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Remote Java Developer Jobs are for software developers who have experience with creating applications. Such individuals will be the ones to analyze business aims and user demands to factor out the app’s functionality and features.

According to the 2020 Global Developer Population and Demographic Study by Evans Data, it was found that the population of developers in the World was on the increase by five hundred thousand in 2020 amounting to an aggregate of 24.5 million.

What you Need to Know About Remote Java Developer Jobs

Remote Developer Jobs require that employees work from the comfort of their home to design, build, use and oversee Java-based apps. Java is a famous programming language as well as a platform for apps.

While using Java, you are expected to perform software analysis, write code, work on program architecture, transform requirements to stipulations, run a test, and debug and monitor the program all through its lifecycle.

You will usually work with other developers and IT members and can work as a freelancer or on a full-time agreement with a particular company. As a remote java developer, your role includes debugging and tackling technical issues, defining application features, and objectives, and more.

The demand for remote Java developers recently has been on a tremendous increase and if you enjoy writing testable, efficient, and well-designed code, this profession is for you. There are many schools teaching coding and the variety of roles for remote developers is upticking year after year.

Thus, the demand for this category of workers exceed the supply and following the reduction of technology hiring during the early days of the pandemic, it experienced a recovery by the end of 2020.

The lockdown slowed down the growth of the developer population to 2.4% compared to 4% that was predicted. A trend that is now going viral is the increase in the number of companies willing to hire candidates who don’t reside within the popular tech hubs.

How to become and get remote java developer jobs

A remote Java developer is supposed to have in-depth knowledge about source control systems (Pull requests, Git, Branching, Merging), a proper understanding of Java and JEE internals, be familiar with developer tools like Ant, Maven, and Gradle as well as experience in Unix or Linux.

On the other end, containers & clouds are the most fascinating places in terms of in-demand skills. The most famous skill here is a good understanding of the Amazon Web Services, cloud stack especially by infusing your knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes.

Education Qualification of a remote java developer job

A remote Java developer should have at least a BSc. or MSc. in Computer Science or a similar experience. You are expected to possess various qualifications or have taken up a summer job or internship while in school.

You can go further to get a professional certification in Java to showcase your technical prowess. Solid knowledge of web building tools like CSS and HTML will also come in handy and you also need effective communication and time management skills.

Salary of Remote Java Developer Jobs

Remote Java developers earn a national average of $115,449 a year and $56 an hour. As at September 28, 2021, a remote Java developer in the U.S will make an average yearly pay of $115,449.

That is approximately $2,220 a week or $9,621 per month. Even though there is the possibility of salaries as much as $171,000 and as little as $83,000, the salaries of most Java developers presently range from $99,500 to $116,000 where high earners in the U.S make $170,500 a year.

The median wage range for these category of workers differs little (almost $16,500) which indicates that irrespective of location, you won’t find many opportunities to get pay increase even after several years on the job.

Common Job Titles of a remote java deloper

Common Job titles you will find as a remote developer includes:

Java Programmer, Java Fresher, Java Developer Contract, Senior Java Developer, Remote Java Programmer, Consultant Java Developer, Experienced Java Developer.

Companies Hiring For Remote Java Developer Jobs

remote java developer jobs


Jobot is a company based in Chicago who is willing to hire the services of a Remote Core Java developer currently. The position is full-time and the candidate should have core Java experience. The job is published by Andrea Silberberg.

The successful candidate will earn $120,000 to $180,000 per year.


Optello is a company also based in Chicago, IL  that currently needs the service of a Remote Senior Java Developer. The position is full-time and those applying must be Senior Java Developers who have experience with cloud infrastructure.

It is a 100% remote and permanent position.


CyberCoders is a company based in Chicago that is requesting for the services of a 100% Remote Senior Full Stack Java Developer. The job is available on a contract or full-time basis and so far you’re a Java developer who has good OOP skills, you can apply.

You earn a base salary of about $150,000.

Indotronix Avani Group

The Indotronix Avani Group based in Chicago is currently hiring for the services of Remote Senior Java Developer. The right candidate should have eight experience in Java as well as experience with Hibernate/JPA, Spring, web services, springboot.

Experience with Angular is also desired and the employee should be ready to work on W2.

Artech LLC

Artech LLC is based in Chicago and they are currently recruiting for the position of Partial Remote Java Developer. The right candidate will work on a full-time basis and the duration of the job is 12 months.

Only W2 workers are allowed, no Corp-to-Corp.

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CoEnterprise is seeking for the services of a Senior Backend Java Developer. The company is based in Chicago and wants someone who has a good understanding of Java development kit. He or she must also have practical experience with MongoDB, Apache Kafka etc.

This is a full-time job.

IT Hub Inc.

IT Hub Inc. is based in Chicago and currently needs the service of a REMOTE FOR NOW – Java AWS Developer. The right candidate must have long-term experience with Java AWS and Spring Boot.

Guidewire Software

Guidewire software is hiring for the service of Remote Java Software Engineer.

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