13 Best baby monitors under $100 – Pictures, reviews, prices, where to buy

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Best baby monitors under $100

Below are the best baby monitors under $100 for first-time parents because an unattended baby is a source of crippling anxiety. Even when the pandemic has forced many people to work from home, the fact remains that we cannot be with our babies every second of the day.

Whether you’re out of the house or just in another room, you shouldn’t overlook the need to supervise your child’s activities at any point in time.

Itis where baby monitors come in. These simple devices create an avenue to be with your baby even when you are not physically there, relieving any pressure you may feel from not being close to your offspring.

Some are audio versions, while others have video formats.

In no particular order, here are 13 best baby monitors under $100:

Motorola Connect20-2 Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras ($78)

Best baby monitors under $100

Best baby monitors under $100

Once you have this baby monitor, your heart will be at rest as you can use it to check on your baby at any time. For example, suppose you need to do the laundry and leave the baby in the room upstairs. Then, you can always use this monitor to check on the child. Also, if the baby gets fuzzy, the monitor has features that allow you to talk into it and let your baby hear you. It is believed that this will calm the child.

Pelaby Baby Monitor ($50.99)

Best baby monitors under $100

Best baby monitors under $100

Coming with a type-C charger type, we love that this monitor has a high-capacity battery that helps it stay long-lasting. Therefore, allowing you to catch up on chores for hours while still monitoring your baby. It also has wide lens angles that capture different areas when it is rightly positioned. So, you are not only seeing the baby, but you can also see what goes on in the entire room.

Amcrest AC-2 Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio ($69.99)

One of the best features of this baby monitor is its night vision, assuring you of its usage at night time. It also boasts excellent battery capacity and voice activation. We love that it also comes with some preset lullabies that help to soothe the baby. Many parents see it as their handy helper as it comes through in a lot of ways. It also allows two-way communication with its in-built speaker.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera ($60.99)

The ease at which you can set up this baby monitor is one reason why many parents love it. After all, no one likes to experience stress or difficulty. It is also wireless, making it super cool and a delight to use. In addition, its screen resolution is almost next to none, giving you a clear view of your baby once you connect it. Also, since it has advanced night vision, you can be sure to use it even at night.

SereneLife Video Baby Monitor ($65.44)


One can also enjoy two-way communication with this baby monitor. However, one of its top features that everyone loves is the built-in thermometer. So, you not only use this monitor to keep an eye on your baby during the winter, but you can also use it to keep your baby warm and comfortable. It promises a 24-hours battery life, and you can also set alarms with this baby monitor. Parents experience a lot of relief when they have this baby monitor.

Nooie Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio ($39.99)


When it comes to a two-way baby monitor, many people fear distortion of sound. But, you will not experience this challenge with this baby monitor. Instead, you can use it to communicate with your baby and soothe them. Also, it works with Alexa, making it easily accessible. We also love its high sensitivity as it picks up everything, alerting you if anything is off. Although it comes at a low price, it is a great investment.

VTech VM350 Video Monitor ($74.74)


Sometimes, there is the fear of privacy breach when using some baby monitors, but it does not happen with this one. After all, you cannot pair it with other apps; neither is Wi-Fi accessibility. Its long-range feature is something to love as it lets you see a lot of angles. Also, it has sensitivity alert features. Therefore, you are always aware of anything happening to your child, and you can take action on time.

Peteme Video Baby Monitor ($33.99)


We have to give it up to the Peteme video baby monitor when talking about baby monitors and angles. It covers 360 degrees, ensuring that you do not miss out on anything. Interestingly, it supports SD cards and cloud storage, letting you record and save memories. We move its motion detection that picks up even the tiniest movement around. It helps you stay alert and assures you of your baby’s safety.

Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor ($49.99)


Instead of this monitor battery just dying on you during usage, it will first give you an alert that comes in handy. Its high-sensitivity microphone is one of its top features, alerting you of everything happening around your baby. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to using this baby is that it is affected by the devices around it. As a result, it may lead to a breach in communication or connectivity.

Nooie Baby Monitor ($49.99)


Not only are you buying a monitor that lets you view everything in real-time, but you are buying a monitor that is easy to set up. You are not going to encounter any hurdles with this monitor. It is also two-way enabled, allowing you to talk with whoever is on the receiving end. Its night vision is also superb, and it will be one of the best things you have purchased this year.


SereneLife USA Video Baby Monitor ($52.70)


You can have this monitor with you and decide even to take a nap

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