10 best cheap red bottom shoes under $100

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cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Do you own red bottom shoes? For Diddy and Jules, it was their first time getting a pair of cheap red bottom shoes under $100  when they celebrated their birthdays some months ago. The kids were excited when they got the shoe present from their parents, and they did not fail to rock these shoes at any opportunity.

‘These is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes.’ Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow lyrics have become one of their favorite lines as they never fail to brag about the shoes to their friends. However, these teens now have a little challenge.

As much as they love their cheap red bottom shoes under $100  and are always willing to wear them, they understand that it is impossible. After all, they do not want their shoes to fall apart. Therefore, they need to get more cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Now, this might be challenging as there is the notion that red bottom shoes are always expensive. So, to help Diddy and Jules, we are compiling a list of 10 best cheap red bottom shoes under $100.

In no particular order, they are:

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer ($75)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Both Diddy and Jules can wear this sneaker, especially during workouts, as it is unisex. After all, we have not seen anyone who does not love Reebok shoes. Apart from exercises, they can also use it as a dressing shoe as it is comfortable. When going for a picnic, hanging out with friends, or any informal setting, they can wear this sneaker. It comes as a lace-up shoe to ensure fittings, and it is made from 100% fabric. It is one of the best cheap red bottom shoes under $100 that anyone can purchase.

Pelham Low Top Sneakers ($88)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

With this sneaker, you are bringing color to your wardrobe when you add this to your shoes. Since it is unisex, it is a shoe that both Diddy and Jules would not mind having, as it goes perfectly with dark-colored clothes. It gives that stylish look that makes you outstanding, even in a crowd. If you are a student, you can wear this sneaker for classes. Do you love going to concerts? Then this should be your go-to shoe. There is a certain confidence that you get when rocking this shoe.

Gabrieli High top sneaker ($95)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

One thing about high-top sneakers is that they are still in vogue. Whenever you rock them, you will always have heads turning to appreciate them. So, we know that Diddy and Jules will also love to have this sneaker. Yes, it goes perfectly for both males and females. So females may wonder what they can use in rocking this shoe. You can wear it with a gown, skirt, trousers, etc. It fits with almost any outfit you desire. There should be no worries about this fitting as it comes with laces. So, you can always adjust it as you wish.


cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Is there anyone who does not love Louboutin shoes? Well, we have not seen anyone yet, so we doubt it is even possible. And, we see that both men and women are big lovers of this brand. So, we added this shoe to our list. Yes, you can enjoy a classy and luxury brand red bottom shoe for under $100. We recommend this shoe for Jules as the heels are perfect for giving a classy look. It comes as a simple open-toe shoe with a backstrap. But, again, it is one of those shoes that can fit any occasion.


cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Still on the Louboutin brand, we present a shoe with higher heel inches and a more serious look. If Jules is ever going to work, having a presentation, or going to any official event, it is the perfect shoe for her to wear. It oozes class and commands respect. We love that this shoe is comfortable, so you might not even remember wearing it. However, you will realize that it makes you more confident, and there might even be an extra sway as you walk. There is no reason why this shoe should not join the shoes on your shoe rack.


cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Typically, many people believe that women love flashy things. Using Jules as a case study, we cannot help but agree with this notion. She is usually impressed by flashy items as she believes that it makes her unique. So, we know that she would love to get this shoe as it has spikes. When you wear these shoes to an event, we can assure you that you will get good looks from people. People will always want to appreciate it ad even wonder where you got bought it. If you love to get attention, then you should buy this shoe.

FERUCCI Men Black Spikes Slippers Loafers Flat with Crystal GZ Rhinestone ($99.99)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

If you think that women are the only ones who love flashy shoes, you are wrong. Typically, men love to command attention. They love it when all eyes are on them as it gives a sense of alpha male pride. So, they would not mind wearing shoes that can make this attention happen. Yes, there are flashy shoes for men, and this is one of them. It is made with velvet material to prove its elegance. When Diddy buys it, it will be one of his most comfortable shoes.

FERUCCI Men Red Velvet Slippers Loafers Flat with Red Spikes Rivets ($99.99)

One fact about Diddy is that he loves to have varieties. If you check his wardrobe and shoe rack, you will realize that this fact is true. After all, variety is the spice of life. So, we recommend this red shoe. It makes you pop when you wear it. And, we can also say that it is a shoe that commands attention.

JITAI Men’s Penny Slip-On Leather Lined Loafer Luxury Men Shoes ($56.99)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

As a classic man, you always have to be intentional about your shoe choices. Diddy knows this, and he also knows that wearing the right shoes can bring the ladies around. So, we had to add this loafer to the list. We love that it is a slip-on, so you will not have any challenge, neither will it be uncomfortable. It is suitable for men of all ages, and you can also wear it for different occasions.

Chopben Men’s Running Shoes Blade Non Slip Fashion Sneakers Breathable Mesh Soft Sole Casual Athletic Walking Shoes ($29.99 -38.99)

cheap red bottom shoes under $100

Although it is called a mens running shoe, this shoe can be unisex. So, it is suitable for both Diddy and Jules. The comfort of this sneaker is next to none as it is made from mesh. Therefore, air always comes into the shoe even when you wear it, eliminating the chances of having smelly feet. It is also a flexible shoe that can be used for different occasions.

You do not always have to break your bank to get red bottom shoes. As you can see, there are many excellent cheap red bottoms shoes under 100. Now, Diddy and Jules can comfortably purchase these shoes without depending on anyone.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping, now!

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