and we’re gonna make sure that it all looks good and then over here we’re gonna change the email here so it would be glowy skin store at and you can also preview this like you can send this and actually see how it looks so right here I’m gonna put this on the Left use code so we’re gonna put that in the in the middle here and we’re gonna make this bigger text actually we’re gonna have this the same font as the rest of it we’re gonna have it on the left here and then we’re gonna put it back like this because you want them to be able to see this well on a phone right so if you pull up the phone this is how it’s gonna look then we’re gonna go and just hit backspace here here’s what you left behind it’s gonna show our product so the glowy skin product and now we’re gonna go and basically copy this again and we’re gonna drag this below the product here all right here we’re gonna click on this block and then we’re gonna edit again and then below this we’re gonna have a rectangular box with lines with text saying use the code at checkout and then below it the code so all right here gonna have used code at checkout and then like that we’re gonna bold it I’m gonna make it big letters here and then for the border we’re gonna go in block styles and then we’re gonna go and click on border like this one and then black border like that oops not the background I meant the there you go white background so black border like that solid border you can also try dashed so like – let’s try that let’s see how that looks I can’t really see the border I’m not sure why oh because it’s okay so we have to make it black there you go so now we have a border we can make it like size three there we go and then you can put use code at checkout and then the code that we will make so this is just the random code that I created to create a coupon code for your emails you just go here to discounts and then you create a discount over here discount code and then here you can go and either generate a code but I don’t like generating because it’s too complicated so in that case I just like going you know like for example 40 off or fifteen off right and then you would do percentage fifteen applies to entire order and then you can do limit to one use per customer and you can also for customer eligibility you can also filter this so that it’s only specific groups of customers so for example it would be abandoned checkouts right so we go ad and then that’s pretty much it so there’s a lot of things you can do here and then you save the discount code and you make sure that the start date is today and that’s pretty much it there’s no end date and so this is this will only allow abandoned checkouts which is perfect to be able to use this code so here we’re just gonna go put the code like that and so that’s pretty much it that’s a pretty good basic abandoned cart email below this you can put like links to your social media down here you can attach links to your social media and down here you can put like from you know for example Ashley or whatever right and then part of your brand and then you hit save content and then when we go back to our actual email sequence here and the flows so this will be sent out automatically after two hours I like to do this after two hours so you hit save and there you go that is how you set up a basic abandoned cart sequence and so you can also do like conditional splits and trigger splits but that’s a lot of more advanced stuff we’re not going to talk about in this video or else this video would literally be like ten hours long now the next thing we need to set up is our SMS bump sequence this is huge very very important and this is actually even more effective than our email sequence from email marketing because what happens is and this is what I use I just have an abandoned cart message go out two hours after they viewed the product and it basically says like hey this is Ashley from glowy skin I saw that you were checking out the product but you didn’t end up buying here’s an extra 20% off here’s the link and that works incredibly well and so for that let’s first go to settings here you want to scroll all the way down and then you want to enable auto recharge and then basically what I do is when my balance falls below ten dollars I add twenty dollars to the account and then I put do not spend more than usually a thousand because I really scaled my stores up very fast but that is up to you you can limit it to a hundred so now this is the SMS bump sequence that I use so I’m gonna show you the first one right here so sending one hour after the abandoned cart hey this is Ashley from brand name I saw you were checking out our product name and then great choice just made you a code and then the code so you want to have a different code as opposed to your email sequence not the same one and then I’ve been to check out URL it automatically puts that in and automatically puts the first statement as well so what we do is we go here click on automations and then we go to create new automation and here we’re gonna put in abandoned cart oops abandon cart text number one abandoned cart reminder this is an amazing app every they love this app this is this will show like how it’s gonna look so select who receives them a text message so customer delay we’re gonna put enabled so it’s gonna be one hour and here is the text that we’re actually going to be putting in so we’re just gonna copy and paste this and then there you go boom so that’s what it’s gonna look like it’s fantastic and then you can add a discount here as well so that way it’s gonna automatically put in the discount too so there you go you just want to change the brand name the product name and this works incredibly incredibly well I guarantee you you’re gonna have a crazy ROI just on this so we hit save and so that’s it that’s your basic abandoned cart sequence for your SMS of course you can have extended sequences like that but since I want to keep this video like you know a certain general level like not too advanced when you get into more advanced stuff then that’s when you’re gonna need this but this is good for now and then for re cart you would also do the exact same thing you want to make sure that you set up an abandoned cart messenger so what happens is this is gonna add a button that will allow them to like basically when they’re checking out it’s gonna be a button to like link it to their Facebook as well and it’s gonna be checked on by default so obviously that’s amazing for us and so you just want to set up this abandoned cart messenger right here hit activate and if we go here of course you want to connect your Facebook page which we’re gonna go into in a second here and that way you’re gonna be able to hit them as well in the Facebook Messenger and just do it the same way you know with a coupon code make sure that you make the coupon code first over here and yeah that’s it for that so now I want to briefly talk about how to import product using over low even though I said that at the beginning of this video this is not the business model that I do and this may have worked and says it’s haven’t seen and it’s I don’t recommend using this because you’re just simply importing you’re basically just the mid between Aliexpress and the customer then the customer can literally just go and I’ll Express and buy it because it’s the exact same thing but the brand the drop shipping method that I was teaching this whole entire video is so much better than this but just so that you have all the knowledge you need just in case I want to show you how to do it so first of all you need to install Ober lo we already install this in the app section of this video and what happens then is that once you actually create your over load count it’s gonna look like this so you just go log in and then when you go on Aliexpress comm you can just go and type in your products so in this case we’re gonna try typing in advanced IPL laser so we found our product but of course this would not be good it would suck because you know there’s no logo and we would just not be able to sell this for like $230 to be honest with you but anyway this icon appears at the bottom right so you click that and then it says this product has already been imported so that’s because I just imported to test it out because the other ones weren’t working for some reason so there you go that’s an import list and then you go to your over load dashboard and then we go to dashboard right here and we should see our our product right here so import list there you go and then you can go and actually import it to the store but first you want to change the title of course so you put like glowy skin advanced laser hair I P L removal device and then for description you can customize it just like we did on our sales page so this is basically the sales page you can just import it to store this way and then that way you’re gonna just you know you can just go and customize it later all this does is it just copies and pastes the product on to your store and then it Auto fulfills that when you actually start getting orders it pays your supplier through or below and then it just does everything for you that way but the way that we’re gonna do the branded drop shipping method without using oberlin the way that I recommend to actually like when you actually start getting your customer orders you just go to orders and then in here you’re gonna be able to download a CSV with all of your orders and you can just send that off to your supplier once a day at the same time and then you can just tell them hey can you please build me like send me an invoice and then they’ll send you an invoice for every individual order and they’re gonna ship out every individual order to your customers and their addresses so this is way better this is honestly like a much better way of doing business and the right way alright so now let’s talk about running paid ads now there’s a lot of friend add sources add types of traffic that we can run for example like Facebook ads Instagram ads Google PPC YouTube ads there’s also many more like Pinterest and even Bing and all this kind of other stuff but the best ones in my experience and the ones that I highly highly recommend you’ll be able to scale your store very fast with especially if you have money to start is Facebook Ads Instagram ads Google PPC and then if you want most dropshippers are not using this source of traffic and I’ve been using this very very profitably and that’s YouTube ads but in this section right here I’m gonna show you Facebook Ads Instagram ads and I’m gonna briefly touch on Google PPC as well so you have kind of like the knowledge that you need to start selling so Facebook Ads the first thing you want to do is we want to go on business top and so you just go to business stuff here and you want to go and click log in so you want to log into your existing Facebook account you will need a Facebook account so I’m gonna do that right now so once you’ve logged in you want to go and create what’s called a business manager and that’s very easy you just follow the steps right now I’ve already created a business manager for glowy skin just as an example for this video and so what I’m gonna show you here is how exactly Facebook ads work so Facebook guys are amazing because if you just have some money to spend at the very beginning you know you have slightly higher budgets so even like 300 400 500 dollars plus then you can really give your store a big huge jump start because you can start running like social proof ads engagement ads they’re called and then you can start writing purchase conversions you can start building your pixels and all this stuff is massive for dropshipping so that’s why i’m going to talk about some profitable types of ads that we can run over here we go up here and this shows you every single section of Facebook ads so for example if we go over here to audience insights this is a very very useful tool and this allows us to see what the best audience is the target are for ads so for example we click on everyone on Facebook and let’s say for laser hair removal we go here so here we’re doing United States and by the way here you can put in big four and the big four is like a drop shipping term for Australia United Kingdom and Canada and so once we get there for your interests there you want to put put in laser hair removal we can try that or a laser removal right hair removal you try that boom so we can see that this audience is about five six million people and then we can go to page likes we can see the exact pages that they like and you want us to start writing down interests from these pages in a notebook or like Evernote for example so if I go and I open this so here we can start writing interests for example uLTA Beauty I know is a great one Bath and Body Works Sephora and so how this works is when we start running our ads we can target people who like Sephora we can target people who like Bath & Body Works and we can see that those same people are interested in our removal so there’s a high chance that they’re actually gonna be interested in our store now there are some interests here that don’t really make sense like IKEA that’s too broad and that’s just furniture so we’re gonna skip that and so here we can also do for example like Nordstrom that’s too much that’s too broad covergirl is fine and then you can also see location like the exact cities if you wanna target I usually don’t target by cities though I never like go that narrow the more broad you go with your ads in terms of targeting the more the cheaper the ads actually are so that’s why I recommend going more broad we can see that it’s mostly women and 20% men so now that we have some interests I want to talk about actually making the ads and so if we go to slash ad slash library which I showed you at the beginning of this video this is actually the place where we can see any of the ads that are running for any Facebook page out there base what makes a transparent because they want customers to be able to see all the ads running on the platform so if we go here we type in hey silky skin which is our main competitor I’m showing you guys this just to give you an example of a of some great ads so that you can go and make them yourself so here we go this shows you every single ad that hey silky skin is running when they started running it and if you go down you can see every single ad so this is amazing for inspiration and you don’t need any special technology to record ads like my most profitable stores they literally were from and I still do I still just record iPhone videos and you know I coordinate getting models if you need a model for your ad you can also have someone on Fiverr or up or create an ad for you although I don’t recommend that what they’re gonna do is they’re just gonna put together a bunch of different clips that they find online and that might work for a bit but stuff like that is just very you know spammy on Facebook and Facebook hates that and Facebook might even like block your ad account so I would not recommend that unless you kind of just are more short-term so here you know for example this boom if this is just a flash sale so this looks like it’s a retargeting ad and what that means is that they’re targeting people who have already been to the website this one looks like it’s a cold ad which means they’re targeting people who don’t know about the the product here so we can see okay boom so it’s just her talking about the product showing the product and then this is an edit put together by for sure like a professional video editor that you can hire on up work for sure once you already have the footage yourself so this is not hard like you can just use an iPhone you can grab a friend you can you know give them your product and tell them hey show the product the best types of ads I thought I found our ads that show the problem at the beginning and then solve it so for example these ones are not problem solving ads this is more like of an introduction ad because for this it just looks cool as a high of a factor so if we scroll down here or for example everyone’s going crazy about this product right so you can also have a custom thumbnail for this this ad so Moomba she’s just using it and then use on anybody part so it’s very simple just clips you can get a bunch of friends or a bunch of you can hire some models too models aren’t too expensive so these are the best types of ads to make now I’m going to show you another example of a page of a drop shipping page that followed my branded drop shipping strategy it’s called jaw line meat and so this is a funny product I actually just talked about this on my channel recently and it’s literally a massager for your heart sauna massage it’s like a facial exercise ball in your mouth and okay so this is just a testimonials this one’s a retargeting one this is a picture ad so let’s take a look picture ad they’re actually doing pretty well with picture ads it looks like okay boom so exercise your face so you know I mean it’s just the in this case it’s pictures or videos of their customers or people that they’ve probably sent the product out to for free via DM so and they’re showing like the the the the the actual product here so of course like it’s up to you to actually make the ad good the better you can make it the better it’s gonna work on Facebook ads as well as anywhere else the advertise on and by the way Facebook owns Instagram so both of those ads you can run from your business manager on Facebook and for your actual ads you want to make sure that you’re out of columns are set up this way and so now for your ads first you want to go on create ad and the way that I like to do it is I always like to create an engagement at first what that does is that actually pushes social proof on to the ad itself and when you’re a brand new store you want to get like likes on your video and you want to get comments that way you’re responding to comments and you know people that are seeing your ad later when you’re actually doing a purchase conversion campaign conversions means sales so you’re driving the ad for sales these are just different objectives when people when potential customers see that in the future then they’re gonna be like okay so there are people that are liking this they’re commenting on this so probably it’s legit and you know they just have more trust from the get-go so engagement first post engagement campaign name we’re gonna do I like to call it PPE underscore GS that’s glowy skin and then just broad for example there you go and then hit continue and then you could also play around with cbos campaign budget optimization for targeting for example EECOM hunts remember like it gave you stuff to target so the name of the game with Facebook Ads is testing you have to test test test and I’ve spent over a million dollars on Facebook Ads I’ve mentored by people who have spent over ten million dollars combined on Facebook Ads and my mentors have spent tens of millions of dollars on Facebook Ads and what I’ve learned is that Facebook guys is a machine it’s a system and a system it’s actually a great book that I read called thinking in systems and this one was given to me by my mentor Sam Evans and he told me that basically you have to understand Facebook as like a like a machine there are inputs and outputs and so if we screw up the inputs the outputs will be screwed up as well and what I mean by that is when we go here for locations what I recommend doing is you can start targeting United States big force so that the United States Canada Australia United Kingdom and so like that we’re gonna do people who live in this location and then for age 18 to 65 plus you can narrow this down I don’t recommend that at first because we want to go broad for detailed targeting you want to hit edit and you only want to do one interest no more you don’t want to like exclude anybody nothing like that because that screws up the inputs and the outputs it’s just harder for the system to get you sales and to get you customers so right here we’re gonna put Alta Beauty which was the interest that we found right here and also by the way this is the wrong one you can see 62,000 only so that’s the wrong uLTA Beauty so you have to find the right one this is the right one thirty two million seven hundred thirty seven thousand there you go and then you want to leave this unchecked because there’s a lot of stuff Facebook tries to shove in here that makes makes everything like more expensive so I wouldn’t recommend that language is we can put all languages for now you can also test English only and then for placements I always like to do I was like to check off everything so if we leave everything off first like this if we’re doing cold targeting which is what we’re doing here for a cold audience which is someone brand-new never doesn’t you know has never seen us before doesn’t know who we are I like to just do Facebook newsfeed Instagram feed and then Instagram story if your actual add creative let’s say is filmed in a vertical mode then you can do instagrams story so interim storage Facebook feed Instagram story these are the most these are the best placements on Facebook for cold if you start doing other ones they’re just going to waste your money and they’re great like you can do automatic placements for retargeting ads so for ads that for example you know like if someone already went on your store they responded to an ad but they didn’t buy you can then launch an ad and you can create a custom audience up here right and you can do that in your audiences and you can only target people who have already let’s say initiated checkout and you can do that over here all tools and then audiences over here and you can create your audience that way and then here basically you wouldn’t target anything and you would just do automatic placements and that way we’re hitting them from every single possible you know Facebook feed Instagram feed in-stream videos everything audience Network and this is good for retargeting because the cost to acquire the customer is already so much lower because they already know us right it’s Facebook marketing cold vs. warm vs. hot audiences and so this is for engagement don’t expect to get sales from engagement ads okay engagement ads are just to get social proof what you can then do after that is you can go back to the Facebook ads over here so create ad and you can then go and do conversions on the same ad so you can either do the same creative or you can find the the post ID of the existing post go to page posts right and then they’re gonna be able to see the post ID of the other app that you are running the engagement ad and that way to transfer the comments you can just copy the post ID over here and you can in the new ad that you’re making once it asks you for your post ID and I recommend starting with engagement like I said and then once you have the likes and the social proof then use the same post ID on a conversion ad and then just do this and do between five and ten dollars a day per interest or per ad set and like I said don’t overload the ad set don’t put in like two or three ads interests in there they’re just gonna overload everything it’s gonna screw up the system and you’re gonna get very very high costs and so that’s basically how you run Facebook ads for a new dropshipping store and of course you can get into so many more details but I’m not gonna go into that here in this video because this is meant to be like a general tutorial for branded dropshipping for someone who’s brand new and wants to start a shop by store now for Google Ads it’s the same you just go on ad so cool calm and there this is where you go and set up your Google Ads account Google owns YouTube so right here you go and then you basically do Google and YouTube so I’m gonna show you guys my Google ads account for one of my businesses here so here I’m at my Google ads account for one of my businesses here this one is a digital product business and so so do this for a brand new dropshipping store what you would do is the best kind of campaign would be to create a Google PPC campaign and this is what this is so if we type in the store name so jawline me you want to make sure that when someone types in glowy skin that our website pops up at the very top and so that’s what jawline me actually isn’t doing that so their competitor is popping up up here and how they did that is they just went and created a new campaign here and then we click on website traffic and then search so you can see you can to display a shopping video Google Shopping is also amazing to sign up for I’m not gonna cover that in this video if you want to set up for it you just go to Google Shopping and then you follow the prompt it’s a little bit complicated but it’s very very worth it because when people search up your product it’s gonna show up in shopping so highly recommend you set that up here search and then basically it’s like the ways you’d like to reach your goal you put in your business’s website for now we can leave that blank and then here include Google search partners we can turn off Display Network and then we can include Google search partners that’s fine and then for campaign name or an Adu glowy skin search PPC and then four countries we’re gonna do all a packet countries so for that just go to a packet countries like I said find the list and we want to be targeting countries that are actually able to afford our products we don’t want to be targeting countries from the third world because they don’t have enough disposable income to target or to buy our products now when we scroll down here for budget you can start out like 20 dollars a day 30 dollars a day and then for bidding we want to focus on clicks right some set of conversions we want to focus on clicks and then it’s just whenever you target conversions that means like a sale it’s always more expensive you’re telling Google hey you know charge me more basically and so we go down here and then set a maximum cost-per-click bid limit and so for this I’m not gonna set a maximum I’m just gonna let Google do the bidding strategy and so there you go maximize clicks is always better so maximize clicks and then conversions you can set those up also I’m not gonna go into that here but they’re up here conversions and that will allow you to track everybody who goes into your website and who actually purchases so if you go to conversions here I’ll show you that really quick just to see how you can do that if you go to conversions you can go and then create a new conversion here all right and then you go to website and this will allow you to track the sales and so if you already have a Google Analytics installed on there you already have the site tag on there so for example we can do like purchase so that’s what we want to track so purchased let’s say glowy skin handset use the same value and then or we can do use different values right so default value would be let’s say US dollars one thing I forgot by the way is make sure to set your store into your currency that you want so usually I do US dollars so that would be in your Shopify general settings but here we can do like 229 that’s what it was and then we want to count every because someone can buy more than one and then one debut through conversion window 30 days is fine and then create and continue and then once you do that you want to click on install the tag yourself and then right here this will this is the global site tag so you can install that on your Shopify store I’m gonna show you how to do that now so right here I actually found an article that explains exactly how to install the Google conversions on your store so we just created the conversion action in Google Ads and then you want to install the global site tag how you do that is you go to online store over here and then you go to themes so you wait until this loads and then we click on edit code like here and so this is where all the coding goes on by the way a lot of this stuff let’s say that you can’t customize a certain part of your checkout button or your Add to Cart button in that case you can just hire a coder on there’s a lot of amazing coders and the prices range from like fifteen dollars an hour to a hundred dollars an hour depending on how advanced of a coder you want and they can do anything and what they do is they go inside the code here and they basically customize everything to your desire so right here I’m gonna find the female liquid so just theme liquid and then here we can install the Google Ad site tag so right here it says if this is the first time you install the site tag then you paste it between the head section so if we go back here there’s gonna be a head section so right here this is the head and then we want to find the next head so this is where the head closes so we can actually put this over here and you want to be careful you don’t to erase anything or else it’s gonna screw this up it things up so you just copy that you paste that and then you hit save and if you want to track every single purchase then what you do is you do it on page load so you take this code and then in your Shopify what you do after you save this so you hit save what you do is you go to your settings and then you go to your checkout over here and then down here in the additional scripts you can install the page load tag and so here it’s gonna convert its gonna show like a conversion that’s 129 dollars and now we’re gonna be able to see exactly how many sales you’re getting on every single person who goes to your store and who clicks on your ad on Google and also for the actual Google campaign we’re gonna add some keywords which is obviously important so how we do that as we go down here we click Save and continue so a budget we would start like a twenty dollar budget for example just for this video I’m gonna do like a ten cent so save and continue and so here gonna put a group name so glowy skin PVC so for keywords what you would do is you can see at the bottom here google talks about like the different kinds of ways you can target so broad match phrase match exact match if you’ve done amazon FBA before then you know this from PPC so we want to make sure that we’re targeting glowy skin all right so that’s between brackets like that that means that if someone types in glowy skin without the brackets on Google then or out is gonna show up at the top so glowy skin or glowy skin store and so that way just hit save and continue and this is virtually going to be guaranteed to be profitable for you because you’re gonna have people who already know your store they’re searching for your product online maybe they want to find it on Amazon and they’re gonna go to your store and basically buy right you always want to remind your customer to buy and omnipresence is key as I talked about in this video all right so now let’s talk about Instagram influencers influencers are amazing and businesses have been built to the billions of dollars just on influencers right now we live in the influencer age and that’s why I’m gonna tell you how to properly use influencers and find the right ones to grow your ecommerce store your Shopify store and this is fantastic if you only have about 200 or 300 dollars as a starting budget because if you have more money than that I would say just go directly into Facebook Ads a mix of influencers and ads is always best but if you have like let’s say only 200-300 dollars then that might not be enough before you know proper Facebook Ads for proper you know cuz at first you have to actually buy the data and at first you actually have to you know start getting your pixel running and at first you have to start getting the social proof so you know that’s why I recommend if you only have two hundred three hundred dollars that’s enough for influencers and I recommend doing influencers and just doing a blend as well but you know this way you focus more on influencers and there are a lot of influencers out there the best ones that I found have between 10,000 and a hundred thousand followers and there’s another group of them from a hundred thousand to one or fifty thousand followers now we always want to try to send them a free product to have them for example you know make a video with our product just a quick little video or have them post the product on their page on their story and what I like to do is I like to send them a DM and you’re gonna have to DM them probably once every single day what you do is you just send them a DM and then you unsend it if they didn’t see it and then you send it again you can actually unsend DM s on Instagram and what I like to do is I always like to put emojis so you just put emojis at the top of your message and that really really gets their attention what you do is you offer a product for free so you say hey you know and you message them from your social media your Instagram page of your store and of course by now just you know you would have uploaded some pictures of your actual product on your store and you would have started engaging with some people and you would have started liking some associated pages so that way you know if you’re just messaging from a new–it’s I’m account with like two followers that no one’s gonna answer that so what we always want to do is we want to try to send them a free product and now if you can’t have if you don’t have a way to send them a product with like fast two to three days shipping then what you can do is you can just go to Amazon and you can set you can buy a product and send it directly to them from Amazon even though it’s not your brand you can just you know have it sent to them even though this isn’t really ethical and this only works if you don’t have a logo already on your product it is an option and I mean it’s pretty funny but it does work or if you can have a way to have your product sent out very very fast from your supplier as a sample with the logo on it then always do that because then you’ll have a logo and what you can do is you can tell them hey you know just free product in in exchange for a shout-out on your page and you will also want to check to make sure that not only do they have followers but also that they have legitimate people that like like their follower base is actually active they’re interested in what they’re posting and they’re not fake now you have a lot of influence or pages that are gonna try to make you pay money and for in that case for example if you find a really good page or a really good influencer with a hundred thousand or fifty thousand followers then you can offer it to pay them you know you always want to ask them first what their fee is and you can always negotiate it down so you can pay $50 $100 $200 for a shout I’ve paid $20 before and made back like thirty thousand so you know it really depends sometimes you pay and you get nothing sometimes you pay and you hit a jackpot but if you don’t want to pay any money micro influencers are amazing and these are basically people on Instagram and most of their followers like they’re not celebrities most of their followers are just their friends and these people have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers I’m sure you know people like that and they’re not celebrities at all they’re just you know normal people they really like to hang out on Instagram and so you just DM them you say hey free product and then they’ll go and they’ll post it and their friends will see it and they’ll also you know maybe send you OD I’m asking you for a free product that way your product spreads with word-of-mouth marketing and that’s always more powerful than paid marketing and that’s why micro influencers are literally my hidden secret with influencer marketing I just have a VA like a virtual assistant that I hired from upwork just to reach outs and micro influencers for example if I want to target Norway let’s say and I want to you know have a Norwegian version of my store right you can literally just bombard an entire country and you can have a VA send out ms2 you know just many people in your target market in the country and that way you can just ship them out of free product and you’ll see that it’s gonna generate a ton of traffic on your store so there’s paid ways of doing this the free ways of doing this now if you want to find a good page let’s say your store is in the PC gaming niche what you would do is you would just go up here search you would type in PC and you would just see ok so ok so it doesn’t look like anything here so PC gaming right so ok so this one’s huge this one is it looks like a magazine or something like that so you can see they have a business inquiries email you always want to DM them and also you can send them an email as well just make sure that it’s professional you don’t want to be like you know yo bro give me a shout-out it’s all professional so that way you know it’s like they actually treat you seriously and you can see that they have an active follower base and the people are real you’re gonna really be able to quickly tell if the follower base is fake based on the comments the comments will have nothing to do with the picture and so on alright so you made it to the end congratulations you were able to listen to my voice for over two hours or however long this was and I’m super happy that you did because you know you’re part of the few people who is actually committed to changing their life who’s actually committed to building an online business in today’s time of opportunity and abundant and so that’s why I’m so happy that you’re here and you’re not part of all those other people who are just trying to basically do things the easy way right because there’s no easy way to do things it’s pretty simple everything that I showed in this video but you know it’s definitely not easy because we’re building a real business this is not some kind of a gimmick it’s not some kind of a trick and you’ve seen that it is really really powerful what it can do in your life so now you know everything you need to start a successful brand the dropshipping store and I’m so happy that you got all the information that you needed in this video and if you let’s say you know you didn’t understand the email marketing part or you didn’t understand the Facebook Ads part or like what to put in your shop by settings I recommend you rewind to that the timestamps are in description for each section in this video now I want to end this video off with some critical tips some very important tips for Shopify success because I see so many people trying to start this business so many who will try to get into e-commerce and they fail and you know the biggest reasons why people fail it all comes down to a few reasons to be honest number one the biggest tip for you to not fail to actually succeed is to take action take action if you are one of the people who was taking action as you were watching this video that’s amazing you’re part of the few who are serious about changing their life if not then just go ahead and rewatch this and then follow step by step as you’re actually taking action because watching and absorbing knowledge is one thing but putting it into practice is completely different because that’s what will actually make you successful and what will make you thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars once you reach success with Shopify tip number two don’t give up many of you will not make your first sale in the first 14 days free trial the free trial honestly is just there for you to just be able to kind of get used to the Shopify layout to the system and to you know really design your store and build it out so that it looks nice you don’t want to rush things there’s no point in rushing this does it really matter if you make your first hundred thousand dollars or your first million right let’s say you have a goal of becoming a millionaire there’s a really matter if you become a millionaire in one year or in six months or in three months it doesn’t matter at the end of the day you’re still a millionaire and so that’s you have to understand that’s you know success is all about having the confidence and the persistence and the tenacity to actually make things work so you know even though many of you will not make a sale in the first 14 days free trial what matters is that you’ve tried and if you keep trying then you’re bound to succeed you can only fail if you give up so if you don’t give up you’re about to succeed everything in my life changed when I heard the quote that 99% of people give up in business after three failures so if you can last three failures then you will be in the top 1% of people and guess what the top 1% of people in society they’re the highest earners the most successful people so automatically you’re successful and tip number three if your product isn’t selling then we have to look at your weakest link your funnel is only as good as your weakest link and your entire store that’s a funnel and we haven’t really talked about that but it’s basically just a marketing funnel what that means is it is a way for you to get customers it’s a sell a product and to actually deliver something of value so if you want to look at you know why you want to find out why your product isn’t selling try to find the weakest link and what I mean by that it can be anything you know on your store it can be your price maybe your price is too high maybe your pictures are not good enough maybe your sales page is just not good enough it’s not nice enough and in that case what I recommend you do is emulate your competitors strategies and improve on them in today’s world you can see everything that your competitors are doing and you can see exact examples of success so there no excuse for you to just you know basically give up you can go and make everything work right and so what I recommend you do is if you’re you know you’re not selling that’s fine just do everything you can before moving on to the next store be honest with yourself and you can always change the product it’s not the end of the world right you can always change the product and every single failure is a learning lesson every single failure is a lesson and actually failure is better than success in a way because it teaches you something success doesn’t teach you anything you’re just successful and that’s it that’s awesome you build on it but it doesn’t really teach you much so that’s why I recommend you go smooth and slow you don’t try to rush this and you know what I recommend is even if you don’t make your first sale in the first 14 days trial just sign up for the the plan it’s $29 a month sign up for one month of it and really really try I would say give yourself at least two months two months just try for two months and you know for those of you out there who are really really like dedicated three months minimum and I guarantee if you can stay there for three months you will succeed and you will have a profitable store that you can then scale to the hundreds of thousands and millions and tens of millions and another tip focused on the back end if you’re not making sales on the front end or if you’re not profitable on the front end we talked about this so let’s say that you know you’re making sales from your facebook ads and they’re not profitable then focus on the back end focus on making your email sequences great you ask the best sequences great your facebook Messenger sequence is great with reek art doing just those things alone you know just optimizing the back end and really focusing on refining how my store works in the system and the emails that get sent out and all the automations has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars extra because a lot of Shopify store owners underestimate the power of the backend so make sure you focus on the back end as well as your front end and also keep yourself updated never stop learning millionaires never stop learning and that’s why they’re where there are in life so what I recommend you do is watch free content on YouTube and Google there’s a lot of great content and also watch my videos there’s a lot of amazing videos I put out a video almost every single day I put out videos five times a week because my life mission is to build the greatest platform for online education to e-commerce to wake up as many people as possible in the world to the massive opportunities the online business and also check out the links below this video there’s a ton of useful links there and I’m always updating it with the most up-to-date links that will help you out as someone who’s turning over shop five now when I was starting out in online business one of the most valuable things that I could have had as a mentor someone who I could you know check my product with or someone who I could run my strategy by or someone who could tell me whether my price was right or one of the way I was advertising my product on Facebook was correct or whether my ads look good and you know basically anything because there’s so many questions and you can easily get lost and so my personal mentorship program the Shopify freedom course is open right now I’m taking students for personal mentorship and you’re gonna be able to send me a message personally on my facebook and even though I’m very busy I’m able to answer students every single day within 24 hours and you can go and have your products checked with me you can have your ads checked with me and I’m gonna be there along with you on your journey and you’re also going to get a hundred plus videos with every single step that I’ve learned personally and then it works for me in my shelf my business and this entire training is updated every two weeks so the link is down below I’m closing the personal mentorship spots in the shelf at freedom course so if you want to have access to that join our community there’s an amazing community as well and we’re helping each other out every single day and I have a lot of successful six-figure and seven-figure store owners so link is down below for the shop buy freedom training and finally give me a like and comment down below I’m gonna respond to every single comment that is posted on this video because I truly want you to succeed and I want to help you achieve your dreams so comment down below and I’ll see you soon

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