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womens boots under $20

It’s boots season, babies!!! Do you know what that means? You get to rock those cute and fashionable cheap boots under 15 dollars while keeping your feet warm and cozy. Yes, it’s the season where you have to protect your legs but slay while at it.

The kids in the neighbourhood have been eager for this season, but some have not gotten their boots yet. The problem is that many of them have run out of cash, and parents are not yielding to any boots requests at the moment. Their parents feel that the kids have boots already, so why get more?

Yes, they have some boots, but there is no harm in getting new ones. So, these kids are on the lookout for cheap boots, and we are here to make the hunt and search easier.

Here are 12 cheap boots under 15 dollars:

Azarxis Hiking Gaiters for Outdoor Camping ($14.99)

cheap womens ankle boots under 20 dollars

cheap womens ankle boots under 20 dollars

The kids plan on making a weekend getaway soon, so they will surely need outdoor boots, and this is one of the best and cheap options. We love that it is lightweight but highly durable. When you purchase these boots, you do not need to worry about wear and tear. It is designed to be water-resistant and comes with drawstrings, ensuring that you can adjust it to fit. You can’t help but love these boots!

Amy-19 Ankle Boots ($9.99)

womens boots under $20

womens boots under $20

If you aim towards the more fashionable angle, these are some of the best boots that a lady can get. Although it is not water-resistant as it is made from a suede material, it is cozy and leaves your feet comfortable when you wear them. It is easy to wear and comes with a platform heel. You can wear it with a pair of shorts, and you are good to go. Be it a casual hangout, party, or any event at all, these boots are suitable.

Camy-4S Mid-Calf Low Heel Boot ($12.99)


Are you looking for a celebrity-themed party? If yes, these are the boots to wear to the event! It is for females and will go well with wide-mouth pants and spaghetti strap or tube tops. The boots come up to mid-calf with a low heel that makes your ankles comfortable. You can wear it for a long time without feeling any discomfort. Yes, this shoe is testimony that you can wear boots and also look fashionable.

Skeleteen Faux Leather Pirate Boots ($14.99)


As the name implies, you should get these boots to nail the pirate or cowboy look anytime you desire perfectly. However, it is a great fit or almost any outfit and is excellent for all age ranges. Additionally, getting these boots leaves you assured that you are protecting the environment as the materials used are safe and not toxic. We have not seen any theme that this shoe will not be a great fit. Also, it is not gender-biased. So, the kids will be excited about this option.

Snowy Magnolia Fleece Boot-liner With Knitted Cuff ($7.99)


Once it’s the winter season, everyone looks for warmth for their feet, and this boot is one of your feasible options. Yes, it is cheap, but it is also durable. We love that it is a slip-on, making wearing it easy. It is made from acrylic and polyester, making caring for the boots easy. Since it comes in different designs, we can say that the boots are for males and females. So, it joins our list of 12 cheap boots under 15 dollars.

Skeleteen Faux Leather Costume Boots ($14.99)


It is easy to fall in love with these shoes at first sight as they are attractive. It can also be rocked by both males and females and can be used to walk the runway. The designers of these boots ensured to use only safe materials. You can wear them at any time, and also use the boots for costume parties. You can be sure to have people taking a second look at your shoes when you wear these boots.

BareTraps Women’s Alysha Closed Toe Mid-Calf Fashion Boots ($11.15)


Although it comes off as a women’s boot, we would say that anyone can rock them. Depending on your height, it can be classified as a knee-length boot. It is made from synthetic materials and has a small platform. Pairing these boots with jeans is usually ideal and perfect for diverse occasions. But, you can also wear it with other clothing items. We love that these shoes are comfortable and give off the cool kid vibe. So you can enjoy comfort while staying stylish.

Steve Madden Women’s Zally Faux Leather Knee-High Riding Boots ($13.99)


As you can already tell, these boots are knee-length but gender-biased as it is for only women. We know that some female kids will prefer wearing it with shorts, biker skirts, and short gowns. In addition, it comes in handy for moving around, and you can also wear it to a picnic. It is made from synthetic materials, and this is one shoe brand that has won the trust of many people globally. So, people do not think twice about buying it.

Not Rated Women’s Totoro Slouch Boot ($11.99)


Again, this is another boot for women. It is one of those boots that come with a zipper to ensure the perfect fitting. It is important to note that this boot is not suitable for water as it is made of suede. However, if you keep it away from water and properly take care of it, it will last long. The extra little bow at the ankle area is proof that this boot is fashionable, and almost every lady will love it.

White Mountain Shoes”TRUNELL” Women’s Boot ($12.08)


Are you looking for a protective boot? Then you should purchase these boots. They give you extra stepping while walking and will keep your feet warm. It is one of those cheap boots you can get for under 15 dollars without any regrets.

Women’s  Ankle Booties Military Combat Lace Up Boot Multi Floral ($12.99)


The material of this boot is super durable, ensuring that nothing penetrates to injure your feet. It also comes stylishly in the military-style. Interestingly, it has ample leg space, so you are comfortable wearing it and can even wear it for long hours.

Alfani Women’s Kallumm Wide Calf Faux Leather Riding Boots ($12.64)


This boot may be just for women, but the brand produces shoes for men and women, so you can always find something for any gender. It is a fashionable boot that you can wear at any time for any occasion and is a cheap option. Thus, making it a considerable choice.



The kids now have diverse cheap options and do not have to depend on their parents before purchasing boots. They can now rock their boots and enjoy the season in style. Happy shopping!

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