9 Hidden SECRETS in the NEW UPDATE in Fortnite! (EPIC)

by jobpings
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i’m talking about leaks changes to the map secret hidden things that you’ve probably never known about and more and also guys we’re going to play a little bit of a game with this so keep track of which secrets you know and which ones you learned guys kit is stuck in the authority and the ghostly henchmen are trying to find him hit that like button down below to help kit get out of there safely all right guys welcome back to another fortnight video and in this one we have got to talk about all of the new secrets and changes in the new fort nightmares update and there is a lot of them.

fortnite update secrets

i’m talking about leaks changes to the map secret hidden things that you’ve probably never known about and more and also guys we’re going to play a little bit of a game with this so keep track of which secrets you know and which ones you learned and then at the end of the video compare it to this list right here to see what rank you got then of course leave a comment down below and see how your rank compared with others but with that being said guys we are so close to 2 million subscribers hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don’t miss being a part of the 2 million squad i think we’re gonna get there fast also if you want to help support these videos be sure to use code the llama sir in the item shop as an epic partner that does help support the channel a bunch and i appreciate it a ton but without further ado let’s go ahead and jump on into it here alright guys let’s go ahead and jump into it here with the first thing which is honestly super funny it’s actually a bit of a glitch as well and to do this one you want to go into your locker and then equip kit so once you’ve got that save and exit then go back to play and just hop into any fort nightmare’s mode so here we are heading to the map itself now we just need to jump out and go all the way down to like right here and we want to actually get eliminated but let’s see if we can pick ax this guy okay i guess not that’s fine though as i said we want to become a shadow look at that guys now that we are a shadow just go back to the ground and land like right here we’ll be fine because then if you go into your emotes and use the special built in kit emote you will see that it turns into a really weird version of shadow that has some very creepy uh arms let’s try that again right here like yeah look at that that looks so weird his arms are so long oh my goodness i wonder if there’s some other emotes that have like funny effects like that but it’s definitely pretty interesting but next up on the list this secret is a very important map change that has to do with some new skins coming into the game soon so basically we want to head all the way over to camp cod there’s a big map change over there and again it’s right here on the map now going down here i think the specific place you need to go is inside of this barn area the reason for that is because once you go inside of here i think it’s in here at least okay wait maybe it’s not in this area we got a mystery on our hands oh okay here it is it is over in this shack has this always been here either way if you go inside of here you will notice this a secret car underneath this uh piece of cloth do you guys recognize what car that is i know it’s a bit hard to tell but it is actually the ghostbusters car the ecto-1 or whatever it’s called you can definitely tell from this side and maybe like if we head into a replay can we see under that blanket is there anything under there okay wait a second no it doesn’t seem like there’s like anything under here they must have just modeled the pieces you can see either way though guys that is a hint towards the ghostbusters skins coming into the item shop soon not only that there were also leaks revealed like according to ifiremonkey on twitter he had said that there are a bunch of bundles added in version 14.40 which is the fortnightmare’s update which includes the ghostbusters gear the ghostbusters crew ghostbusters patrol and also the skull squad pack now obviously the first three are the ones we’re focusing on because they have to do with ghostbusters so expect a bunch of skins from that movie coming into the game soon now moving on here let’s talk about a couple of leaks that are super interesting like seriously now these were found by hypex and intercellular like the first of which is that epic games is apparently working on a slurp bazooka that is right guys a slurp bazooka so it’s going to be similar to the bandage bazooka obviously they have the same type of name but not only that a lot of other info was found by mango about this he says that epic will be using a new projectile blueprint with this called the drill rocket the slurp gun is using the mesh for a bandage bazooka right now so they may share similar mechanics and obviously that mesh is going to be updated when the new item comes out and he also says that the weapons part of the new waffle truck weapon set there’s been a bunch of like other hidden weapons and stuff added within the files we’ll probably see those soon but this is like a lot of details around this specific one meaning that it’s very likely to come into the game and work similar to like a i would assume oh my gosh what is the name of this item the something splash but instead of just healing health it would heal health and shield which would be really nice also another leak is that there’s an unreleased fire extinguisher item that in and of itself is very intriguing because it probably interacts with the fire element that was added last season and could work to put out fires and things like that at least that’s what i would guess now speaking of skins after this next one will showcase some more that can be found on the map it’s super interesting but before we get into that heading back into game here this secret is also a very interesting map change and basically it is at sweaty sands so let’s jump out of the battle bus like right away here and go ahead and land down here it is super foggy i just want to grab like a tiny bit of loot before we head over there let’s grab these minis and drink them right away but honestly with the fog we should be fine what we want to do here is head over onto the pier and oh my goodness it is so spooky we’re looking around here for some specific characters i hope they show up are they inside of this area where did they go oh there they are found them they were all the way at the other end of the pier as you can see they are the henchman buddies they used to be over on like the other side of the map i think uh at one of the gas stations this one right or the diner it was over there but now you can see that they got a special fort nightmares update they are wearing some pumpkin heads oh he just decides to sit down oh and this guy’s going to get some pizza from the shack that’s so funny they added in like special emotes just for these guys to use at specific locations i wonder if they’ll do anything else come on guys what else do you have to show us oh here we go all right they’re doing an emote you said to like come here now he’s laughing at the other guy and they’re off okay and now they’re waving to the camera that’s hilarious right next to jonesy let me let me sit next to them do an emote all right i’ll do like a dance right here i like how they’re laughing as well.fortnite

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i feel so bad but what happens if we try to eliminate them oh okay yeah now they’re not friendly anymore oh i feel so bad anyways ah rest in peace my guy but moving on here let’s go into battle lab so i can show you this big map change that just recently happened that also points towards some leaked skins coming into the game so basically you want to head over to holly hedges and over to this store now i’ve shown you this in a previous video but it just got updated a ton you can see so much inside of the heibu store now fully decorated with all of these special halloween stuff you’ve got all of these different like halloween decorations inside of here spiders ghosts the battle bus which is awesome this whole area too which is intriguing there’s a chest back there then you got some scarecrows and other stuff in this area however what is most interesting about this spot are these as you can see they are like little statues or mannequins of a couple of brand new skins that haven’t yet released in the item shop obviously depending on when you’re watching this video they might be in the item shop or might have already been but you’ve got this skin which i think is called punk that’s definitely a cool one he has glowing eyes i think as an actual like skin in the shop and then this one which is like headlock i think that’s the name of this one here’s what the back of that one looks like and then the back of this one as well and obviously the other two have already been in the item shop before wait has this one actually been maybe that’s part of the new skull set because i feel like isn’t ravage usually like purple i don’t know correct me if i’m wrong and then jack gordon of course but moving on here guys let’s take a look at a bunch of secrets that have to do with the new midas location since of course shadow midas is the new boss there’s got to be a ton of secrets at his new location and there are so as you can see here we are at the new authority first of all let’s get rid of this bot right there good good we’re gonna grab his pumpkin launcher and then get rid of this bot as well oh gosh i fell down come on buddy i gotcha one more shot right here okay one more i guess how much health does this dude have okay finally got eliminated all right anyways now that that is out of the way let’s take a look at this first secret right here you have got a floating chair and as you can see it actually has some special effects to it it has purple around it now as we saw in last update i had showed you the golden chair up here that was pointing towards midas returning we already knew about that way early but now we have got the floating chair with this circle that has something to do with it and again it’s got that purple midas glow and also if you like try to break it it has so much different health to it i wonder if there’s anything special that happens when you break it okay there’s like a little special animation maybe a little special sound i’m not sure but either way this location up here is super interesting now let’s take

a look down below that is not the only thing that can be found in here oh there’s shadow midas let’s go ahead and eliminate midas here he’s coming up the stairs i’m a little bit nervous where are you buddy where are ya this is probably a bad idea to have the pumpkin launcher out so close to him but oh there he is okay we got one hit on him with the pumpkin launcher another that’s not good i launched it too close oh gosh guys oh and i dropped no zombie might just got us let’s try this again come here midas i’m going to eliminate you just like that finally i like that special animation it has and oh my goodness this henchman just almost got us as well but basically i want to take a look at his drum gun shadow midas drum gun and there’s another henchman come on buddy this isn’t nice whoa there that was close okay eliminate he eliminated himself okay anyways the drum gun yes it has the special rap that we now have on our weapons from unlocking it with the challenges but what’s more peculiar is the sounds it makes have you really like taken a listen to the sounds like listen right here it plays a bunch of ghoulish sounds are those midas sounds are they something else are they ghost sounds what do you guys think leave a comment down below now going through here again obviously you know what happened to the vault we know that the vault no longer works there’s no keypad or anything to enter and if you go inside of it there’s only one chest that can be found which is a bit unfortunate however there is one thing that i find very peculiar and that is the meowsles bowl with a couple of candles next to it which basically means that midas isn’t mad at meowsles for like eating him with the shark he misses meowsles and wants him back so guys what do you think will happen in the future will meowsos meet midas it’s definitely a likely possibility but yeah guys that is going to be it for the secrets so here again is the ranking list be sure to comment down below which rank you got i’m curious to see how well you guys did but with that being said that is going to be it for today’s video i hope you enjoyed it and if you did remember to hit that subscribe button we are so close to 2 million subscribers and also check out some of my previous videos on the screen right now such as free rewards in the new update that’s definitely a fun one but again i hope you enjoyed today’s video and i’ll see you guys next time

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