Top 10 cheap kayaks for sale under $200

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Are you looking to cheap kayaks for sale under $200?

Then you are like Fred.

After Fred’s last vacation, he has taken a huge liking to kayaking, and tries to join in this water sports during his free time. He has even gone ahead to recruit some of his friends. Everyone around Fred knows that he can never turn down an offer to go kayaking.

Lately, Fred has been thinking of purchasing his kayak. It is not out of place since this water sport holds a huge spot in his heart. However, he has other matters that also require money, so he cannot afford to spend any huge amount on purchasing a kayak.

So, he is looking for a cheap Kayak that is under $200. Therefore, we would be helping him on this quest.

Below are 10 cheap kayaks for sale under $200:

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak ($163.23)

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is perfect for anyone who is not a professional in this water sports as its design makes it easy for you to navigate. In addition, it comes in a bright green color to ensure visibility. Therefore, others will always be alert of your presence.

It is designed to contain two people so that you can have a companion as you kayak. Paddling this kayak is easy as it is light and moves with the water.

Although it comes at a low price, it is made from some of the toughest materials for durability.

It measures 30 by 15 by 138 inches (W x H x D) when inflated

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak ($84.39)


cheap kayaks for sale under $200

This kayak comes as the younger version of the K2 kayak. It is easy to get an idea of how it is built from its name. Although it shares some similarities with the K2 kayak, it is built to hold just one person. So, you cannot share or have a companion if you purchase this kayak.

Your comfort is assured on this kayak as it has enough room space. Therefore, there is no complaint of leg cramps or any other related issues.

It is made with plastic and comes with aluminum oars. We love that the inflation and deflation process of this kayak is fast and easy.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak ($161.27)

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

The backrest of this kayak is one of its most prominent features. After all, no one would not love to relax even while engaging in water sports. Thus, you are assured of your comfort when you purchase this kayak.

Some people love the fact that it is inflatable, so storage is made easier. Polyester was the material used in the manufacturing process of the kayak. One might sometimes experience difficulty with the locks, especially that of the air valves. There are also doubts about the materials as they may not be long-lasting. Asides from that, you will enjoy almost every other thing about this kayak.

Intex Tacoma K2 Inflatable Kayak ($169.00)

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

If you are looking to go on a romantic experience in a kayak, you should target purchasing this kayak. After all, it has space for two people, and there is enough room to eliminate cases of inconvenience.

When buying this kayak, keep in mind that it comes with two paddles. However, you get to enjoy three separate air chambers due to the way it is built. We have not seen any complaints yet about this kayak, except the occasional complaints of the paddles being sometimes short.

Since many people love ease, they enjoy how it is inflatable, easy to assemble and deflate. In addition, you will enjoy the smoothness that comes with using it for kayaking.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak $155.30

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

Be you a newbie or a professional, you will not experience any challenges when using this kayak. However, it is typically made for smaller water bodies, so you should keep that in mind before you venture into any water body.

Interestingly, it is built to accommodate two people but also comes with a backrest. So, there is adequate comfort.

One of its best features is how steady it moves on water bodies, so there is no fear of having a flip over.

IUGGURL 4 Person Inflatable Boat $99.99

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

Going kayaking is always fun, but you can take the fun a top-notch higher when you go in a group. Yes, you can buy this kayak that can accommodate four people. There is usually the concern of inconvenience, but we can assure you that you will not experience it in this kayak.

When it comes to safety, the manufacturers of the kayak had their users in mind. It is designed with four different airbags to have peace of mind in the possibilities of any emergency. The materials used in building this kayak are also not liable to wear and tear.

It is one of the best cheap kayaks that anyone can purchase.

Sun Dolphin Bali SS Sit-on top Kayak $65.99

Some people usually experience difficulty entering into their kayak, but that does not happen with it. It also has ample space that ensures comfort, and it even came with a foot brace. This is not something that you will see in most kayaks.

Due to its space, you can also have storage capacity. When kayaking with this kayak, you get to forget things around you and enjoy the thrill. Purchasing it is something that you will not regret.

Yocalo Inflatable Boat Series ($125.99)

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

Have you seen a kayak that comes with five independent air chambers? Well, you are about to see it when you buy this kayak. It can accommodate up to four persons and is built with durable materials.

Among its numerous features, something that stands out is that it is built with environment-friendly materials. Seeing such a kayak is rare, and you will be happy to own one.

The assembling and disassembling feature of this kayak is also something that you will enjoy.

EPROSMIN Inflatable Boat Kayak ($99.99)

From the name of this kayak, you can tell that it serves multiple purposes. One can use it to kayak and also use it for fishing. It is made of polymer materials, is inflatable, and comes with two pairs of oars.

This kayak can contain four people so that you will have a more enjoyable kayaking experience.

Freedom-Market 2-4 Person Inflatable Boat ($147.99)

cheap kayaks for sale under $200

This kayak comes with four independent air chambers. Although it is built to take between 2-4 persons, people often complain that it gets tight when four people are on it. So, the best advice is to stick to a maximum of three persons.

It is made from high-quality materials but does not come with extra safety gear like life jackets. So, you will need to get them separately.

 Owning a kayak should never be viewed as an impossible mission, as cheap kayaks can serve the purpose you desire. Now, you can buy anyone from our list above.

Buy one and start enjoying the kayaking experience to the fullest now!

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